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Condensed Transcript

Tape #2618 
recorded by Jan Cox December,15, 2000
Notes by DB

Proposed title : On Sex and TV repair….


There are some things that you can just stumble your way into figuring out how to do. Sex is one of them. I have never heard anybody say, “I had a girl last night and she was ready to go, but I just could not figure out how to do it.” Or, “I am thirsty and I need to get a drink of water, but I just can’t figure out how to do it.” Once you get past the simplest physical needs it is then the mind that must figure out how to do something. Like fixing an appliance that you have absolutely no knowledge about… and the mind figures out how to fix it. You just don’t unthinkingly stumble into a conclusion of how this kind of “fix” must occur.

04:40 I say that your mind is necessary to fix such an appliance. You are not likely to stumble into a solution that fixes the appliance …your mind must be in operation to do so. This is an example of your mind being exactly in touch with reality. Something won’t work and your mind figures out how to fix it.

This is an example of the mind being directly involved with reality. (reality may also be seen as being awake or being enlightened) Something is broken and the mind is in real time at work on the problem. There is no metaphysical or philosophic question here about “what is reality” or whether or not the mind is hallucinating about reality…the mind is dealing directly with reality.

06:00 As you know there has been a philosophic debate since the beginning of Mankind as to whether or not we actually know what reality is.

It is so obvious, and it is beyond discussion …reality is what happens! What else can you say? No one has ever said that before and I’ve never read anything close to it. Reality is what happens!

Yet human thought stays at arms length …another order away…another generation away…one step removed… from the reality of the idea that “Reality is what happens.”

07:00 What if I told that to an ordinary human…or a philosopher…or even a mystic…Reality is what happens!

It will slip right past human thought.

For example, a Philosopher might say, “Here is a problem with what you are saying…assume that a man tells you that his dead father appeared to him and sat down at the table and had dinner with him. He is saying that this is what happened. The man is obviously deluded. He believes this imaginary event is what happened. There is the hole in your theory.”

Yet I would say to the Philosopher that to that man who told the story that he had dinner with his father…this happened and… reality is what happens!

12:45 But the ordinary mind …even the Philosopher’s mind, quickly moves one step away from this…an arms length away…and this movement away allows him to see an exception to what I have said. I say that, “Reality is what happens.”

18:00 As a young boy, as soon as I discovered that psychology was “bullshit,” I turned my attention to philosophy and found that philosophers would not answer my questions but in turn would ask me a question. Philosophy is about asking questions…not providing answers.

Whenever you disagree with another person’s position you are in fact disagreeing with his view of reality. We are saying that some part of what the other person is saying is unreal…an illusion…a distortion. When you are talking about something you are in second reality. Any disagreement or resistance to another’s ideas is saying that what he is saying is not real.

21:45 There is nothing new about it but there are wars being fought over disagreements about issues that all boil down to arguments about what is real…about what is reality. People will vocally and even physically resist ideas that they believe are wrong. They stay at arms length away from the reality that “What happens is reality.” As soon as you make any such statement as, “Well sure that’s what happened but look at the foolish unreality of what those idiots are doing,” you have stepped an arms length away from “reality is what happens.” You are resisting the reality of the other person’s opinion

24:00 No one’s mind makes any comment unless it has an opinion. Any time you embrace the comments in your own head about what’s going on you are turning away from reality. You are holding an opinion.

This whole thing of “waking up” is based on the notion that something can be unreal. That we have to awaken to what is real. Reality is what happens, therefore what happens is reality….so, what is there to wake up from and what is there to wake up to?! Reality is being in an awakened state in that you are aware of what is happening…without comment.

If you see that “reality is what happens” then there is nothing else to do and nothing else to say! Once you realize this, then that’s the end of it.

31:25 Reality is what happens and only idiots comment on what happens.

42:00 You may hear some folks say, “I want to know what’s real about myself. So I am studying myself to find out what’s real.” What they should be studying is the part of them that is doing the studying. You should be thinking about the thing that is doing the thinking about it.

What your thoughts think about you is for you reality. You may say that, “Most of the time I am asleep, but I am working on being more awake.” The reality of this is that, “Reality is what happens.” Making a comment on it is not real.

47:00 Even if after all this time I have not helped to wake you up I have at least gotten many of you to the point to where you don’t care if you are asleep or not. Which is within a hair of being the same thing as waking up. Reality is what is happening. Being awake is being aware of what is happening and is in turn reality. Making comments on what is happening is having an opinion and is a turning away from reality.


Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

December 15, 2000.

We stand today on a field
whereon was once fought a battle
that proved most costly to the aggressive party,
and while such physical outbursts
are a part of mans instinctive nature,
it has a mental counterpart
wherein its exercise is always cost prohibitive
to a man seeking individual victory, (so to speak),
over a humdrum field of consciousness.

Overall Fact: Being alive is a form of warfare.
Fact for The Few: Mental resistance denies reality.

Sans melodramaticism — staying alive is competition,
between hunters & prey, animals & plants,
viruses & hosts, and intraspecies,
for food, mates, and space,
and therein rightly do prey resist being preyed upon by fleeing,
plants resist being eaten by
making themselves distasteful,
hosts resist succumbing to viruses by
their immune system,
and by head-on, physical resistance
do members of the same species
resist attacks by their kind,
but if your desire is freedom from
wearisome, useless combat,
then the matter of mental resistance becomes a drama
played on a much less probable stage.

Mental resistance denies reality,
and is an activity that will forever keep a man
internally engaged in warfare whose substance
is but the empty symbolism of its smoke & din.

Physical competition makes the
material world go round;
arguing does so for mans mental one.
Thus, for any mans thought to survive —
some other mans thought must resist it
— must deny it.
No idea springing from the neural womb of one man
will get up and walk for a time in the forum
unless another man quickly attempts to
kick its feet out from under it.

In the physical world, as soon as a colt is dropped,
it can stand on its own legs,
but in the world of thought,
the purely invented creatures there
must be constantly propped up by
extrinsic forces of resistance to merely survive.

The real stands on its own —
the illusionary must be helped.

When your thoughts disagree with someone else’s,
yours helps theirs to survive.

Believing that other peoples ideas are false
assists in their perpetuation.

Resisting reality denies reality,
and denying reality is what keeps you
asleep and confused.

It is not a question of whether another persons thought
on a matter is correct or not,
the reality is: that is his thought on the matter.

The thought of not eating glass is correct,
the thought of not being an agnostic is neither
correct, nor incorrect —
— it is insignificant — it is simply a thought.

As this exists in the lives of others
is of no consequence;
utilizing an understanding thereof is only of value to
the exceptional man here & there who longs to succeed at whatever the hell this is.

Those who hear about, then embrace the idea that
men are not as conscious as they could be,
and that their mental views of life are as images
if they are to ever alter the situation in themselves
they must see for themselves that by accepting the
resistance the thoughts in their heads relentlessly offer to
at least half of what goes on and is said in life
they keep their views of life
as through a veil.

Ordinary men display their intelligence by
resisting ideas they deem unintelligent,
when the objective truth is that there is no such thing as
an intelligent thought,
(outside of those concerning physical objects
wherein the intelligence of the thought is determined
by its faithfulness in its description of same),
but in the world of thoughts about things intangible,
there are none that are either intelligent,
or not intelligent;
neither faithful to the truth about the thing discussed,
nor unfaithful to it — since such is not possible
regarding matters imaginary.

The thought that describes fire as hot is intelligent;
the thought that describes Cinderella as fair is not,
nor is one that calls her dark.
When thoughts speak of thoughts
no faithfulness is possible;
when fictions comment on fictions
the question of faithfulness is absurd.

Each time you stick with a thought that appears in your brain
that resists a thought that has come from
another mans brain
you are directly denying the reality OF reality;
you are however directly supporting
the illusion of you —
that fiction head-character created by
the wandering troops of thoughts
who bivouac in your brain.

And now the battle really gets interesting,
for even after you realize for yourself
the unacceptable expense & inanity of
resisting other people’s thoughts & mental pictures
you are then confronted with the
ultimate challenge:
ceasing to resist the patently fictitious picture of you
as presented by your own thoughts.

If every time someone shouts:
There is an Existentialist under the bed!
you say: No there is not!
you are wedged under the bed with
an Existentialist,
and if every time the thoughts in your head
say that you are this or that,
and you think: That’s correct —
and I have got to stop it!
you have tightened your arms around an imaginary
dance partner-cum-tar-baby
as you blithely whirl about in a ballroom that
floats just off the ground —
— just above reality —
— just enough to keep you from seeing it.

Fact: Out of six billion entranced dancers,
no one will notice OR care if there is one less.

.it could be YOU!

Hell — why not?!

…..why not, indeed.