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2624 Dec-29-2000
Notes by CF

Begin: Something I mentioned the other night I would like to bring up in a different context. It has a subcontext that if the banana is the world’s perfect fruit then this, newspapers, are almost the perfect example of one very significant aspect of life. It is singular to us and has a sub context I would like to nudge you toward. I mentioned for other reasons how the purpose of newspapers is to make money. You may have heard that newspapers do not reveal their sources and the importance of a free press.

03:02 The fact is the newspaper is there to make money. It is not to be a watchdog on the government. I assume an ordinary person would realize that for a second if you pointed it out.  Are you aware that newspapers have almost two completely different newspapers going on. The classic division until recently were the sales department and the editorial department. Sales department with the salesmen sell advertising and the editorial department where reporters write the news. The division was sacred. It kept the reporters from being tarnished by business considerations.

08:34 Life has arranged things  through men’s brains that newspapers were originally non commercial. Broad sheets were used in the past to attack the government anonymously. This was probably the start. Consider that was the original purpose. Then it turns in to a money maker. For you to see a connection I was going to point out to you that everything life does is profit motivated.

10:00 (The cellular activity in the brain takes up positions that hold that some of his activities should not be profit oriented, when everything in life is profit oriented.) The newspapers, the good ones are considered the final word for the intelligencia on the truth. Consider the reporters who cannot be influenced by the salesmen. It keeps the news credible.

19:00  Consider that life for whatever reason made  news an important commodity. I do no think life divides it. I think everything life does is profit oriented. For whatever

reason  Life through man, through second reality, through the newspaper, in the midst of all that the newspaper is there to make money. In the midst of all that is this binary division that part of the newspaper is exempt from profit motivation. Lets call that part doing good. Salesmen go into sales to make money. These two supposedly distinct divisions within one organization.

22:03 There is a sub context to all of this that has to do with the very thing that brings us together. Take a sidestep and consider the fact everything life does is profit motivated.If life or nature is alive it is profit oriented. We cannot always see the same view as nature but whenever change happens on this planet nature in some way profits.Consider the evolution of man, of plants, the whole web. You could argue but based on everything that does survive it becomes more complexed and more profitable. You can look back at fossils and see that what was discarded is not as complex as the life now. It is the same way a car company works. Discontinued models were not profitable.It is not capitalism. The whole world does it.

26:00 Now consider man. How much of human life is taken up with activity, that if man were asked, they would deny it is profit oriented? The only area where profit oriented is denied is the second reality. It would not exist without man’s mind. Charities exists to make money. A charity cannot spend all of its money and survive. Life has made men’s brains make up religion and say it should not be for profit. But nothing exists unless it makes a profit.

32:00 In second reality there is one damn near exception. Trying to wake up. If it is the exception (There is no profit) how does it exists? How does it appear to survive? How does it profit a man? (whatever answer you come up with) It is not that obvious.Has it survived? Did it ever exist? If it never existed you do not have to worry about did it survive?

33:00  In what way can cellular activity profit itself? There is a division (just like a newspaper) in cellular activity between the instinctive mind and the conscious mind. The instinctive mind is the sales department. It kills a chicken to stay alive. The conscious mind is the editorial department. It pretends that it is seperate from the sales department. Everyone believes that the news is seperate from the sales department. A decent man is not influenced by his sales department. Renouncing your beliefs (in God, etc.) because the king told you to is the same as the sales department trying to influence the editorial department.

39:00  Why would life put man in this position? From one real view it is all a farce. Humanity may love the stories (Joan of arc, etc. ) Galileo renounced his beliefs. He may be the real hero.

44:00  Being honorable, being truthful to yourself for not renouncing you religion, your political party, or even your football team is not being truthful to yourself. For one thing, Which self? Your advertising department self or your editorial department self. What about the owner. He is not a reporter or a salesman. Did he come up with sacrosaint division? You have got to assume that life arranged things so people wanted the news and for people to want impartial news.

47:00  I could say it was a conspiracy that it was the newspaper owners who came up with the idea. It was either that or how could they make a living. Sooner or later the sales department toes were going to be stepped on by the editorial department. It is almost inevitable. Back to the individual human.  Consider Life has made our minds come up with religion, morality, or word of honor. Life does not let people come up with “Wait What’s Myself.” The real you is the editorial department and lives in a dream world. compared to the advertising department. Yet the real you will be true to the imaginary rather than the real world. “I will die over something that does not exist, such as my belief in God.” I can go along with the different day of the week to worship. Anything physical or in the advertising department I will do that.” “I will make changes in the real world but not the dream world. You will have to kill me.”

51:00 My mind can be changed up to a certain point but do not ask me to change my beliefs. I am describing the general view of life. I am not attacking it. That which is the crown definition of “Man” is his fidelity to the non existent. Right below the surface of this is something useful for people like us. What is going on is not what is going on. No one takes it into consideration and they let it influence them. Which brings up a whole other question. How can something non existent have an influence on something that does exist.

