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July 18, 2001.

(The following is not an attempt to force a concocted theory to fit facts, but is a report on things that occur in you, and which are available for your own inspection & profit.)


You consist of two things: your disposition, (how you are feeling),
and your thoughts, (what is constituting your consciousness);
disposition drives the car; thoughts are along for the ride,
(and to comment thereon).

Consciousness is like a movie screen,
and thoughts, individual frames on a film loop,
not a finished movie with a beginning & end,
but an endlessly running loop.
Each thought (frame-in-the-loop), exists but for a fraction of a second,
and may be related to the one that went before it,
or it may dramatically jump to an entirely new scene.

Each mans neural film loop contains many individual thought-frames,
but there will be several Major Themes around which
related groups of thoughts gather.
You may have a Major Theme of you as: Rock Star;
Famous Athlete: Supreme Programmer,
any of which began life as a single thought-frame.
The first time you saw a photograph of Musician X backstage
after a blow-out gig;
drink in one hand; guitar in the other,
and drowning in a sexy sea of groupies,
The Thought that established this Major Theme in you
instantly popped into your consciousness:
That’s me! it said: That’s what I want to be.
Such a Major Theme-thought quickly picks up peripheral,
supporting thoughts that naturally & automatically flow from the
major one, so that whenever the Major Theme of you as, Rock Star
comes on the screen of your consciousness,
it is surrounded by a host of momentarily existing related thoughts.

Scrutiny will show that your constantly running thoughts (daydreams)
return again & again to several Major Themes held in your head,
with one being of dominant interest,
yet the film loop of thought never stops, and thus your consciousness
is continually focused on first one thing for a moment,
then another for second, then before you know it — off to a third.

This is an ordinary mans sane state of mind;
indeed, any great variance there from will result in behavior deemed
a public danger.
If, instead of being a Rock Star, a man has a thought of himself
standing backstage with Musician X, as his closest friend;
arm around his shoulder, sharing the good times,
but without the normal peripheral thoughts;
the man is single mindedly fixated on this thought,
and begins trying to actually experience it at any cost:
he becomes a stalker of Musician X;
his consciousness in this matter is completely filled with just the single picture of him with his hero, with none of the normal surrounding thoughts that would present the possible consequences of him actively pursuing his fixation.
This is the reality behind the so-called, criminal, anti-social mind;
a man, let us say, with the thought: I want money,
and who will unhesitatingly engage in forbidden acts of robbery, having no thoughts related to the potential aftermath of his actions.

The French have a term for it, id?e fixe, and throughout all societies
it is a condition much & rightly feared;
it is not proper that a human should have any one thought that is
so powerful in his life that it stands alone & fixed
with no others to temper it.
Men will say approvingly that it takes, single-minded-devotion
to succeed in any endeavor,
but an ordinary man’s central picture/thought of himself
as a success in his Major Theme is always surrounded-by,
influenced-by, tempered-by many smaller
thought-frames in the film loop
so that the ultimate goal does not become a dangerous fanaticism.

Mans routine consciousness consists of an endless running film loop
consisting of individual frames, which are individual thoughts,
but it runs so fast and seamlessly, (just like an actual movie),
that you accept the activity in your head as being a fixed,
consistent representation of who you are, and what you want,
(remember this is thought, not your disposition,
which does what it is programmed to do regardless of the former).
This state of mental affairs is what man runs the world with,
and that’s that — for ordinary men;
now; to the few.

Those for whom this Daily News is writ
are distinctly dissatisfied with this state that is natural to man,
and since they only have the state itself to speak for them,
they have great difficulty in expressing the exact nature of
their dissatisfaction — all they know is that they are dissatisfied.
Such men have attempted to describe it allegorically by saying they feel like they are, living-in-a-dream, from which they want to awaken;
or that they are being, held-captive-in-an-unlit-cave, from which they
wish to escape,
all being the brains verbal representations of
something physically occurring in their brain,
and from todays expedient perspective it is this:
wanting to awaken, achieve enlightenment,
is a mans too common awareness of the endless film loop,
and his desire that it either stop — or else settle on one frame.

Pursuing the first possibility is: meditating, zazen,
trying to still the mind:
going for the second is attempting to become: A Sufi, A Yogi,
A Cabalist, a — something
a something say, like a Sufi, which is nothing but a thought,
and for that one thought to permanently replace the
incessantly changing film loop of thoughts.

You can try either, but you will fail to see & engage the situation
from the most direct position.
If you are one of the few, to-this-thing-born,
you can ask yourself: Would I settle for being able to stop thought?
And, alternatively: would I settle for just having one permanent, awakened, enlightened thought that would replace all the others?
and your answer would be, yes,
and yet that is not where this leads.

The, impossible-to-accurately-define-beforehand goal of the few
turns out not to be a stopping of thought,
nor a replacement of all your little, passing thoughts with
one great permanent one,
but is the screen of your consciousness being able to
shrug off the frames.

If consciousness were a box,
normally filled-with, and consisting-of — thoughts,
then the condition at the end of the rainbow is that the sides of the box
which constitute your consciousness are still, (as twill always be),
made up of thoughts,
but now the front & rear sides of the box are open,
and you can see clear through it.
Thoughts are still its sides,
but your box of consciousness is now empty & open.

(The opening mention of the potential practical benefits herein
depends on your, reverse-engineering.

..and always, it is thus.)