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Condensed Transcript

Notes by JM

I’ve had something that has thrilled me for years and years and I just happened to think about it—it was brought to my attention today and I thought that I would tell you. I never have—I’m not sure where I’ll go with it—but it just absolutely makes my heart bubble.

[0:00]People have been saying this—religious people—not mystics, but religious people have been doing for several thousands of years. They have written about it—there are many songs, and just on the radio today—here it was again.

The song was–over and over–the whole message is—it was a Christian song—it was, “Oh God, you’re better to me than I am to myself.” I paused hoping that everyone would fill in—and this not symbolic notion I came up with—this is physically the truth but you’ve got to see it. It’s when people say “god,” remember this: It’s a human brain talking about itself.

The difficulty—to say the least—of it trying to talk about itself—to look at itself—to do anything—it has to project something away from itself. You’re going to miss a hell of a lot if you just take my word for it or think that it’s symbolism. When human beings say, “God,” it is the human brain talking about itself.

…And the verses go into all the sorts of things of “you know how lonely I am..I’m just a run of the mill person..I fall short of doing as I should…but God you’re so great..you forgive me..you overlook it…I condemn myself and yet your mercy is infinite..” Again this is Christian terminology but there are versions of this all over the world in every religion—very ancient.

[3:27] At any rate, the song goes on with the person having a conversation with god. But remember, its their brain talking about itself! It doesn’t know what to do so it talks about something else—it’s made up this thing—but then again the brain has got to know what it’s doing. A human is saying, “I am pitiful, I don’t always measure up, I don’t do as I should..I don’t meet my own goals…I even do things that harm me..but I could just cry with joy because your mercy is without bounds..you put no limitations on me..[and the punch line]..and you are better to me than I am myself.”

You’re better to me than I am myself. Again, think about this! Think about it and see if anything hits you. Here is a person’s brain and its describing a routine attitude of people’s life—the feeling that I’m not measuring up—but then there’s always God. It’s the brain that has these notions—where they come from is irrelevant anyway—the brain is admitting that it has these standards and I don’t meet them. “I’m not a proper person.” But then there is always God: someone always there, always forgiving, always understanding, never condemning. God’s there to say, “It’s okay, you’re only human.”

[7:25] Remember, this is their brain saying, “God will do that for me when I won’t do that for me.” But what they’re really saying is, “God will do for me what I CAN’T do for me.” “I’ve been terrible all day—I’ve done a terrible deed—I’ve been having terrible thoughts about my children or my wife—Buddha, please forgive me.” They’ll say that after they prayed, they were forgiven.

[8:35] The brain is saying that it can’t forgive itself for not living up to its own standards, but if I pretend that I’m talking to someone else—God will do it! Didn’t that make your brain bubble? It’s like champagne on the brain for me. It makes me smile out loud every time I think about it.

[10:35] A person’s brain saying that it cannot overlook its own shortcomings, but if I pretend that I’m talking to somebody else—if I make up an imaginary playmate and say, “will you forgive me?”—he does! I made him up, but the brain never goes, “What the hell am I doing?”

[11:40] ..if I pretend I’m talking to him and say, “I’m not awake—I can’t self-remember constantly—I can’t stay mindful at all times—but I say that to him—this guy that I made up—and he forgives me!” It’s a feeling. You don’t actually hear god say, “that’s alright” It’s a feeling: God forgave me. He is better to me than I am myself!

Don’t you see what’s going on? Doesn’t that make your brain bounce around? Some of you look like you’re spooked—WELL IT IS SPOOKY! What are you gonna call it besides inexplicable, at least on the surface?

[14:04] The brain made up this other person—just made it up—AND KNOWS IT. It condemns itself—its people condemning themselves—but it’s the brain that condemns itself. There’s no other part of the body that condemns itself—in case you never noticed. Of course, it’s only one area—one operation of the brain that condemns itself. Notice that when the brain condemns itself you are condemned. It doesn’t say, “Well, it’s just me..nothing personal.” So the brain is speaking/operating on your entire behalf (if you don’t know any better), and it is saying to itself—it has no one else to talk to—you think it’s talking to you, but you are the same illusion as god—I was hoping I’d never have to tell you that, but some of you may have found it out anyway. So there it is the brain—no one to talk to—so it talks to itself—as always. It says, “I didn’t measure up to my standards.”

[16:35] The real question is where did the brain get the standards? It has to project away from itself so it says that it got it from its parents or it got it from a philosophy book, but it never goes any further. But where did they(parents, books) get that view? Someone else’s brain. “I have not met my standards. I feel like warm piss in a bucket. I feel horrible.” It’s in its own universe. There is no one out there except it. “I feel terrible.”

[19:10] There is no one else, but your brain is constantly engaged in self-incrimination, and it pretends it’s talking to God—and it says, “you know I didn’t want to sin, speed, drive drunk..” (Of course he doesn’t say anything..that’s why it’s a feeling) It looks like if he actually existed like he would open his arms and just give you a big old hug and pat you on the back so that you know it’s all alright. The same thing happens with the brain when it goes, “Well, god understands. I don’t understand how he can be so understanding.” REMEMBER, THIS IS THE BRAIN TALKING TO ITSELF—about itself. “I am so amazed. I could not be more delighted that I found God—that I became a Jew. I have something that no one else has—I have total forgiveness—I worship a god who has infinite patience, understanding, tolerance. He’s better to me than I am myself—and I feel better.”

[21:20] The brain just said that it can’t forgive itself so it makes someone else up to forgive him and it feels better.

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 13, 2000.

