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Notes by CF

Begin: There are two one liner comments I would like to sing about. One line explains all of this. It is where the shellac meets the floor.

The line is “Everything you think you like or want in the second reality and everything you think you dislike and want in the second reality is driven by your thinking.” If you did not think about it you would not like or dislike it.

05:00 The second one line comment is “Leave the meaningless the hell alone.” Everything you like or dislike about second reality is meaningless. There is no way to screw around with the meaningless without making things worse. Your mind may say it is trying to figure out the illusionary but it’s not. It is only when you are dozing (using our example) that there is a difference between the illusionary and real of second reality.

If you do not know it is meaningless and you keep working on it, you are making it worse.

The last meeting I mentioned mainstream religion and how ordinary minds accept preaching. If you listen to mainstream religion and the preaching of what God wants and replace the word God with the mind, the thoughts it gives me are thoughts I would have never have thought that way about before.

10:00 I thought about that on the way over here tonight. I saw a bulletin in front of a church and it said “Give God all the honor.”

Forget that a man did it. He was a medium. Cellular activity in the man’s mind is talking about itself. I am not making fun of it. If you can see it (The cellular activity in the man’s mind is talking about itself.) then that is what being awake is. I don’t see it as cellular activity saying “Hey ain’t I something.” It is something else.

15:00 The cellular activity in Moses’ mind is kin to the cellular activity of the man’s mind today in Chamblee, Georgia. The cellular activity got him to go out and post in front of his church “Give God all the honor.”

When people drive by they say Yes, give God all the honor. Think about it. It is cellular activity talking about itself.

(I don’t interpret honor as being homage or worship. I will let you figure it out. It is hard to put into words.)

The cellular activity (the mind) is saying something about itself. It is asking the eternal question “What is going on?” Who am I doing this? What are we? (“We” being the cellular activity.)

The cellular activity is making a statement and it is an expose of what waking up is all about. This is almost what I have been saying about what is the difference between the illusionary and real and there is none. The illusionary and the real are driven by the thinking “Is this true or not true?”

Everything man “believes” from the noteworthy to the mundane is driven by his thinking.

20:00 Mystical systems of every stripe say the whole idea of awakening is to distinguish the real from the imaginary. Cellular activity says it knows what is real but the cellular activities are clowns and pretenders. If you are dreaming you do not know you are dreaming until you wake up.

25:00 Your imagination thinks there is a difference between the real and imaginary in second reality.

30:00 My first thirty years of doing this, if I had heard that there is no difference between reality and illusion it would not have mattered. I would have not have known what to do with it. The mind (cellular activity) fuels reality and illusion. Mind is the only reason reality and illusion exists. It is not a metaphor.

35:00 The subtle illusion of what life is, of what God wants, the opinions of man and his views are the underpinnings of second reality. These underpinnings of second reality are the illusion and reality of which I speak. (We are not speaking of seeing ghosts)

If a man would just ask himself “How is it there cannot be illusion?”

There is no difference between illusion and reality in second reality. That is the beginning and end of doing all of this.

40:00 You may feel you know the difference between illusion and reality but that is the illusion of second reality. Things that disturb you and things that don’t disturb you are the same things. Maybe it is arranged that way. Maybe we need a mystical OSHA.

Sometimes I picture me in an outhouse. It is full of piles of books, my own writings, and piles of what I have seen through as delusions. I spend all my free time dividing the bullshit. If I can touch it is real. If it is meaningful I can work on it later.

45:00 A wind comes by and blows away both piles I have been working on. I look around and there are no more stacks of books or writings. These piles are all just scattered around and I realize there is no difference between the illusionary and the real.

That is the power of illusion. I worked on it but everyone works on it. I am saying some just die in the outhouse. The two piles if I am correct are your imagination and since I don’t know anything it is hard to be incorrect.

I have got a serious doubt now that all of this last hour may have been my imagination. Not us being here but what I said.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

February 2, 2001.


