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Tape #2628
Notes by CF

Begin: Throughout the years I have continued to ponder about how it is you can have so much experience doing something unusual with consciousness (Trying to bring consciousness under control rather than to just run.) and how little effect it has on the general running of consciousness. You can fall right back into ordinary states of consciousness the same as you did twenty years ago. Ordinary consciousness seems to be untouchable. It is not as if there is no change but once you slip back into it, it is the same as it has always been. All ordinary people believe it is the conditions of which they live which are most important. The instinctive conditions are important. Food, sex, and shelter are instinctive. But it is really just food. In many higher mammals not all mate. You can live without sex. As far as shelter we humans can live under extreme hot and cold. Humans have adapted.

04:25 Once you are human all these other conditions of life become important. Conditions like your status, the kind of car you drive, your apartment, and so on. Consciousness is made up to take these conditions as important. Other than the conditions of “you don’t get fed your dead,” what thought says about the conditions of life I say otherwise. Anyone can see it momentarily. Consider the way consciousness is arranged. If consciousness is not being run by instinct then consciousness is out of sync with the contemporaneous moment. Only when the nervous system is lit up by instinct is ordinary mechanical consciousness living in the present moment. Being awake is as good an example as any as to what to be not asleep is. With hunger you would be mechanically in the moment. Instinct would be totally in charge of consciousness. You would not be concerned with being awake or asleep. If you are awake you are not concerned with being awake or asleep. If instinct is not in charge of consciousness the consciousness is dealing with non essentials. It is never dealing in the moment.

15:00 Concern of the past or future is a form of sleep. Under routine conditions, no matter how many times we self remember, self observe or are conscious of consciousness, if you let go a second, consciousness goes right back to what it was constructed to do unless fired up by the instinctive needs of a pressing nature. (Flee or fight) I challenge you to look. To whatever degree you do wake up it is not at the expense of ordinary consciousness. More and more ordinary mechanical consciousness is the primary mode of consciousness. You do not wake up in the morning worried about food. When was the last time your nervous system was fired up? Fear normally does it.

20:00 The intrigue of theme park rides are to excite the nervous system in a way not totally distinctive from instinctive fear. Fear, the lack of food, and the chance to be killed over food, the people experiencing these conditions do not need theme park rides. Life provides the conditions of which we live and this commentary in our heads making observations about the conditions. Unless the conditions are Flee or Fight based the nervous system does not deal with the conditions at the moment. The commentary is daydreaming about the future or the past. The only exceptions for people like us, when trying to self remember, we are trying to bring consciousness to conditions right this second. To whatever degree we do have success, I have to make this up, we have to shift and create a new area in the brain or cortex, in which we are conscious in an area not normally used. Maybe it is just a few cells. Whatever success we do have waking up we have to look outside of ordinary mechanical consciousness.

25:00 The commentary is daydreaming about the future and the past. Ordinary mechanical consciousness is that one area we cannot change. If true you would not expend any more futile effort than is necessary to change it. Frustration is trying to do something that you cannot do. Trying to diet, quit smoking or exercise are ordinary examples of frustration. Waving you arms and trying to fly, for example is not frustrating, it is impossible.

30:00 (Reads). If you can see it, the frustration comes about when the mental commentary, the consciousness’ life provides to us continues to comment on the conditions that life provides to us, except under all ordinary conditions the mental commentary is not commentary on the instant conditions. Therefore it is frustrated…. (Life provides the commentary and the conditions) When you wake up in the morning life is there. It did not wait for you. It has been going on all night. The commentary is continually frustrated. The conditions and the commentary are always out of sync with contemporaneous time. The view is never what is going on instantly. Under ordinary conditions if you were going to be conscious of the moment it would be mechanical. It would be because of some adverse condition. A dangerous condition that would make you instantly and mechanically not be commenting. First time someone jumps out of an airplane I assure you the commentary is greatly diminished.

