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The Handbook of Revolutionists


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#259 *May 7, 1987* – 1:45
Notes by TK

The “Handbook of Revolutionists”. There is a difference between ‘outlaws’ and revolutionaries. Outlaws have no legitimizing rationale for their search to overthrow established power. Why are there outlaws? For ‘thrills’; excitement is the motivating factor; this serves to unite, create common context including revolutionaries, and even the entertainment industry. Every government is a ‘beard’ government or power –actual power resides behind all governments.

Every government has the complementary ministries of stimulation and depression/calming (relation to E/C gate). Both ministries are required; of equal necessity. But who has ever heard of a ‘quiet’ revolution, a calm issuing from the ministry of depression? This Thing is a revolution against the depression ministry and the stimulating one. Everything in the 3-D world is “for this special purpose” e.g., excitement or calming; all revolutions are ad hoc.

The Few must be non-ad hoc revolutionaries in revolution against oneself. Horizontal revolution must be against the nature of man or the nature of society. Would the revolution of The Few properly be against their genes or the environment (I or not-I)? Is the revolution merely to civilize or to radicalize? Revolution is the agitation of molecules in a group of people (area of Life’s body). This Thing too must agitate molecules; consider the difference between being an annoyance vs. being dangerous: revolution must be dangerous. Revolution spreads new packets of coded growth info. It is spread quickly and soon finished.

Understanding cannot be built on anger (‘violence of the mind’). Anger adds keenness to but disfigures consciousness. The Few revolutionaries must be able to ignore ‘molecular memory’ –not fall back, snap back, to previous form. The stakes must continually be increased; revolutionary activity must keep increasing. If you fear or respect any authority, you are no Real Revolutionary. This is equally true of holding any hopes or expectations or anger.

A Real Revolution must be kept simple or its own aggregating weight of complexity will crush it. Real Revolutionaries are driven to their fate, they don’t choose their course. They are driven by the oppressive weight, ignorance and insouciance of the prevailing ‘beard-‘power. This is the ultimate ‘they made me do it’ refrain. The centerpiece of every revolutionary movement is the ‘cry for freedom’. But every such cry for freedom of opinion and expression of an individual ‘truth’ –self espoused to be self-evident –is ipso facto proof of the absolute baselessness of those opinion/truths.

To know = no need to express same because to know is to understand truth is limited to the instant present–ad hoc–and useless outside that frame. All revolutionaries don’t really want freedom, rather they desire acceptable and proper domination.]

Final quote from the ‘handbook’: “Is to live merely to breath, or is some more radical action necessary?” “Is any Real Revolutionary a’nice guy’?”

Remember all of this is emblematic: symbolic.

[1:41 epilogue: admonition to group members not to give unsolicited assistance/advice to one another or to J.
Offer of possibility of 2 meetings a week for Group consideration.