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The News

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On one world there were structures of two types: within one type all was
silent, while within the other there was both silence and non-silence.

Welcome to Earth.


A Story

There was once a man who decided that he wanted to be the world’s fastest
runner, and he practiced and practiced, and sought tips from the other great
runners both living and dead. And finally, on several occasions, he did
experience the sensation of having run as fast as is humanly possible. But
yet he still never felt himself to be successful in the pursuit.
Now there are several available endings to this story that immediately
arise, but I will (for the instant) leave that to you.

– – –

And now on to some non-metaphorical, really physical recreational news:
One man had this little game which he could play — or which would play him.

* * *


Pertinent, the irrelevancy of thought to the lives men actually lead,
Even after the government of a land is overthrown and demolished, its rivers
continue to flow, and its trees to grow, just as though the mortal powers
had never existed.


Some Nutrition News

The familiar is that upon which
the mind (as is) will flourish.

The fear of the new separates
the many from the few.

_ _ _

Some Knowledge News

If you already know it — forget it!

Okay, I know that some of you are past this point, so for you the real
skinny regarding knowledge:
Those who take knowledge to be a substantial and objective reality don’t
know anything.
And there’s your complete story concerning the subject of knowledge.

Those who (with happy anticipation) feel “I can hardly wait for tomorrow to
come” never find the promise to pass.

(And the sorriest of the lot are not among the ordinary — but the mystics.)

To himself, one man recently speculated, “Is it possible (if I understand
correctly what I’m saying) that I know too much?”

The far-along trick then is to live your life, not be an observer of it.

The mind says that we are wasting our time when we’re not involved in trying
to accomplish something.

How far away from the view of the few.


A Rule No One Wants To Know About:
Nothing is supposed to be any more enlightened or better than it already is.


Those who understand nothing of life specialize in advising on behavior.
Thus in man’s collective, mental reality do institutions and experts
flourish, while exclusively with but a few individuals is an interest in
the other area of man’s existence pursued.

Who but lions, still lions, need lion training?
Who but men, potentially real men, can benefit otherwise?

A man who understands what is required attacks clamor with a stick, silence
with flypaper.


A man told a friend, “I ran into my father the other day and he acted as
though he didn’t know me.”
“What a nice father.”


Once a man accepts the illusion of a “me” within him, all of the other
illusions are a foregone conclusion.

Discovering the prime of the square root of two is inevitable — once the
former is determined.

You should realize by now that, of all the many things the human mind is,
relentless is the irrepressible one.

As long as you take the mental activity in your brain to be “you,” then
(compared to what you could be) you become the illusion of an endless
energy flow, frozen in place like a statue.


Today’s Health News (For Those Who Understand What Being Alive Is About)

Most ills cure themselves…hell, all do but death.

One doctor turned the examination back on himself and diagnosed, “If it gets
any simpler, I’m out of a job.”
(Which is also what those struggling for enlightenment finally conclude.)

* * *


Seriousness — And How To Get Over It

Anything you talk about you’ll eventually take seriously.

— If you would but remind yourself of this, much uselessness would you


The more you believe that you’re far from your goal, the more you believe
that you must struggle therefor, and thus the further away you stay — nay!
— must stay.
(It’s another one of those laws no one seems to know about.)

The trick is: how to get back to yesterday. For everyone has a yesterday
in which they were less thoughtful.

A man looked down at his pedal extremity and said, “My foot is deformed.”
Then thought, “And my head is deformed for me to see my foot as such.”
(And only he, his foot, and head understood what he had said.)

One man returned home for a visit and had this to say. “What you’re all
attempting to do is easy, to let go and to stop it; the hard part is that
there is no way possible to tell one how to do this.”

After realizing what’s going on, one man thought, “I see now that I was not
foolish, laboring under illusion, or suffering from self-deceit, but simply

One man’s favorite phrase is “Stranger things than that are possible.”
No matter the occasion, no matter the circumstances, no matter the subject
involved, it’s always just this: “Stranger things than that are possible.”


The Kind Of Professional Those Of Ordinary Mind Should Never Patronize

After listening to all of his complaints, and upon the completion of his
examination, a man’s physician asked him this. “Do you prefer to be ill and
upset, or well and at peace?”
“Why, well and at peace, of course,” the man replied.
“Then why do you remain satisfied being ill and upset?”
“Well, I’m not so satisfied,” rejoined the man, “as proven by my many
appearances here in your office.”
“No, you have yet to recognize the nature of the reality in which scenes
such as this are played, to not realize that any visit here after the
initial one is the proof of your unwitting acceptance and satisfaction with
the world of ills your mind describes.”

– – –

“The only negative diagnosis possible regarding being a donkey,” said one
donkey to another, “is in being one without knowing it.”

Those who do not see this are those referred to as blind and lacking the
recognition of man’s full mental potential.

