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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox 9th of April 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: “My.. Mind”

Begin: Years ago I wrote about the word “I” and that when you use the word how it can truly disorient you. The word “I” supports, cements, and shores up this illusion that is truly an illusion. Everything having to do with the word “I” is everything that will keep a man from realizing what is going on.

Denouncing the word “I” has a two or three thousand year history in people who have been attempting to change their state of mind. (And rightly so.) But after exploring on my own and after years of pursuit there is a much more dangerous word than “I” for people like us and that is the word “My.”

And since you ask , I will tell you why. Every time you use the word “my’ (ex. Its my opinion, my belief, my conviction ) it is a farce. It is like a cow saying that that is my hoof. I developed and planned that hoof. The cow saying that it planned and developed its hoof is just udder nonsense.

05:00 As always when speaking of beliefs and opinions I am speaking of intangibles. If you have an opinion such as God’s real name is Allah, it is silly and delusional and it supports the disoriented view that there is something valid in saying, “well that is my opinion.”, belief, or conviction.

Once you see that it is not “their” belief (not that the belief is wrong) or from their view “my belief” and they (the ordinary person or mind) see no alternative – well there is no answer. (In the past I have used the “collective mind” and that it is like this big cloud floating and we are all plugged into it.)

But still there is no valid or verbal answer to “If its not my opinion then whose it?” I don’t know, it is just there. (“I don’t know it is just there” could be a wake-up system and it is as close of a view verbally as you can get to sure knowledge.)

But what about this opinion (ex. Opinions about politics) that just keeps showing up in my head. If its not my belief then whose belief? I don’t know but I do know it is not “my” anything. It is just there. I found myself on this planet. I found myself alive, and I periodically find these opinions in my head.

“My fault” is probably the biggest tar pit. Stealing someone’s water and they later die of thirst, then that may be your fault. But the intangible faults like being asleep or distracted and saying that its “my fault” is disorienting – even saying it tacitly passively is disorienting.

10:00 “My mind” encompasses them all. (my fault, my belief, my opinion, etc.) “My mind” is a full description of being asleep from beginning to end.

15:00 “My mind” meditation is laying in bed before I go to sleep or early in the morning when I wake up and just saying inside my own head there is no form of illusion or sleep other than “my mind.” “My mind” There is no illusion other than that. There is no form of sleep other than that. .

Sometimes I go out for a walk (other than memorizing the Koran-tightly packed suitcase) I just go along thinking “my mind.” The whole metaphysical history of man’s being asleep is in those two words . Plus it is a joke to me.

“My mind.” ( I have done it two million times and I still can’t help from laughing.) Doesn’t “my mind” sound like a sound that does not sound like a sound? It is sound that is nothing but a surface. Or instead of a surface maybe an object with just a sheen. It is almost like a sound wave.

20:00 “My mind” yet there is nothing there. Thinking “my mind” in the privacy of your own head and then you realize the foolishness of the two words (my mind) and something happens. And it is not anything that can be written down.

You have a whole new view of the problems in doing this. The little problems are based on the one problem. (my mind) Mind is not the problem. It is the pronoun “my.” You have spent a lifetime making progress on an illusion. Once you realize the illusion, progress becomes mental entertainment.

And taking progress or mental entertainment seriously impedes your progress or mental entertainment. Picture “my mind” on a work bench. My mind is laid out sequentially with “my” on the left side of the work bench and “mind” on the right side of the bench.

Everyone pulls out their tools and gets to work on “my mind.” One never thinks to look at the pronoun “my.”

25:00 I am working on “my mind.” (my consciousness, my soul, etc.) But they never look at “my.” You spend a lifetime working on the mind and never realize that “my” is jammed up next to “mind.”

I do not see how anyone ever gets it. I assume someone did or they would not have said certain things. When you say “my mind” you are looking at the wrong end of the workbench.

When you end up looking at the right place that is when you get it. “My mind” (you have to start there) – you look around and people are reflecting on it. There are two things on the workbench. My and Mind. And people say Yeah- my mind. It’s a good thing it does not cost any money to do this.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 9, 2001


Those who dismiss the idea of awakening,
initially have a better grasp of what its about
than do those trying to accomplish it.

There is a thing that if taken to be a duty
is burdensome & frustrating,
but if seen as sport, becomes a source of joy.

A wizard’s son one day suddenly burst into
his father’s room and demanded of the old man:
How do you explain that ultimate enlightenment coincides perfectly with the final depletion of testosterone?
(and to himself the elder said:
Shouldn’t I be asking me that?!)

There are two forms of disinterest: one is familiar,
and steeped in anger
while the other is from outer space,
with the sweet smell of unseen lilacs
in the hair of a prisoner who escaped in spring.
(If you have to stop & think about this —
you’re not gonna be getting it. leastwise, not just now.
But don’t give up — keep on picturing it. )

Question: Why so commonly for thousands of years have people put themselves on unsatisfying eating regimens in an effort to achieve enlightenment?
Answer: It seems absurd on the surface — but:
people just goofin around with it
unwittingly know what they’re doing.
The best way to make yourself keep getting aboard
a bus that you know is not going where you want to go
is to stay at least slightly, irritated.
(If you have to think about this one also,
it will momentarily elude you — but don’t despair;
lean your head down, and see what your
stomach has to say about all of this.)

From his sons room one night, a father heard disturbing noises, and when he looked in he saw the boy moaning and thrashing about in the throes of a dream.
He tried to awaken the lad, but found he could not.
He now felt like he was in a bad dream.
He then shook his own head violently,
and slapped his face, but the scene did not change;
it apparently was not a dream.
He returned to the sons room constantly,
to try and awaken him, but with the same futile results.
Then on one occasion — just as he stepped through the door —
the whole matter suddenly became clear to him.
A news story appeared in his head about a land where in
one man was convinced that there was a great secret to be known,
but he could get no one else interested in searching for it.
Turned out that everyone but him knew the secret;
the secret was:
everyone knew the secret but him.

Any woods you haven’t explored
are larger than any you have.
Everything you haven’t investigated
is more confusing than anything you have.
The first time you look under the hood of a car,
the scene defies comprehension,
but once you have handled & had its parts explained,
you can do your own tune ups.
Ordinary people are made to pretend that this is valid
regarding matters under the hood of their head;
that study of the intangibles therein will reveal their
nature & purpose — this is erroneous,
but by so insisting, a captivating illusion is created
whereby the droplight men employ
under their cranial hood
begins to invent scenes it says it sees in there when the
unrealized thing to profitably BE seen is
the droplight itself.

Gee, Dad, this sure is a dark & mysterious garage.
That, my boy, is what everyone says
when they first come here.
Gee, I never heard anyone say that before.
That’s because all ordinary people who ever do
once come here deny that they did,
and the few who understand what occured
realize there is nothing to be said about it.

It is an unusual breed of explorer who discovers a
new land, and never mentions it;
during the time they are drawing near, they may,
but once there — silence!

There is nothing about the place to tell about.

Hint: You will get there much quicker if you will
stop telling yourself what the place is like.