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December 26, 2001.

Of the various pictures of what people imagine,
waking-up, being-enlightened etc, to be,
perhaps the most thrilling is the one of: secret knowledge.
Scattered throughout the five millennia of thinking mans history are stories from
all four corners & cultures concerning: The Mysteries, The Ambrosia,
The Alchemist’s Stone, The Ark, The Grail, The Secret Name of God, and others,
and when raised above their most simplistic interpretation,
(that of gaining supernatural physical powers from their obtainment),
they all represent man’s innate belief in the existence of some fact
normally kept from man, whose knowledge would give him
supernatural understanding:
would answer all of man’s otherwise unanswerable questions;
make everything about life that is confusing — clear.

And it is certainly not necessary that a man be mystically inclined,
(a dazed-eyed, wooly-brained, occultist weirdo in a cape
& funny cap with the aroma of camphor about him)
to be interested in this matter — all men are interested, (even scientists),
for wired into the thought producing operations of mans brain is
an automatic positive response to the idea regardless of whether
the individual who hears it ever attempts to actively pursue it.

It matters not a mans religion, race, culture, wealth, education,
if he is ordinary & sane by the prevailing standards
his brain has available in its repertoire a thought which will immediately agree that somewhere, in some form must be a piece of presently unknown information
which would explain everything, (and not necessarily metaphysical in nature).

But one bruising this has suffered is its commonly conceived connection
to things & people irrational, other-worldly, and just plain old spooky;
it is as though life does not want the majority, or even many humans to
take an active, sane interest in the matter,
and indeed has motivated men’s minds to create the marginalized category of, metaphysics as opposed to real physics and objective knowledge.
But none of this stops the few whose neural wiring concerning the subject has either an extra soldering juncture, or lacks one.

There can be no non physical pleasure that comes anywhere near the exhilaration,
the almost unbearable joy and excitement which the sane few feel
when they first run across a sentence in the context necessary & appropriate for them
which boldly declares the existence of a generally unknown fact
whose knowledge instantly explains everything and transforms the knower.
As soon as such a person reads this, they immediately feel:
That’s IT! That is what has been bugging me all this time!
which no one else understood or could explain to me:
there is a fact about life that everyone does not know,
and apparently most are not interested in knowing,
but now that I know about it — I have got to have it!
And whether they realize it clearly or not at that moment,
their life in their head will never be the same,
and for the true few of the few,
it is around the hunger for this fact that the rest of their life will revolve.

But no one the person can find seems to know what the fact is,
not even the one who wrote or edited the book in which he discovered
the revelation of their being the secret, all-elucidating fact,
and the commonly run course is for the person to align himself with
one of the several so-called, mystical systems which have historically claimed
to have the key to the door which hides the transforming information;
which are always, unavoidably based on behavioral change:
sit motionless ten hours, two hours, twenty minutes a day;
or pray constantly to a supernatural, metaphysical power;
dance til you drop; chant a meaningless phrase til you’re batty;
do not eat green foods on Fridays; give half your wealth to a guru;
do not have sex; do not wear warm clothes; do not sleep more than.etc.
But where else can a person start? — what else can a person do?
to accomplish something,
you must do something — DO something!,
I am doing something! I have come a thousand miles from home:
given away all I owned: am sitting here in silence — freezing
while going half crazy trying not to move a muscle;
too little food; too little sleep — this is not doing something?!
Surely I will be rewarded for such efforts and sacrifices;
people have been doing this for thousands of years,
so it must eventually pay off;
the one here in charge has so assured me,
and those others struggling here likewise believe it.
It cannot be a mere sham — there must be something to it,
my efforts will surely one day reveal to me the secret fact (or some variation thereof).

But what else can a person do? How else can you ever even get started
unless you do something?! — well, you cant,
but just because you have to ride a little cart from the terminal out to the plane on the runway does not mean you have to ride the thing forever.

The fact that is instantly known to all who finally experience the actuality behind
such ideas as, waking-up & being-enlightened
is not about the world you see and live in;
it is about the world that lives in you — in your head;
in your brain;
in the thoughts in your brain;
in thoughts:
thoughts: the things which alone, deal in facts — in FACTS!

In that it is a fact you seek, does not a hint, hint at itself;
can you not feel the subtle jab to your ribs by your ribs?!

Okay, if subtleness is not your strong suit or dress:
the secret fact that instantly tells you everything you ever wanted to know,
is about facts — that’s all — nothing else.


……least you suffer any doubt: there is one simple fact which explains everything.

…………………and it is not one you have heard.