Beyond the realm of words and ills is another world entirely.


After you’ve clearly seen once that “it’s all a balancing act,” the
challenge then is to never again put your hands on the balls, but keep them
always in midair.

Oh yeah, and one other thing, once you know that it’s all a balancing act,
the way you trip up after that is by ever getting serious about anything
again. It’ll kill ya.


In the public forum, among those claiming to be religiously, even mystically
propelled, the subjects under discussion remain always confined to H.F. and
F. — Health, Feelings, and Finances. Whilst beneath the city streets the
truly driven are, at least at one time, interested in almost everything else
but such matters.

How long (I ask you), how long must these two groups stay so far apart?
(And since I “axed,” I’ll answer. For friggin’ ever! if the likes of us
are lucky.)

And in regard to such affairs, a father shook his head and said to a son,
“How do you figure?”
“I don’t,” replied the lad.
“Ahhh,” looked down and sounded the elder, “I see our positions begin to
“You taught me no less than well,” said the child.

Now tell me this, how can you individually not do the same for yourself?


The Secret Man’s Surefire Spotter’s Guide For Identifying The Insane

Anyone who takes what they say to be serious and meaningful is nuts.

Technical Footnote: The truly pathological and potentially dangerous are
those who talk about things, that can’t be seen, as
though they are of consequence.

You should always be alert and on guard that you do not come into close
contact with such people — especially within yourself.

Here’s to your good mental health, that is, that you be free from a mental

* * *


Only a man with no concern about anything (that’s A,N,Y,T,H,I,N,G — no
concern about anything) can be called Enlightened.


A pig who believes he is in slop
will in slop forever be.


From our dictionary:
A “Healthy Man” is he who does not let anything harm him that can’t be
seen — at least through a microscope.

To be ordinary-in-the-head is to be asleep, in the dark, and ill, and to be
so “ill” is to be sick from invisible causes, and to be so sick from
invisible causes is to be ordinary, asleep, and in the dark.
Get it? Now do you see how it works, if you allow it?

The virus that afflicts the few lives in words, and once you begin to get
well you realize that the virus is words.

That nonstandard physician then said, “Be quiet completely, and you won’t
have to call me in the morning — or ever again.”

A man visited a mystic and said to him, “We have the same last name, we
might be related.”
And politely the mystic replied, “I am not related to anyone.”
Which the man instantly realized would have to be true.

** Only those who talk have kin, and only those with kin must sleep in. **


A tip to assist you in rearranging the furniture:
After your perception of life entails no sense of time, there ceases to be
any “sequential line of events.”


Proclaimers who use their lives and incidents therein as exemplary proof for
what they proclaim aren’t worth listening to even if they can fart “Stars
and Stripes Forever” as an accompaniment to their comments.

Think about it! (since no one else does):
Anyone who believes that there were lessons learned in their life, that
propelled them to a self-proclaimed, present state of higher awareness, is
simply suffering from imaginary altitude sickness.

(Yeah, okay, maybe we got overly verbose. The straightforward version:
Anyone who talks about themselves — period! — is a world-class “know
Gets the commonly cautioned dangers of becoming a “follower” down to an
easily handled level, wouldn’t you say, Saint Judas?)


The collective mental world of man is like the balloon figures that make up
Thanksgiving Day Parades — it can only be through everyone contributing
their share of hot air.


Newly Established Ground Rule Concerning The Inner Commentary
Aimed Dead-On At Those Attempting To Succeed In These Sorts Of Endeavors

Live your life — don’t be an observer thereof.

* * *


A man asked a wolf, “Why do you want to help the others awaken?”
“So I can fuck all the other dogs, and everybody’ll look at me funny.”

– – –

One man asked another man, “What d’ya think about enlightenment?”
“I don’t think anything about it — that wouldn’t be enlightenment.”

* * *


Newly Noticed Fact Regarding The Study Of Man,
Of Particular Interest To People Looking Into Activities Such As This

The only aspect of man profitable to talk about is — talk.

* * *


When it comes down to the bottom line regarding knowledge, what is the one
thing that everyone doesn’t want anyone else to know about them?
The answer: that they don’t know anything!

Once you can peacefully live with that fact, you can bear up under anything
in the secondary reality (since then you realize that both knowledge and the
pressures of the collective world are both mental fancies).

** None but illusionary labors trouble the mundane Hercules. **


Men waste their energy worrying about being able to tell when they are being
fooled and misled, an easy problem to handle. If you are a participant in
talk, you are being fooled and misled.

“Papa, when I grow up I want to be exceptional.”
“Then don’t grow up, in a certain manner you must discover for yourself.”

The alert find themselves drowning
with no water in sight.

* * *


To varying degrees, everyone continually feels that they are somehow “lost”;
all you need do is to turn around and face in the opposite direction, after
all, that’s where freedom and enlightenment always are.


