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This is tape #2670 recorded by Jan Cox on April 13,2001
Notes by JM

I’ve had something that has thrilled me for years and years and I just happened to think about it—it was brought to my attention today and I thought that I would tell you. I never have—I’m not sure where I’ll go with it—but it just absolutely makes my heart bubble.

[0:00]People have been saying this—religious people—not mystics, but religious people have been doing for several thousands of years. They have written about it—there are many songs, and just on the radio today—here it was again.

The song was–over and over–the whole message is—it was a Christian song—it was, “Oh God, you’re better to me than I am to myself.” I paused hoping that everyone would fill in—and this not symbolic notion I came up with—this is physically the truth but you’ve got to see it. It’s when people say “god,” remember this: It’s a human brain talking about itself.

The difficulty—to say the least—of it trying to talk about itself—to look at itself—to do anything—it has to project something away from itself. You’re going to miss a hell of a lot if you just take my word for it or think that it’s symbolism. When human beings say, “God,” it is the human brain talking about itself.

…And the verses go into all the sorts of things of “you know how lonely I am..I’m just a run of the mill person..I fall short of doing as I should…but God you’re so great..you forgive me..you overlook it…I condemn myself and yet your mercy is infinite..” Again this is Christian terminology but there are versions of this all over the world in every religion—very ancient.

[3:27] At any rate, the song goes on with the person having a conversation with god. But remember, its their brain talking about itself! It doesn’t know what to do so it talks about something else—it’s made up this thing—but then again the brain has got to know what it’s doing. A human is saying, “I am pitiful, I don’t always measure up, I don’t do as I should..I don’t meet my own goals…I even do things that harm me..but I could just cry with joy because your mercy is without bounds..you put no limitations on me..[and the punch line]..and you are better to me than I am myself.”

You’re better to me than I am myself. Again, think about this! Think about it and see if anything hits you. Here is a person’s brain and its describing a routine attitude of people’s life—the feeling that I’m not measuring up—but then there’s always God. It’s the brain that has these notions—where they come from is irrelevant anyway—the brain is admitting that it has these standards and I don’t meet them. “I’m not a proper person.” But then there is always God: someone always there, always forgiving, always understanding, never condemning. God’s there to say, “It’s okay, you’re only human.”

[7:25] Remember, this is their brain saying, “God will do that for me when I won’t do that for me.” But what they’re really saying is, “God will do for me what I CAN’T do for me.” “I’ve been terrible all day—I’ve done a terrible deed—I’ve been having terrible thoughts about my children or my wife—Buddha, please forgive me.” They’ll say that after they prayed, they were forgiven.

[8:35] The brain is saying that it can’t forgive itself for not living up to its own standards, but if I pretend that I’m talking to someone else—God will do it! Didn’t that make your brain bubble? It’s like champagne on the brain for me. It makes me smile out loud every time I think about it.

[10:35] A person’s brain saying that it cannot overlook its own shortcomings, but if I pretend that I’m talking to somebody else—if I make up an imaginary playmate and say, “will you forgive me?”—he does! I made him up, but the brain never goes, “What the hell am I doing?”

[11:40] ..if I pretend I’m talking to him and say, “I’m not awake—I can’t self-remember constantly—I can’t stay mindful at all times—but I say that to him—this guy that I made up—and he forgives me!” It’s a feeling. You don’t actually hear god say, “that’s alright” It’s a feeling: God forgave me. He is better to me than I am myself!

Don’t you see what’s going on? Doesn’t that make your brain bounce around? Some of you look like you’re spooked—WELL IT IS SPOOKY! What are you gonna call it besides inexplicable, at least on the surface?

[14:04] The brain made up this other person—just made it up—AND KNOWS IT. It condemns itself—its people condemning themselves—but it’s the brain that condemns itself. There’s no other part of the body that condemns itself—in case you never noticed. Of course, it’s only one area—one operation of the brain that condemns itself. Notice that when the brain condemns itself you are condemned. It doesn’t say, “Well, it’s just me..nothing personal.” So the brain is speaking/operating on your entire behalf (if you don’t know any better), and it is saying to itself—it has no one else to talk to—you think it’s talking to you, but you are the same illusion as god—I was hoping I’d never have to tell you that, but some of you may have found it out anyway. So there it is the brain—no one to talk to—so it talks to itself—as always. It says, “I didn’t measure up to my standards.”

