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March 29, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

More than anything, men want to belong to something –
more than they want to be rich, respected, or wise —
and much more even than they want to feel like an independent individual.

Men’s bodies are pack animals and not a whit less so are their minds;
their thoughts want to be part of something larger than themselves —
some collective activity: a religion, a nationality, a political party, a culture,
almost anything — just something to belong to.

For common minds, nothing is more important than being part of a community —
for the uncommon few — nothing is less relevant.

This urge to belong is the essence of all dreams, and even if they never realize it,
what the few are actually after is the neural antithesis of this belonging urge;

awakening is everything mental belonging is not.

_ _ _

There is the regular trip (as described in yesterday’s News),
wherein each man is a car with two occupants: the silent driver who actually commands the vehicle, and the plotting, commenting passenger,
but there is also TheGreatTrip – whereby appears a third traveler,
one whose persistent, uncommon efforts can result in there finally being but
a single occupant.

TheAwakening = TheGrandEscape:
a man’s private departure from the collective CityMind,
and all of the suffocation & frustration that comes with mental belonging.

Belonging makes impossible TheGreatTrip;
clearing your head and opening your eyes/I’s sets you free from
the mental regimentation & strangulation inherent in belonging to
mankind’s collective mind.

_ _ _

Men have a natural inclination to stay in the land of their birth,
both physically and mentally;
men do not much mentally ever move —
thus their fascination with so-called conversions,
but even when a presumed dramatic change occurs, (such as a religious conversion),
wherein a man who was not religious — who learns he has cancer —
suddenly — finds god —
he finds not a harsh, uncaring god — but one of hope and compassion;
his mind may appear to have changed,
but his conversion was nevertheless appropriate to his mental birth place.

All conversions are always compatible with what they seem to replace,
and thus minds can appear to change without actually doing so
and causing disruption to the established mental population patterns.

Your original mind — on man’s regular trip –
is never able to get of the car you came with, and thus has no outside,
objective perspective from which to ever see its situation;
ergo is all of its knowledge concerning itself and the journey little more than
best guesses.
To ever get your bearings you must get out of the
city born, collective mental car and look around you from an entirely fresh,
and independent perspective;
you must be prepared, even anxious, to leave your homeland, and live independently – — mentally apart from everyone else’s overwhelming urge to belong to something.

This entire matter is so unnatural to man’s thoughts that it is neigh to impossible
for the mind to realize that it cannot much change;
the best that thoughts can apparently do is to belong to some already established,
popularly accepted — body, mode, model, system of thought.

Ordinary thoughts simply have no way to fathom their inability to change;
they can say they have done so,
and sincerely insist that they cannot see any possibility that it is not so.

The hidden danger of being an absolute monarch of a domain (thoughts in the mind)
is that you have no position from which to get an objective view of yourself.

If you belong to anything (other than physical survival instincts)
you are part of the petrified, mental statuary in collective man’s central city park – …..which most humans are…..and which there’s nothing wrong with….
…..not counting the endless dry cleaning costs.

Come clean, my little darlings — comelone rangerclean.


Oh yeah, one more thing:
your thoughts are different when you are silent than when you are talking……..oh yeah:
and your thoughts are different when you are alone than when you are with another person —
which is the basis for a few men living a quiet life alone,
and the large number of cars in the single occupant lanes.