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Sticking It In Your Eye ‘Til It Makes You Cry, Since 1945
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July 29, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Having thoughts is like having two sets of eyes:
the physical, eyeball set looks at the world outside you,
while the internal, invisible one looks at you looking at things —
then announces how you feel about what you are seeing;
a complex arrangement responsible for man achieving such things as:
space flight; digital tv; life saving surgery;
religion and the various whines, and complaints so popular amongst hoi polloi.

Creatures with just the physical set have nervous systems wired to react to what they see automatically and strictly within predetermined perimeters
(which is all right if all you are going to be doing is eating and sleeping);
man alone has the second, inner sight, which is what makes possible his activities
into areas unknown to any other life forms, indeed into areas which his second eyes were forced to invent if they wanted to venture there into.

At times his inner sight works in conjunction with his physical one,
analyzing whether what the latter is seeing has potent significant ramifications –
if that not the case, the second eyes tend to get lazy, glazed and hazy;
wall-eyed, rolling around inside the brain — out of control — out of focus —
like those physically of the dazed or imbecilic.
Fortunately, this does not normally interfere with the functioning of the physical eyes; they do their essential work of constantly surveying the environment for danger,
and the inner ones (when not assisting in same), simply lollygag – hang out — goof off,
and generally constitute what ordinary people take to be their self —
their unseen, personal & private, inner “I”.

This situation sets acceptably well with about six billion out of six billion people,
oh sure they bitch — but built into normal folks is a governor in the nervous system which keeps them from ever trying to act on their complaints in a practical manner (which, should they be allowed or inclined to attempt same,
would, based on present human design, apparently serve them ill).

Except when the inner set of eyes has been drafted into service to the physical
(times in which the former’s power of speech is dedicated solely to
what the latter is seeing and dealing with),
communication between the two sights is quite spotty,
ranging from merely distorted and inconsistent to near non existent;
when not involved in something meaningfully related to survival (health, comfort),
the inner eyes for the most part — talk only to themselves,
an activity which, if overtly manifested, becomes frightening to the masses,
but if left confined to one’s own brain, is found quite acceptable —
except to a man born with an innate distaste for this bourn.

To stay safely oriented in the physical world a man’s physical eyes must be
ever alert — eyeballs tautly drawn on the optic nerve connecting them to
the visual areas of the brain —
but the inner eyes! — oh my! — the inner eyes — theirs is a completely different tale;
in their free time (which is most all of the time of which they are conscious),
they are like soggy noodles — cheap rubber bands — silly putty left in the sun —
this of course is dramatic hyperbole (is it?!) inasmuch as,
witnessed by the routine lives of humanity-the-mass,
they appear to fulfill whatever function for which they are normally intended,
and do not bar ordinary men’s enjoyment or at least, tolerance of their lives,
both physically and mentally,
but a man dumped here who has what amounts to, an outsider’s-view of things here, does not and cannot conform his inner sight to the world wide norm;
something inherently different in his nervous system makes him aware of the natural laxity, distortion and irrelevance of his inner sight when it is not gainfully employed, and in his more lucid, personal moments, some part of his brain sees that what everyone else says they see,
and in fact what the ordinary part of his own brains says it sees,
is not what his inner eyes see when he willfully tightens them up —
when he somehow puts his neural hands on them — directly grasps them —
holds them still and steady, causing them to come into a focus that is unnatural to
the thought producing part of man’s nervous system
when it is not in its meeting-a-challenge-mode.
In this fashion, such a man, in a sense, forces the conscious part of his brain
into an unnecessary state of alertness and preparedness,
whereby (in such an anomalous person) his sight of the external world
is intensified beyond the norm,
and his perception of his own inner one,
clarified beyond any description possible to ordinary brains.

What happens (put crudely [are you sure?!]) is that this unnatural tightening up,
and willfully focusing of his inner set of eyes whilst they are in their recreational state
causes them to see themselves — to realize the nature of their own operations —
to recognize what they are doing and have been doing all of these years
while they and the kinky part of the man’s brain were not watching closely enough.

As overly simplified and improbable as it sounds (it does?!),
accomplishing this, for the infrequent human who seriously needs to do so,
explains every single thing in the every single universe;
everything that men have forever said they wanted to know — needed to know,
but which no one can ever seem to figure out conclusively —
each & every bit of it becomes ridiculously clear.


(“Jeeze! — someone rubbed soot around the eyepiece!”)