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2636_012601 January 26, 2001
Notes by CF

A Billion Trillion Cells

Begin: Another distinction I find operable and you may find of use is a distinction that is antithetical to the historic practices and the reality of understanding what this is.

05:00 Something you may find practical is to picture someone in a school or monastery devoted to waking up. Meditation, the reading of the master’s work, the daily chores of washing dishes, etc. you would have to feel you were achieving something or you would leave it. Here is the point. Whatever you achieved in the above conditions you have not achieved until you understand that what you achieved is no different than what you ordinarily could have done in life. You did not need the change in circumstance.

I do not believe these separate activities from ordinary life are missteps. You do feel that in the beginning anytime you are thinking about (waking up, etc.) inside your own mind and you continue to do it (even if I drop dead) that it is a slightly different state. It is nothing mystical.

10:00 There is a discrete difference between thinking about what you are going to eat or what movie you are going to watch and thinking about this. (Waking up etc.) (Whatever it is you think about this.) But as long as you think that, you do not understand all that you could understand. You have to see it for yourself.

Consider there cannot be a difference operationally in anything you think about this activity and anything you think about that is not this activity. The history of this activity that man is a multitude of I’s and can become one is easy to validate and describe.

It is as though you have a backyard full of noisy dogs, chattering monkeys, a parliament of birds which are prototypes of the tower of babel. Using the parliament of birds as a metaphor the birds are all babbling on, with some chirping and these birds need a leader. What is the basis for everyone feeling aware that if they take note they are not one person?

15:00 Internally, you folks must be aware there is a good handful of distinct different I’s. The older you get the more subtle it gets and it does not have to be outwardly observable. Different circumstances may bring up different I’s. You may be hostile at home and laid back at work. These handful of different I’s all makes sense.

20:00 Consider the description that you are living and dying with each breath. It is not absolutely true but if you can see it you are a different person physiologically.

Psychologically, not literally, by the time you inhale (Let’s say your girlfriend just walked in the door and you are glad to see her and a split second later a guy walks in behind her with a suitcase) and you exhale and you have gone from glad to see you to I am dead meat. She is leaving.) Your thoughts from one split second to another can go from happy on the inhale to sad on the exhale. It depends on the circumstances.

25:00 Consider the idea that the different I’s could be reflections of your major organs. But what if the idea of being reborn continually (The Vedic belief that you live and die with each breath) is a reflection of the individual cellular activity that is you. What if every cell in your body gets to take over the spotlight of consciousness for one second? Each cell gets to make its point and then it is out of there.

30:00 What if each cell in your body has a time it takes over consciousness? What if the struggle against something specific (the sleeping me in me) that makes up the shifting patterns in my consciousness , what if you had the view that a billion trillion cells or a parliament of birds momentarily takes up my consciousness?

Whatever is in your mind constitutes consciousness. It appears to be you but it is just a bird that flew through.

35:00 Rather than operate on the basis that personality is formed by experience and that it is an individual that is a human, what if it could be a cellular manifestation? Instead of distinct I’s (ex. Dumbest I, critical I, smartass I, angry I) what if it is all cellular?

If it is all cellular how can you remember it when it cannot be remembered? You realize if one cell could remember that it is all cellular, all of the time (Which I thought was the secret) but how can a cell forget?

If you can see it, it can be useful. We are a billion trillion cells more or less. The cellular activity includes the heart, the brain, etc. Whatever goes on is cellular activity and you cannot call that the human level. A cell is not a complete human. But consider how you thank of yourself (at the human level) and what you are struggling against (at the human level). And we are not talking about struggling against demons or cosmic forces.

40:00 What is the opposition to the state we have tasted (conscious of consciousness) and can be conscious of momentarily? The opposition is at the human level. (The Fred or Mary level) It is not the republicans or the democrats; it’s not your mother, or anything or any human in life.

You have got your hands full right this second with being aware that you are alive this second. It is the inertia of Fred or Mary at the human level causing you to stay Fred or Mary. In other words the only problem you have is you. The only thing that stands between you and the state of consciousness that beckons you (The point of all this) is your state of consciousness. It is not your stomach or liver.

I say that the human level is not the only scale to consider this.

READS: “Anytime you can shift what seems to be the floor out from under yourself, or to shift the paradigm, or the kind of model, or the kind of glasses, through which you are trying to examine all of this, it is always a benefit.”

I have found trying to pull “you” from the human scale to the cellular scale is of benefit. All you can do is try to remember it. There is no picture I am aware of. These billion trillion cells constitute you and they include what you are thinking and feeling right this second. I cannot call it being awake but right now my consciousness is under my control.