35:00 Can you feel any frustration when you bring awareness to right this second? It is though there is nobody in your head. It seems like you are more conscious. In a sense you are down to instinctive conscious. You are not afraid but you have fired up the nervous system in a way that the commentary is shut off. This normally only happens when instant conditions demand it at the instinctive level. What we are doing (self remembering, conscious of consciousness, etc) is outside of normal consciousness. If this is true it would be a timesaver. It seems that the commentary is driven by conditions. No…nah the point is the conditions and the commentaries are the same thing. And when you are “AWAKE” you realize it. One does not cause the other. They both disappear. It is obscene to try to describe it. It is like you just merge. There is no comment on life at that moment. I would not try to argue it with anyone. It seems the comments you have appear to be out of sync with the conditions but I say they are the same thing.

40:00 Verbally it does not sound right. I am suggesting that ordinary consciousness is not operating or not intended to operate in the moment so it is always after the fact. Even when dealing with the future it is still after the fact of the moment. The conditions right this second and the commentary in your head, they are the same thing. If you can get a glimpse I think it would have some long range permanent alteration on how you think about all of this. It is a constant feeling we have to fight with conditions and life is a constant hassle. I always give all of you credit. During Lucite moments you agree with me. There is no hassle to life other than dying or starving to death. Your ordinary consciousness will never say that is true. It is not constructed to say it is true. Ordinary mechanical consciousness is not constructed to live by proverbs like “It is in God’s hands.” I invite your investigation. Whatever can be done is outside of ordinary consciousness, (I do not mean metaphysical,) if that be true, it would be a timesaver.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

January 8, 2001

An astounding book title: How To Handle Life.
The phenomenon of men’s brains attempting to
tell men, (that is,
the brains attempting to tell themselves),
what they should be thinking,
and since this is insane, they pretend that such directions come from a source outside-of, and superior-to themselves — gods.

There is an entirely different perspective of life possible by realizing what is going on regarding neurons ongoing attempted self-improvement
as they pretend it is something otherwise.

In ordinary minds this pretense is tolerated —
in a few people, it is not.
They are the ones who seek Enlightenment,
(which is to say): they want to see the matter for what it is — which can be done —
if you get on the right track.

Life automatically provides two things for everybody:
physical conditions in which to live,
and a running mental commentary thereabout.
To see what life is about for yourself requires that you
give up the commentary life, and in so doing you gain,
(or RE-gain), your original, more natural life,
lived but in the physical conditions available.

There is a trail that goes from:
I have read that to:
I have been told that to:
I believe that… to:
You and everyone else doesn’t understand that to —
silence — nothingness —
just cold-headed cobra consciousness.

A discovered mans miraculous life consists not only of
eating when hungry, and resting when weary,
but also of ignoring the inner commentary life has made available for common use.

The only difference between ordinary people,
and those who aspire to know
is that the latter think that there IS a difference.
You do not realize this until you KNOW what is going on,
and by then, it does not matter anyway,
but until then —
it does truly seem to matter,
which is partially responsible for keeping you in the dark.

Being deluded is a state wherein you perceive there to be a distinction between your thoughts and what appears to be going on in your life.

Mind and conditions have no separate reality;
both are automatic, impersonal characteristics of
being a human and being alive.

What will keep you confused is in passively accepting
the voiceover in your brain as being individual to you,
and originating in you.
That running commentary on the conditions of your life —
— that you take as being such
IS no such thing;
is the very same thing AS the conditions on which
it comments.

What men ordinarily take to be knowledge of themselves is the commentary looking at their feet and saying:
I am doing the tango.
I look foolish doing the tango.
I am not cut out for the tango.
I do not want to do the tango.
Who is responsible for me doing the tango?
I want to dance the rhumba.
Why can I not do the rhumba?
Perhaps the tango is not as bad as I thought?!
And they never recognize the fact that the automatic
mental commentary regarding their feets dancing
is inseparably tied to the automatic dancing of their feet,
and their feet dance as is appropriate to the mental commentary thereabout.

In plain fact: the feets dancing,
(the physical conditions of your life),
are the very same thing AS the mental commentary
about them,
(although you pretty well must have a
pretty clear view of
everything in general before you can see this
specific matter as simply as I just put it.)

A man who might realize enough to be of any help to you might verge on being dismissive of everything you have worked for, achieved and believe you know — that is —
IF he was to be of ANY help to you.
And rather than taking this as being about you,
and another person,
apply what I just said to the running commentary in your brain, (which already “knows” everything!),
and another not yet used neural potential.

The only things to take seriously in life
are those that you cannot talk about.

If you still have a point to make —
you still don’t GET the point.