[16:35] The real question is where did the brain get the standards? It has to project away from itself so it says that it got it from its parents or it got it from a philosophy book, but it never goes any further. But where did they(parents, books) get that view? Someone else’s brain. “I have not met my standards. I feel like warm piss in a bucket. I feel horrible.” It’s in its own universe. There is no one out there except it. “I feel terrible.”

[19:10] There is no one else, but your brain is constantly engaged in self-incrimination, and it pretends it’s talking to God—and it says, “you know I didn’t want to sin, speed, drive drunk..” (Of course he doesn’t say anything..that’s why it’s a feeling) It looks like if he actually existed like he would open his arms and just give you a big old hug and pat you on the back so that you know it’s all alright. The same thing happens with the brain when it goes, “Well, god understands. I don’t understand how he can be so understanding.” REMEMBER, THIS IS THE BRAIN TALKING TO ITSELF—about itself. “I am so amazed. I could not be more delighted that I found God—that I became a Jew. I have something that no one else has—I have total forgiveness—I worship a god who has infinite patience, understanding, tolerance. He’s better to me than I am myself—and I feel better.”

[21:20] The brain just said that it can’t forgive itself so it makes someone else up to forgive him and it feels better.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 13, 2001.

Everyone has two selves: a mental self,
and a non-mental self,
One of them constructively runs your life;
the other one comments on it.
Ordinary people do not distinguish between the two
nor are they supposed to;
only those with that-certain-longing do.
But initially even they do not correctly seize the situation;
at first they only notice that other people live lives that
are at variance with the one they say they do,
but if they get past that observation they go on to realize that the same is true with them, and that there should be the focus of their interest & effort.

The unique herd that is humanity requires that cows live this dual life, and pay it no particular attention;
the few who originally do
usually feel so bumfuzzled by what they see
that they never willfully turn their eyes that way again.
Theoretically speaking, (of course): who would be expected to enjoy discovering that they were riding a runaway train even while everyone sits comfy in the club car, expounding on their control of its operation?!
(Theoretically speaking — of course.)
But such is roughly the sight gleaned by those who have but a single, brief glimpse of the situation;
the few who want to see more, even after that,
find that the first time was easy — the next time, tricky.

Both the mental & non-mental selves operate continually, but only the work of the former can be safely,
even briefly, interrupted,
and only the mental self can be made aware that there
are two selves in the same body,
but every time it does so remember,
its operation almost instantly comes to a halt —
— and there it is left standing;
like a ghost whos suddenly had his sheet pulled off.

If men did not have these two selves they would not experience the dissatisfaction they say they do;
men would have no more complaints than does
your average tiger.
Mans non-mental self expresses no dissatisfactions with life — only needs, (stomach growlings, e.g.),
while the very existence of his mental self is
centered around continuing disapproval of conditions.
Mental selfs relentless unhappiness with things as they are — however they are — is the engine pulling the club car in which men leisurely lounge.
The over, overwhelming majority of all ordinary cows quickly adapt-to, and accept this state of affairs within themselves, and the few, few, few sane ones who do not — are more or less left to fend for themselves.
Since mans non-mental self seems not even aware of the situation, you cannot apparently seek its help in coming to satisfying grips with what is troubling you due to these circumstances,
but when you turn the spotlight of conscious attention
onto your mental self —
it freezes for a moment….then — disappears.
(A lot of help it is, huh?!…..theoretically speaking,
of course.)

The foolish amongst the few, (which there could in theory, be some), totally ignoring what they already know to be true about their own mental selfs ability to help,
will seek guidance from the mental self of other men.
(Good entertainment — BADDDD business decision!)

Profitably fending for yourself in this exotic foray
eventually entails nothing more than a calm, unhurried, extended & open-ended consideration of
what has been above noted:
the presence in you of two observably distinct selves:
a mental self, and a non-mental self,
and even though in the beginning
even the mere sight of this is but momentary.
Persistence pays off for the stably persistent.

It is indeed like a ghost trying to catch a quick glimpse of the trailing end of the sheet —
just as it is yanked off of him —
and he disappears — yet again.

One most promising approach is to continually require that your mental self account for the fact that
even though it talks a great train while sitting at the bar,
it has no workable notion as to what makes the damn thing run, or who is in charge.
Press your mental self with this question, tirelessly,
and one day your head will split — and everything you have wanted to know will be fully exposed —
— right there — right inside your head,
but neither in your mental self — nor otherwise;
just THERE……………inside your head.


Everybody gets a sandwich;
most people eat theirs, and forget about it;
a truly hungry man keeps unwrapping, and rewrapping his until he wears it out.