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A man asked himself, “What truly am I? When I’m ill, I think of death;
when I’m happy, I think of how wonderful it is to be alive. What is this
thing within me that I so freely call my ‘I’? How can it be me, or in some
way belong to me, if it is so completely driven by forces which are
accidental? Hmmm…perhaps I should think of a new name for this thing in
me that I call me but which obviously is something quite a bit less.
Hmmm…perhaps I should call it exactly what it is? …Na, better not,
I’m not sure I’m up to that. (I’m not sure anyone is.)”


Past a certain place in this effort the scene appears not unlike a man with
an annoying wild creature in his yard which he cannot seem to trap, or even
be sure that capture is the only or proper approach to dealing with it.


Many, many things stand between a man and his enlightenment, and they’re
each-and-all his imaginary, separate sensations of himself.


Anyone who states what they claim to know as a fact, then adds cautions and
additional details regarding how they should not be misunderstood, doesn’t
know what they’re talking about.

If a simple fact could actually be told, at least half of those who heard it
would misinterpret it, and the half who didn’t would still get it wrong.


Regarding The Sight Of Those Well Done

Where others see things, they see the shadows of things. And where others
see events, they see their reflections.

Few are they who ever realize that, if you look through the wrong opening,
everything appears distorted. The operational salvation at work is that,
if you never realize this, you’re obviously never aware of the distortions.
And what might be of further minor interest is the fact that, if you never
discover the unfaithful appearances of everything, it doesn’t matter.
Not realizing it doesn’t effect your life one way or the other. It’s only
with those who do realize it that any impact occurs.

How’s about another Proverb Update? How’s about you go beyond notions such
as “The truth shall set you free,” on to “The simple sight of
things-as-they-are will loose you from such meaningless verbiage as ‘the
truth’ and ‘freedom.'”

So long as you can see yourself as captive, you are captive — captive of
shadows, and of reflections.

…And, oh yeah, remember: An epigram, to a blind man, might as well be
an essay — a shower, to the stupid, a storm.


A Dialogue

“We must eradicate conflict.”
“Yes, and then men can live together in peace.”
“I’m not talking about people in the plural.”

– – –

A father grilled a son, “What’s the difference between ‘describable’ and
“None,” he replied and was rewarded with a grilled worm “sammich.”

* * *


The Ultimate Word Regarding The Matter Of Existence

If someone says that a thing exists, there’s no arguing with it; it’s too
late for that now.

– – –

And yet one more Adage Re-Adjusted

Fools don’t rush in where angels fear to tread, but rather
things-as-they-are trample all over the mind’s conceptions thereof.

* * *


A man on the roof said to the man hanging from the ledge, “Let go.”
And the man hanging from the ledge asked, “Are you God?”
“Yes,” said the man on the roof, and finally the man hanging did let go.
…(And to himself God thought, “Guess I should’ve identified myself

Our New Law For The Day

Timing is everything…except when you’re flying through space, and of
course around here we only speak of internal space, in which case there’s
never any time but now.

…(“I’ll let go tomorrow.”
“That’s not possible.”
“Okay, sometime next week.”
“Well, how about when I get to St. Louis?”
“We’ve already been through that.”)


Understanding The Problem

A boy said to this father, “I am so confused.”
And the elder replied, “It’s no wonder, look how many of you, you have

– – –

The Math Of Understanding Awakening

More than one into one won’t go.

According to an extremely curious legend, there was once a well-known and
quite popular system for enlightenment which many, many students thereof
heralded as successful. And a system which (are you ready for this) made
sense — from top to bottom, beginning to end — made sense. (Can you
believe that?)

…I guess that there again is an example of what distinguishes facts from
legends. Phew! Legends are far too easy to believe.


History, news, and gossip are weather reports regarding imaginary
atmospheric conditions.

…(One little, hard-nosed mystic has narrowed it down in his view to this,
“There’s the world of the mind, and the world of the behind; the realm of
digestion, and that of digression; and n’er the twain shall meet…[except
in man].”)


In one man’s private notebook we find this entry, “If there is a difference
to be noted between entertainment and information then it should be
somewhere along these lines:
entertainment, hot sauce — information, ice cream;
entertainment, cocaine — information, champaign;
entertainment, a tornado — information, a placid pool;
entertainment, sex — information, the cigarette afterwards.
…(Understanding, of course, being something beyond all of this.)”


Insofar as knowing anything’s concerned, a man is never so alone as while
believing that there is more of “hims” than there is.

It requires many to be stupid, only one can be wise.


Applicable Only In New Hampshire, Vermont, Oregon, And California

A man asked a stranger, “Can you imitate the awakened?”
“Only when empty,” he replied.

* * *


Another “Maxim Re-Alignment”

History does not “repeat itself” — history repeats man.

