Jan Cox Talk 2521

Thoughts are Thoughts, nothing more.


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2521_050500  by Diana  feb 2007

Continues reading from “ The News”

00:00:49  Q:  What is it that all men live by, yet they don’t know what it is?

               A:  Their self.

00:01:05  It is through the medium of the self that each person’s actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings are determined, but if you undertake to find and identify it, you come up with a handful of smoke and reflections….even an enlightened man cannot locate his self.  Isn’t this suggestive of something normally never considered?  Don’t send Cinderella in search of Santa Claus.

00:01:51  The mystic’s migraine:  Once you realize what being awake and being asleep is, the only way you can tolerate not being awake is to be DEEP asleep.

00:02:15  What is being asleep other than your thoughts being so totally immersed in themselves that there is not even the momentary impression of a YOU that is having them?

00:02:50  What can possibly be enlightenment other than your permanent recognition of the simple, obvious fact that thoughts are nothing but thoughts, no matter what they may think about?

00:04:28  Repeats above and adds:  There it is.

00:06:01  A stomach is right now;  lungs are this very instant and neurons are this exact moment;  that is, except for those neurons involved in the production of thoughts.

00:06:25  …and thoughts are liberated when they realize that there is nothing that they can think about themselves without instantly turning into the thoughts and just as instantly forgetting that they have just done so.

00:07:14  Thoughts are the only thing that can’t look at themselves without turning into what they’re looking at while totally unaware of what just happened.  There it is again.

00:08:30  It’s all right to think “I don’t like the view from here,” as long as you realize that ‘here’is ‘you’ and the view is your ‘I’.

00:08:56  A real mystic is never completely satisfied.

00:09:56  As the seeker approaches the Secret, he begins to realize his mind is NOT out of his control.  The fact is that his mind says that it is not under HIS control, having verbally changed itself from itself into a sensation of his self.  A man’s thoughts and feelings are always under control — under their own control.

00:10:52  Enlightened indifference.

00:19:04  The mind is an unfinished piece of business.

00:23:00 This [seeking] is all going on in the world of thought…Eventually, you have to turn your thought on the nature of you thinking about wanting to be awake, asleep or enlightened.

00:24:10  What is the thing that apparently guides, controls, directs each man’s life, and yet no one knows what it is; and it’s their self.  No one knows the self, no one can.  And if you know that, you’re awake.

00:32:00    Secret of Life.

00:34:39  …being conscious without the support of thought, without the necessary support of thought.  Beyond that, IS knowing the secret.

00:35:26  The secret is:  knowing what This is.  The secret is knowing the nature of why you want to know ‘the secret’.

00:45:45  Everyone started out knowing, then start adding stuff to themselves.

00:47:48  Watch a six-year old kid…that is how the other 6 billion people cope with being dissatisfied….covering up their awareness of what’s going on.

00:59:55  The master stroke [kudos to the guy who invented the idea of God,  the pinnacle of


01:05:23  Imaginary worlds:  how better to make life interesting?

The aim of all this, what Enlightenment does is return life to its rightful state of boredom.