Todays report is filed from the city of Unonociego, Paraguay,
and as I watch the sun crawl up over the Atlantic,
I consider the never ending popularity of the word, ironic
in mens descriptions of mortal affairs,
along with their failure to recognize a second level of irony
in their failure to realize that what they believe they see that prompts the word
is actually the antithesis of what is really going on.

When someone refers to some human event,
(note that irony never comes into play regarding the natural world),
as being, ironic
they mean that what they are verbally identifying as
an outcome of the affair was unexpected,
(incongruous, even). Head of The Family Values Party
Discovered To Have Multiple Mistresses!
Probe Reveals Corruption in Police Department!
Famous Inspirational Writer Commits Suicide!
(Note that the common conception of irony is invariably flavored with an
under-taste of personal judgement, (leaning toward sarcasm),
due to the fact that the brains consciousness does not make
substantial comments on matters in which its limbic system
has no interest.
(Men do not talk about things that they have no feelings about..)

So, thoughts say that it was unexpected — incongruous
that the head of a political organization whose very name
publicly proclaims its dedication to the morality of marital fidelity
should turn out to be a philanderer,
or that illegal activity goes on within the very
institution charged with suppressing same,
or that a man whose words fostered hope in others,
had none himself ?!

(I will, in the following quoted sentence,
momentarily deal in theatrical sarcasm for the sake of
nudging you to look where I am attempting to point.)
Are people idiots?!
Are they REALLY surprised to have it noted that
the types of men who seek power are inherently
testosteronely driven, all across the board,
or that those attracted to law enforcement are but criminals lacking nerve,
or that spielers of advice are those seeking same themselves?!
Or could it be that men simply close their eyes to
the reality of affaires de humaine,
and just pretend to be surprised when the truth is laid on em?!
(End of literary sarcasm.)

Yet from one view it does seem unbelievable that
men do not clearly realize — “The Nature of Man —
in that they be one.
but obviously that is not the way mortal life plays out.

Ironic might as well be a synonym for, stupidity,
for anyone who sees irony in life IS stupid,
(or, if you prefer: asleep, in maya,
or trapped in open-eyed alpha waves).
Regardless of the term,
when consciousness provides a thought that
causes a man to say that he sees irony,
the brain has to be engaged in knowing misrepresentation,
for the consciousness of the brain is the supreme,
and in fact, sole observer and arbitrator of
what it is to be human.
Out of all the cells that make up your body,
and produce the hormones, and animalistic instincts
that define you as a human being,
only those in your brains cortex make note thereof.
Silently, the cells of the gonads produce testosterone;
audibly do those of the cortex comment on their aftermath:
Hey look! A priest got a woman pregnant!
Hey look! A politician took a bribe!
Hey look! A psychiatrist with depression!

Why does the very thing that constantly observes, measures,
and defines the physiological functions,
and physical activities that constitute the natural life of a human being
so try to delude itself into denying what it clearly knows to be true?
Why does the brain go to the trouble of producing conscious thoughts
if it knows before hand how commonly they will
obscure the reality of things,
rather than assist in understanding them?

In routine states of alpha-through-delta-wave consciousness
thoughts stay engaged in a constant,
whereby the physical world is broken apart in mens minds
for the purpose of finding ways to rearrange it to their benefit.
Thus does mans technological civilizing of his environment progress,
and ergo does his consciousness efforts to
civilize his instincts trudge on.
The only way that human thought can express surprise at
any form of human behavior is for it to picture an outcome
that is somehow not organically connected to
the circumstances it pictures as having produced it.
Only by inattentively drifting along with the mechanical thoughts that,
is it possible for a man — with a straight face —
to feign shock at the behavior of others,
(or himself, if he is capable of jamma wave
states of consciousness.)

Thus whenever other men cry, ironic,
a man wanting-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things
misses a most profitable opportunity, if he does not,
rather than seeing outcomes-incongruous-to-circumstances
sees instead the ever present, ever connected
web of reality.

Even the drowsy realize that
never from apples does grape juice flow,
but only a man with a clean head
admits to 4 being always the sum
no matter the mentally conceived-of conditions under which
any two 2s are trotted out.

To refine your investigation of whats-really-going-on,
prepare yourself beforehand so that wherever other men pretend to see
artificially designated outcomes, results & upshots
that are consequences of inexplicable human behavior,
that you will shake your head momentarily clear,
force open wide & receptive your peepers,
and will drink in freely the unparalleled beauty that is
the inseparable reality of how life is actually put together.

You do not live-in an environment
you ARE an environment
an environment-within-an-environment;
an inner, thought environment
within an outer, physical one;
a life within — life itself.

No man is separated from anything,
and no mans life is distinguishable from that of lifes,
but not one of every million ever so sees.

If other mens actions and words surprise you —
you are napping and dreaming in a ditch by the road.
If your own do — you are asleep in your own room,
which is dark beyond black,
torpid past stagnant,
and smaller than a gnats navel………….. and shrinking.

Every leg that a thought sees which prompts it to condemnation
is one on which that thought is an ankle.

To, be conscious is to, look-via-thought.
To, be asleep is to continue to pretend that
you do not know this.

There is a quite valid view from which to say that
everybody is actually awake, and
hip to whats going on,
but that only those who have worked to BECOME awake
can face up to it.

(P.S. this is not a joke..
.unless you are not up to seeing it as not.)

Well, the marching samba band awaits us to fill out the clave section,
and this local pc Im using is running out of electrons,
so — grab your axe,
switch on your inner booty shake, and
get up offa that thing.


When in criticism thought points somewhere & says:
Over there! Over there!
the smart man instantly looks:
Right here — right here.

Don’t waste your life unwrapping those
same packages over & over again —
launch a study of UPS.

Finally waking up to whats actually going on isn’t the real surprise,
the fact that you ever slept through it is.