The key is poverty.
Only the stupid own anything;
those who-know are cleaned-out,

Ownership is the purview of the ordinary:
the dull hold views;
the torpid possess opinions;
the inane keep preferences;
the stagnant sit on facts;
the oafish carry anger;
the listless clutch fear,
and the stupid have their precious knowledge.

The Tree Of Knowing is stripped clean;
not a leaf in sight — not a single distraction.

When jacks set off for the lights-of-the-city
they take along beans, (a supine man says):
I cannot go about in life with empty pockets;
a man must be adequately armed in the
human adventure.
Jacks are slumberous, and internally live in dreams;
their potential for day-light-sight has become inescapably encumbered by their possessions —
— ownership in the inner world — blinds them.

When adams are driven away,
and an individualistic comprehension of life
momentarily becomes a real possibility —
they blow the opportunity by
taking the fig leaf with them;
men apparently feel embarrassed when they recognize the extraordinary potential that
internal nakedness offers, (after all:
whos really up to giving gods understanding
a run for its money?!)

Bare, were babies born,
but ownership makes The Man;
it takes an inner richness,
a normal life to lead.

Cows arriving empty-hoofed are shunned by The City;
in the cultured world the lingua franca is —
— knowing things.
Just to reach the outskirts of town
cattle must be fittingly oriented in the physical realm,
but to gain entry to society they must bring with them the ability to recount some of its history,
(and moo with an insiders accent).

You must be wealthy to be taken in by harvard;
possess much to sit with the-trilateral-commission,
or get your call aired on a radio talk show,
and be flush with inner goods to be welcomed by,
the-great-mystical-brotherhood-that runs-everything.
Poor men need not apply for anything worthwhile
in The City;
Only the rich thrive.

The City is the natural intellectual home for man;
a place busy and complex —
a place forever changing.
A place of great neural entertainment,
many flashing lights, and a multitude of sounds;
the richness of the place perfectly reflects
the inner wealth of its citizens.

The key is — poverty.

To be able to even hear about the understanding
a man must grow from being a child floating serenely
on the river-of-egypt, to becoming an adult,
enslaved by the riches of its cities,
then embark on a search for a promised-land-of-freedom,
but what routine moseses never realize is that the
dreamed of goal is freedom from mental possessions.

A growing calf needs enough sense to safely walk a path, and be conscious enough to learn from
the words of cows who’ve walked that way before,
but eventually some could become sufficiently intelligent to distinguish between walking and talking.

The wealthy cannot tell the difference between
words, and walking;
those with many possessions accept,
to be basically the same thing as walking.
In city cows search for their standard notion of
an elysian field,
this failure-to-distinguish presents no problem, in that: how can anything go wrong in an
imaginary undertaking?!
When you live in the city,
and have plenty of possessions — you have no problems.
(Sure, you and every other cow can say that you do,
but being able to believe that is simply one of
your mighty-fine possessions.)

Poverty is the key;
willful poverty;
fought-for poverty;
consciously embraced & protected — poverty.

Those who think they know-what-they-know
are rich men;
they are full of meaningless city certainty;
they are filled to the bursting point with the
neural, verbal-based sense-of-a-self;
they possess all that is needed to be mentally normal;
to have opinions, beliefs, and preferences,
and to hold dear, a multitude of
defensive, embarrassing personal views of life.

The rich are normal;
the gods approve of the wealthy —
you’re supposed to be out there among them! —
— what went wrong?!

You’re not rich enough to be satisfied,
or quite poor enough to see through it all;
you’re kind of stuck in a no-cows-land:
somewhere between being alert enough to
smell that things are not as they seem to the mind,
but without a nose capable of leading you through
the distracting aroma
to the promised land of — poverty-stricken-reality.
(Which by the way, is the only real reality.)
The dream reality is wealthy;
the inner realm of illusionary reality is rich indeed,
but the reality that comes to a man through
the understanding
is poverty stricken; stripped clean —
–naked and speaking for itself.

Poverty is the key;
to believe that you are rich in knowledge is idiocy;
if you believe that you know what is going on all around you — you are indeed wealthy;
you possess all of the ignorance one man can bear.

Take off all of your mental pretense, and —
— there you have it:
The understanding of everything.


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