Having the willpower, the something I do no now have, to hold this consciousness under my control for as long as I can is preferable. If that is not being awake it will turn into being awake.

Here is the way to do it. Do not think of “you” working against something at the human level. Just picture (find your own words) what you are struggling against (this sleeping distracted I).

45:00 Just picture a billion trillion cells laid out like a desert as far as the eye can see. Maybe you have a view from a 40 or 50 degree angle. And as far as you can see (like the human skin under a microscope) are all these little, living, breathing, and kind of moving cells.

A universe full of living, breathing cells and that is you including your thinking and feeling. If you remember, the simple fact is “you” are nothing but the billion trillion cells. There is no “you” apart from that.

Picture how can it be there is a state of being awake and not being awake? Do you believe out of the billion trillion cells, there are renegade cells or torpid cells somewhere which cause the different states? Which brings up the second question, why did they end up in my brain?

50:00 Why has this distracted staring part of me that I can feel and snap out of it by being mindful for a second not found anywhere but the brain? Why don’t you feel it in your feet?

55:00 There seems to be a distinct difference between one state of mind (Like stopping thought that we experience) and the other distracted, staring state. I say at the cellular level it makes no sense. Based on the picture of a billion trillion cells how can we have a state of stopping thought and a mechanical state?

How can achieving awakening make any sense? It is just the opposite. Everything makes sense when you are not awake. From experience we know there is an awakening state, but it cannot be true. Think back to the billion trillion cells and look for the difference. There cannot be difference but we know that there is.

It does not sound sensible. You have to see it for yourself. It is really feeling and not thinking. As long as you feel there is difference there is a difference. But it cannot be.

It is worthwhile to consider it cannot be. It could be profitable. Past the point where you feel and think there is different state (conscious of consciousness) brought on by effort and a completely different state without any effort. There is no difference. But we know there is.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 26, 2001.

Ahh — Friday:
the time each week we pay titular tribute to the
celtic god of: mistaken identity & being over-charged.

You can try to change your thinking,
or try to change how you’re feeling;
one can’t be done, but seems like it can,
while the other seems like it cant, but
could be otherwise.

If a foot wants to pick itself up,
what will it stand on while doing it?

Can an eye/I ever see an eye/I?

The same mood when you finish;
the same mood when you start.
What do you think of your mood now?

Can a mood ever feel a mood?
Can a thought ever pick itself up?

By comparing one thing to another
does the mind
keep a man blind.

In the empty room such a thing is not possible.

When you understand how things work,
you know that it is foolish to describe it to others..
but it can be fun.

What is your comprehension of this:
If a lecture is announced regarding,
getting the understanding,
and 100 people show up, 86 of them will be hopeless, (soreheads, smart-asses, know-it-alls, & flame-outs).
What do you make of this?

The Tower Of Babel came before
The Expulsion From The Garden.
Do you grasp this?

Clarity is one tongue — uncertainty, many.

The difference between those who know,
and those who don’t
is that
those who don’t sometimes think they do.

On the way to the understanding
you go thru endless mountains,
and even after you have reached it —
— endless mountains stretch out after that,
(if you decide to keep going).

The Case Of The Great Investigation.

To get the understanding
requires a thorough investigation;
first a survey of circumstances,
then a scrutiny of the surveyor,
finally, reflection on the question:
What IS this investigation?

Few drawn to it, ever see it through,
the reason being:
It is an investigation which,
if successfully concluded — proves nothing.
(Triple dipped chocolate
neer tasted as sweet.)

Life does not need to be proved — only does mind,
but most men never get past the mind as a prove-ER,
and subject it to being proved.
But such is how you solve the case and —
— get the understanding.

When you’re in the receptive-state,
(the empty room),
life is clear, immediate & complete,
and when youre not,
everything seems tentative, fuzzy & unfinished.
Like the difference between a sharp photo
you’re looking at right now,
and a blurry one you’re recalling
of some other time, some other place.

That which is clear, immediate & complete
is formless,
and mind imposing form where none exists
is what keeps one from the direct understanding of
what is going on.

A mind that does not know
continually looks for purpose;
a man with the understanding — knows better.

The master key is – BE CAREFUL —
always be — extremely careful —
and you will not be fooled by the mental illusion of there being form to life where there is none;
you will thus see everything
instantly & completely,
where before you were hesitant & uncertain.

Only this exact moment has any purpose —
— all else is inner illusion.

In the empty room you realize that mind is nothing other than you — and yet —
— you are not it.

Be careful — thats all —

….just be careful.