* * *


The ordinary believe that gods, demons, the dead, and their subconscious
speak to them — only the few know the true source of these sounds.

A man asked The Great Oracle, “Is there some secret knowledge that will set
a man free?”
And from the Oracle’s cubicle came the reply, “Turn down that radio, I can’t
make out what you’re saying.”


The king told the prince, “There is no you.”
And the prince replied, “But I feel that there is.”
And the king said, “But only when you say that there is.”
“No,” replied the prince, “I feel it to be so even when I am silent.”
And the king said, “Ah, but even then you are thinking that there is a you,
and then that is what makes you feel that there is, even when there is not.”
And then the prince didn’t know what to say in response.

“Long live the blank — the blank is dead.”


The Enlightened Man’s Guide To Anger

You can’t be mad at someone if they’re not home.

* * *


One man said to his mind– But it didn’t listen, it couldn’t listen, not
while he was talking.


If you can believe it, there’re still men in this day and time who want to
cut the legs off of their radios to keep them from roaming about. Can you
believe that?


Who is dumber than the dumb? More misguided, gimpy, and given to misstep
than the blind? Those whose complete rap is based on the words of the
enlightened now dead.

Yet another area in which the few decisively part company with the musical
majority — amongst the few there are no “golden oldies”.

– – –

Standing just offstage with his ax case in his hand, the on-call, filler,
stand-by told the leader of the band, “I’m here ready any time you need me.”
And without glancing his way, the maestro replied, “If I’ve ever heard you
before, that won’t be necessary, I won’t be calling on you.”

* * *


Conclusiveness And The Bout

The match is over when the last man’s left the ring.

* * *


A man asked a stranger, “How can I use thought to awaken?”
“You can’t,” he replied.

Several years later that man returned and asked the stranger, “How can I use
thought to awaken?”
“You can’t,” he replied.
And the man said, “But I have been doing so and have made progress.”
“All right,” said the stranger, “ask me about it again once you have
awakened and I’ll explain it to you, for only then will you be able to
understand what I’ve said about thought.”

The man then returned home and asked himself, “How is it that I believe I
have made progress toward awakening by using thought?”


As he passed an alleyway, a voice called out to him, “Pst! Com’ere, I’ve got
something important to tell you.”
But he kept on walking, knowing that anything you can tell is, by it’s very
nature, incapable of being important.

A tongue that says “ah, no rest for the weary” is never a part of a matching
set with ears that are at peace.


Everyone can believe — uh — pretend that they’re a genius when working
from a script.


Notice, (even to the ordinary) it’s not life that’s confusing, rather, your
thoughts about it.


Finality And The Ditty

The song is over when there’s no one left to sing to.

* * *


Something that could be taken as indicative of progress (if you’re
interested in such matters) is finding something now expendable to your
struggle that initially struck you as the ultimate discovery and miraculous

Enlightenment that does not constantly expand, is gradually extinguished.

There exist no nonflammable maps.


No man knows what is right and true until he has experienced it, and those
who say that they do beforehand are lairs and fools.


Weekly, a succession of changing signs was seen in front of a certain
clinic. First, “Convictions Cause Fat!”; followed by “Being Overweight
Is The Result Of Beliefs!”; then, “Opinions Produce Obesity!”; and on the
fourth week in a climatic, exasperated, “let-it-all-hang-out” explosion
appeared one which declared “If You Think — You’re A Lard Ass!”.


The awakened do not — they cannot — live by other mens’ ideas.

…(Hey, if the enlightened can’t see the obvious, who can?)


Conversation Overheard In A Home
Regarding The Economics Of Matters Unspecified

“Your bill’s not high enough.”
“Well I’m chargin’ stuff as fast as I can.”

* * *


A man went to the cave of a stranger and said to him, “It would be my great
pleasure if I could ask you a most important question.”
And the strange one replied, “And it would be my great pleasure to answer
you, but come back when you no longer think or speak.”


As he sat periodically glancing down his gun barrel, pretending that he was
cleaning it, the sheriff thought to himself, “I am beginning to truly
believe that I would feel much, much better if I would run some of these
varmints out of town for good.”
And, after several more passionate glances down the barrel, thought further,
“In fact I suspect that all it would take would be to run them all off.”
And for just a moment, as the sun struck the metal, it seemed as though the
barrel smiled.


You don’t yet have your own necessary way of doing things if you have a way
of doing things that you can describe.


Death And The Discovery Of What Enlightenment Be About

Only others can die — not I. The others must die, in fact, so that I
may live.

* * *


Terminality And The Uncertainty

The debate is finished once the opposition disappears.

* * *


Personal Injury and The Matter Of Presence

You can’t be hurt if you’ve already left the building.

* * *


How To Tell — For Sure!

When you’re home alone (baby) — you’re home!

* * *