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November 7, 2001.

The trickiest facet of realizing what is really going on in life,
(the non standard neurological experience variously labeled:
Awakening, Enlightenment, Liberation”), is actually quite straightforward;
the difficulty lies in a shoe trying to conceive of leather.

If you subtract thoughts from the life of man —
he knows what is really going on as well as any other animal;
but when thinking is added to his repertoire,
he becomes filled with questions and uncertainties;
crudely, but not invalidly limned:
from the brain stem down: everyone knows exactly what life is about,
and from the brain stem up — everyone goes groggy.

Man feels uncertainty about life and himself for one simple reason:
via his thoughts, he can contemplate change;
he alone, in his mind, can compare things,
(intelligence’s bedrock and the father of all material progress);
he is also able in his mind to compare people and their non physical characteristics;
his reputation compared to someone else’s;
the acceptance of his ideas compared to that another.

From the brain stem down, men are constantly measuring the world around them,
and from the brain stem up,
their thoughts are relentlessly measuring themselves in comparison to others.
This ability in the mind to perceive of non physical differences between people understandably produces the impression-taken-as-fact that
people can be other than they are;
if you see people who are assertive and you are shy,
your thoughts predictably tell you that with the proper effort you could change,
and be that way also;
even plainer put: human consciousness being obviously a work always in progress; not fully imprisoned by instinctive programming;
able to not only conceive of changes to the external, physical world,
but also to design their implementation,
it thinks likewise of itself and man’s inner world in general;
not realizing the clear limitations of this second perception is what leads men’s
ultra brain stem activities into the state variously labeled: Sleep, Delusion, Captivity.

The supreme trickiness is in suddenly realizing (and initially the realization
falls on a man like a grinning Steinway out of the sky)
that not everything your thoughts think about is important to you,
(we will start off slow and work the tempo up):
that not everything your thoughts think about has any bearing whatever
on the day to day life you live;
that not everything your thoughts think about is actually of interest to you.

This simple, unconditional, species-wide impacting fact
goes completely unnoticed by ordinary men,
no matter their intelligence, education, sophistication, wealth, power, fame;
mans recorded history of himself & his thinking is, on this matter silent,
and yet there is its reality — right out in the open, in yours & everyone else’s head:
a clear & distinct division between two types of thoughts which
your thoughts think about:
thoughts that have actual significance to your life,
(which are without exception, thoughts about things that have a physical reality),
and thoughts about things which exist only in the realm of thoughts,
and which have no actual pertinence to your life, (other than that which your thoughts say they have… which is Sousa lauding march music).

If this matter had a physical counterpart, it would be so ludicrous as to be ludicrous;
it would be that at every meal you ate both actual food and imaginary food,
and constantly complained that the latter gave you distress,
(does even, ludicrous do the scene justice),
but this is precisely the situation in men’s thoughts, a clear division:
some of what they think about is significant to their lives & relevant to physical reality,
and some of what their thoughts think about are things which
their thoughts made up entirely and which have no more significance to their lives
than whatever their thoughts tell them they do,
which in no way alters the hard fact of their non tangible condition.

Consciousness being the relative free-wheeler that it is,
it certainly enjoys fantastic mental romps;
day dreams of being famous, rich, super talented, better looking, on other planets;
you name it — thoughts can think about it,
(since they were who named it to start with).

Not realizing this simple distinction is what keeps a man from a direct seeing of
what life is about;
it makes his life more physically comfortable — but in turn disturbs him mentally;
that is how it is — unless you are able to somehow trick your thoughts into
seeing this division of two entirely different types of thoughts going on in them,
(which, since they are them, accounts for the trickiness of the undertaking).

Few men’s nervous systems have the capacity (or interest)
to take this in — very few — far, far fewer than you have ever imagined;
your mind drowns in the proof of this statement by every comment it makes
regarding the thoughts of other men.

Actual food is meaningful and significant to everyone;
imaginary food has no meaning — has no significance — it is just talk;
actual food is talk about physical things in your environment;
things that truly are meaningful and significant to your life,
but imaginary food is talk about talk — that is all it is,
no matter how important thoughts talk says the subject is,
it is still a subject that mans thoughts invented and now imagines.

Eat, (that is: listen-to and take seriously) only real food;
thoughts that are about physical objects;
and do not believe, (that is): do not go along and pretend to believe that
the imaginary food your thoughts like to play with is real;
thoughts know the difference between things they think about which are
physically real and can have a direct impact on your actual existence,
and those things they think about which are but pastimes,
entertaining perhaps, some times even labeled: Important,
but they clearly are comparably not.

The only fashion by which this can have any significance to you
is by you discovering it for yourself; hearing it described will not do it,
so do not expect it to;
you cannot tell water that it is wet and it suddenly look at itself and exclaim:
My god — you’re right! —
it is only six feet this side of impossible for water to ever realize this,
and only by seeing it for itself;
no theory-of-wetness could ever be devised which would
convey the awakening reality thereof to water;
it and you must claw it out for yourself.

But, by Jupiter! the matter essentially is simplicity itself,
(notwithstanding that it may take you most of your life to see it),
just lay it out in your minds eye as simple as it be in fact:
there are two quite distinct classes of thoughts your thoughts think about:
1: thoughts about things that are actually significant to your existence,
(always things which have a physical reality),
2: thoughts about things which, perhaps entertaining and things which the
rest of the world says are real and significant to life — clearly are not.

To discover, see, realize this individually for yourself
spells the conclusion to every question, complaint and uncertainty you have ever had,
and makes your mental eyes suddenly focus in a manner you never knew existed,
and to get started, (if you have the interest..which at least suggests you may have the ultimate ability), all you need do is privately look into this matter in your own head, and with scientific — to hell with, scientific, how bout simply, intelligent scrutiny;
and allow the obvious reality of the situation to register in you —
the plain fact that some (if not most) of the things your thoughts think about
do not exist and have no importance to your life.

The experience called, Enlightenment is nothing other than understanding this —
but as simple as it be — when you have it,
you then recognize that of the next billion people you pass on the street,
you are the only one who does.