The Eternal, Cosmic Questions Concerning “Guilt”
Totally Answered And Exposed

Talk equals guilt;
no talk — no guilt.

Media-Related Footnote:
On planets where the inhabitants have long-passed understanding of this,
they have only headlines — and skip the stories.

(Does anyone get it?)

Poem Pertinent The Possible Results Of Nonstandard Nourishment Of Certain
Herd Animals

Through the noise and above the din
if this sort of knowledge does get in
it’s the kind of feed that’ll “put you away”
or at least off of your hay.

* * *


The slave master, looking out upon his field of laborers, thought, “A busy
man is a captive man.”
And having satisfied himself once again with the stability of the situation,
he turned and went about his other business, leaving those who toil and fret
to toil and fret.

To the few, freedom comes not through sweat or rebellion, but from discovery
— silent, unhurried discovery.

* * *


A mystic asked a man who claimed to be interested and experienced in the
subject, “Do you prefer to be asleep and deluded, or awake and enlightened?”
And the man replied, “Awake, of course.”
And the mystic said, “Then why do you stay asleep?”


Newly Unpublished Law Regarding Gifts And The Expectation Thereof
As Specifically Applies To Those Interested In Affairs Such As This

That which you fret about, you can’t have.

* * *


The Only Nourishment News The Alert Should Require In Their Apparent Efforts
To Change Their State Of Being From Normal To Super-Normal

There are no health foods to help, only poisons to harm.

(The supremely alert recognize the instant’s applicability also to

[Humph! — the terminally perceptive further realize that silence is never
malefic, while just the contrary is true of its opposite.])

A chap asked a mystic, “Do you know, just kinda in general, what an
enlightened man is?”
“Oh no,” he replied, “I know exactly!”

Only the awake
between being distracted and being entertained.


Regarding Your Residency

We live throughout the entire building, but only seem to talk upstairs.

And a man asked his architect, “Could this be a problem?”
“Could be,” he replied. “Different people have different wants as to where
the hot spots and centers of activity are in their dwelling.”

And it might be noted that those with that certain interest spread their
locus of focus to all areas of the structure.

One egg — one basket;
on mind — a unified man.

* * *


Life puts everyone in original bondage; those seeking enlightenment, through
their efforts, do so themselves, in an additional manner.


Through talk do density and ignorance reproduce and sustain themselves —
through silence does understanding.


The Complete Basis For The Apparent Logical And Self-Corroborating Reality
Of The Mind’s World, Fully Explained And Laid Bare In 8 Words, 47 Letters

Clocks run clockwise, and height is measured vertically.

_ _ _

Once upon a time, long, long ago, and far, far away, there was a man who had
this private motto: “Too much, too soon — not enough later on.”

(And of course never forget what that man said more recently and closer to
home: “Nothing can help, but everything can hinder…if you let it.”)


One man offers us his latest “suspicion”: he says he’s beginning to believe
that, if life didn’t hear you talking all of the time, that you might well
be spared much of the general rain that falls on everyone.

(That could provide a whole new take on the notions of Luck and Fate, huh,


Everything discriminates itself, no need for you to do so.

– – –

You can’t hide the shape of things from a mirror.

* * *


If it is about behavior that you are thinking and talking, you are in the
dark, down a well, wrapped in inner chains.

Don’t waste your time on nothing.


The basis for the bedazzlement of the mind is that there is only one
nothing, but many somethings — a single stillness, a myriad of activities.


As long as you talk, neither activity nor lack of activity is satisfying.

(Enough to give one second thoughts regarding all physical efforts to
awaken, huh?
And somewhere, somebody says, “Hell, everything’s enough to give me second
thoughts about everything!”)

– – –

At a spot where a side road split off from the main highway was a sign that
“Thought is talk; talk is thought.
Welcome to the path of sight and silence.”

* * *


Health News From Other Worlds

A dumb man cannot think —
a dumb man cannot sleep —
a dumb man’s without complaints —
why can we not all shut up and be so well?

Our Thought For The Day

If you’re not physically starving
then all of your “problems” are due to your own inner commentary.


Newly Brought Forward — “Thing To Do…Notion To Pursue”

Investigate, then answer yourself this:
You’re conscious of something, but what is it?

– – –

Those who awoke at the sound of four words, must now do so at three…
then at two…then at one.

* * *


More About The Payoff

The ceasing-of-searching
is the actual treasure
for which seekers unknowingly search.

* * *


To “know too much” is to make a fist — to realize the nature of thought
is for the hand to naturally relax.


Once you recognize the basis of talk, after that, anything said about it
is superfluous.


One man’s telling of it:
“First you discover enlightenment, then you lose it, then you lose both it
and you.”


On a scrap of paper were these words:
“Since my dog died, and I awoke, I have no one to talk to.”