55:00 How can it be? How can something that does not exist have an effect on the thing that made it up? Men’s minds make it up and then these things made up, men will die defending. That which does not exist can eventually kill that which made it up. They will die willfully.

Life does not do anything unless it is profit oriented. What is the profit in “that.” (the above) Maybe life is weeding out the idiots. Could be life’s way out (of owning up).

How do you explain Socrates? 

Remember me saying once how I would say some things on monday and wednesday and then friday tell you they were incorrect. You are suppose to do that for yourself.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 29, 2000.

Here we are in flight again!
I did not know that you were such a fan of helicopters;
you seem to take particular delight in its ability to just hover in mid air over the same location.
(It is probably good that you are not an equal fan of symbolism in this instance, huh?!)

If you recall, our original intention was to fly down to Nice for a bit of R & R, but if hanging about in this same spot is your idea of fun, should it be up to me to
make any comment thereon?!.sure, it should!
for if I do not — who will?
certainly not the thoughts which have presently commandeered the attitude of your mental flight same as they have the physical trajectory of this chopper.

Come now, release the pilot from this state of suspension, and tell him: Onward! —
toward the surf & sun —
where there is light and action.
and on the way, Ill tell you tales.

Ultimately, the biggest barrier to Waking up is in riding the same train you started on, and entertaining the same coherent daydreams about the destination that you have always had.
Have a pleasant journey! is not the kind of encouragement a real traveler needs.
What would be profitable, but is most difficult to have,
is a continual, self-caused, disruptive & jarring trip.
Being asleep is — being asleep,
and everyone is comfortable when they are sleeping,
which is why beds are more popular than my words.

look, there is Lake Geneva.

You are as awake in mental consciousness as you feel good physically,
which is the basis for mystics monastic living wherein
potential physiological surprises & disruptions are kept to a minimum.
Outside of such artificial conditions
a man is left trying to make his thoughts of awakening
override his physical feelings;
a challenge that is formidable, if anything.

Hey, The Italian border!..

If the most serious & dedicated mystics could suddenly be changed into world class athletes
they would all abandon their prior activity —
.they could not help doing so —
can you help from realizing what I am
talking about?

It is extremely difficult to remember,
but we ourselves are what we call, Life,
and outside of us — there is no life.

…down to the left there —
isn’t that Oslo?!.

However foolish it may be to talk about ghosts,
gods, and what happens after death,
there is something more foolish than all of that:
trying to describe the life of man.

An expanded view of one of my past perspectives
would be that rather than the few being participants
in the mind wanting to understand itself it could be seen instead as life itself trying to comprehend itself,
and is thus far doing so via the conscious thought
it produces in mans brain.

Man, the thinking creature, as the vanguard of lifes
research, reflection & experimentation,
and the few, the leading edge of this activity.

.Hey, down by that big rock, there’s Fred!

Who else but men —
educated, sophisticated,
with suits & ties, and I.Q.s high —
spend their lives
making amends
for transgressions unknown or unremembered?!

There are cells within mans being which have a
clear memory of his past,
but few men can hear their attempts to tell it.

Your dogs yapping will not drown out everything else
if he is not allowed to go on hunts for
imaginary creatures:
being drug-along-by
yours and other peoples creature thoughts.

To say: I am not presently asleep
is to say: That dog don’t hunt.

.who was that who just waved at us from that mountain top?

None of the activities in the second reality would survive if they did not have numerous fans who treat them with more seriousness than anything in life deserves, this side of a busted spleen,
and what is more popular with man than his
routine attempts at — self-explanation?!

Only those who do not understand it
take Waking up solemnly;
to those who have seen-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter
it is as serious as acid indigestion but a lot more fun.

She is still a virgin who has never been hit on,
and a man is awake whom life has not yet asked to join the party.

we must be getting close — there’s Rangoon

Being asleep is a state of fixation, (staring),
thus, amoebas must be the creatures closest to being constantly awake;
ever fluid — always in flux.

Say, where are you headed?
I have no idea.
“I didn’t know you were awake.

One enlightened man,
(even though he knew such things to be fantasy),
began pretending to believe in a holy grail kinda thing
. (that’s what being enlightened can do for you).

When your sight gets so that you can see
over the horizon for yourself
you will see that a real travelers biggest foe is — up ahead —
the sense of movement from where you are
being possible — if not, probable! —
at some place other than where you are at this very moment.

Hey look down there’s Ontario —
were making good time now!..

Okay, prepare for landing, and let me note this:
if you can consume my Daily News and not wake up,
then you can probably manage to never wake up.


Cattle hover, even while standing on the ground,
and so do wolves
even though they imagine themselves on the run.
Neither dreaming nor doing alone will see you through
to the final destination —
— but what you can always do is — not hover.