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Condensed Transcript

Audiotape of Jan Cox on March 3, 2001
Notes by CF

Suggested Title: Spokesman for No One

Begin: Tonight instead of looking at the mind suspiciously consider a more enriched view. Consider the six billion on the earth. Here we (mankind) are and no one knows how we got here, we do not know what is going on (we can think we do) and what do we complain about?

Listen to what the other six billion people complain about. (ex. husbands, wives, jobs, etc.) (I give you folks credit that you do not fall into this category constantly.) People like us complain about the mind.

05:00 But anyone who looks around and has a clear headed view of life….how can they complain? Go out and look at the sky and consider the incomprehensible size of the universe. The universe is sixteen billion light years across and there is no verbal basis for it and yet here we are. (mankind)

Of course the mind will tell you how to complain but how (how is not the word-I mean something else)
can you complain? It sounds like an attack on the mind but then again no one will try to do anything unless they think something is wrong.

The other six billion people think that this “something wrong” is outside themselves. (ex. Husbands, wives, jobs, etc.) People like us narrow it down to the ordinary mind. We have gone from the view I am surrounded by idiots to I am full of idiots.

10:00 Watching TV, I noticed there were certain types of people who bothered me. (not really-I am not getting soft) It was more the position of the person than the person and with small variations it was a spokesman for a trade organization. (ex Health, Trucking, Pharmaceutical, etc.)

15:00 The spokesmen are acting, paid, proponents for their industry but they come from Public Relations. For example a working trucker (for the most part) is not a spokesman for the trucking industry. The spokesman is hired to represent something they have no personal interest in other than a salary.

After staring at these guys like an open sewer it hit me that these spokesmen sound like the mind. The mind, your mind, the one sixth billionth of the collective mind seems to promote its own interest. (The mind does promote its self interest in matters of instinct.)

20:00 Go outside and look at the sixteen billion light years across universe and then picture the platelets of your body and then again the universe and then your platelets and what a good job the platelets are doing on your good days and how the universe is all arranged to annoy you on the bad days.

I suggest that the cells (platelets) are looking after themselves. It expands from there to the organs, blood, the brain and the conscious part of the brain. It is a distraction to think that the immune system is looking after you. There is no you for which the rest of the systems of the body are constructed.

25:00 It appears the mind is speaking on its behalf in non physical matters but it is speaking fairy tales. It cannot say on who’s behalf it is speaking, because it has no behalf.

For a long time I wondered why these spokesmen would get my attention. It is a certain tone or tenor these guys have when they speak on the behalf of their organization. It is passionate, pretend, concern for an organization they have no personal interest in.

This passionate, pretend, concern the spokesman promotes for an organization is a perfect example of the mind (in non-physical matters) and it is also what is so irritating about the mind. The mind in non-physical matters is appearing to promote something it has no personal interest in.

30:00 There is a certain tenor to the mind when promoting itself in non-physical matters. The mind has no interest in God-Politics-Morality. It pretends it cares.

When the mind speaks of matters non-physical and it is not directly survival related it is a spokesman for a trade organization. And if you hear privately in your own head things you may take personally (ex. Judgments, Shame on me, etc) you are falling for the mind’s (spokesman) story. And the mind is a spokesman for no one.

35:00 Look for a spokesman on TV and listen not to what he says or the way he dresses but listen to the tenor of his voice and tell me that is not your mind. The spokesman may sound intelligent and reasonable but listen and you can hear the tone and the pretense. It doesn’t matter if it is the truth because it is beyond that.

You have someone speaking for a group in which he has no personal interest. It is one of the reasons people reject advertising.

Do not just see that the mind annoys you. Look for the basis of what it is that is annoying. The mind speaks on behalf of an activity in which there is no activity. Look behind your mind. The mind says it is speaking for XYZ and there is no XYZ.

Who is the mind representing? Which is another form of the question “What are you going to say next?” The mind is like being plagued by a salesman who is not selling anything. It is a seventh day Adventist banging on your door and I open the door and no one is there.

40:00 It is the promotion that is driving you crazy until you realize “the mind” is not promoting anything. Six billion people never realize the mind is not promoting anything.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

March 14, 200l.

Derived from private extraterrestrial photographs,
here is how things are on one world:

it is ostensibly run by a large cow herd;
it has two separate atmospheric layers
that completely encircle and encase the planet;
the bottom one reaches from the ground to
the top of the cows necks,
and the upper one goes on from there.
The two layers are of such different chemical composition that the cows constructively live in two different worlds:
one from their hoofs up to their heads,
and a second, from their heads on up.
Make no mistake,
every cow is still objectively a unified creature,
but each one subjectively feels they live a split existence.

From the ground up to their heads,
the herd lives by pure instinct;
no thinker understands its collective behavior;
the way it runs furiously in one direction —
— then without any signal —
suddenly changes speed, and course as though the herd itself had its own intelligence.
In that bottom region from the hooves to the head,
all cows are substantially the same,
but in the upper atmospheric level
in which their heads live — the picture changes.

If from their hooves to their heads,
the cows have more in common than
they have differences,
from the head up,
the situation seems nearly the opposite.

Because of the different densities of the separate atmospheres, and the ever-present dust stirred up
by the constant movement of the herds hooves,
each cows head is pretty much unaware of what goes on below it, down in the lower level —
— plus, they do not need to be since everything down there is programmed to operate automatically;
thus the bovines heads have been left with a certain amount of free time from the mundane,
hooves-on concerns of physical survival,
and life in the upper, heady atmosphere,
rich in complexities unknown at the lower level,
has given rise in the cows heads to a thoroughly,
bovid-created, dream world — almost a second reality: one that is distinctly different from the dusty, musky, always muscular & physical one
in which they live from their heads down.

In this less heavy, more rarified air
each cows head has become involved in a
constant activity of make believe;
the herd as a whole even has several collectively shared daydreams which seem to help hold it together,
and as long as their individual head-musings
do not threaten the health of the herd,
each cow is more or less free to engage in whatever
forms of make believe it wishes.

The photographs show a place of
much vitality & creativity — a world that flourishes!
But closer examination of a certain sort
reveals that a few cows
are not all that excited with the situation,
and here is what bothers them:
their heads believe that they live in an atmosphere
that is different from the one in which
the rest of their body lives.


………(you can guess the rest).

The ill are constantly offered treatment;
why do they not accept it?