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The News

1898 97064 07/02/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


As per one certain myth (which even by myth standards is obscure) there was
once a band of explorers who vigorously sought a reputed “hidden kingdom”
right here on Earth, and after making all efforts that seemed possible and
promising pertinent the search and still not succeeding, they then
supposedly, after extraordinary reconsideration, from top to bottom, of
their basic assumptions regarding such matters as goals, present locations,
distances between the two, time’s pertinence thereto, and the very nature of
the effort itself, and upon emerging from this self-inflicted mental and
verbal bloodletting and cleansing baptism turned their expeditionary
attention in a totally new direction, one in fact so nonstandard and
unforeseen as to elude description, and thus preclude an oral conclusion to
the tale.

(But nonetheless, I tell you privately that indeed their efforts did
continue, and in a totally reinvigorated and profitable direction. Should
not the fact that the story itself proclaims the impossibility of a tell-able
ending give an indication of what direction may have been taken to produce
this situation? Of what good, to a few, is a map that makes sense?)

* * *


Yet Another Conversation:

“We carry around with us a most heavy burden.”
“The unique burden of being human?”
“Naw, the burden of us believing that we are what we think.”

(Note: Only man and approximately seven other creatures take the notion of
uniqueness as an acceptable justification for suffering or other major forms
of inconvenience.)

Yes, long ago did the Hormel brothers learn that, if cows believed they were
part of a collective bovid sponsored tour group, the (shall we say) less
resistance they were inclined to present as they approached that fair city
on Lake Michigan’s shore.

A father once said to a son, “A man can learn from all creatures.”
To which the boy replied, “I ain’t taking no lessons from no cows, and
that’s that.”
And the elder could only smile to himself (somewhat grimacingly) as he
pictured all that the lad still had to learn (assuming that he did ever do
so…but alas [cluck] you know how youngsters can be).


Query: Why is man the only creature to have developed the concept of
Reply: Because only he has a brain with a verbal area, which has no taste,
so he invented the idea to make up for the lack.

“Thank you so much for clearing this up for me.”
“No problem.”

– – –

Now on to Geography:

The trains depart from Miami, but are announced so from Manhattan.

– – –

One kid (after he became less kiddish) sang this tune to himself:

“I shot a metaphor into the air,
and when it returned, it was a real arrow,
and struck me square in the eye — finally!”

* * *


Explained, Finally, For The First Time, For Your Edification & Exhilaration

Why “knowing” about a particular thing still doesn’t change the situation:
It’s because “knowledge” doesn’t mean anything, there’s not really any such
thing as knowledge in the way men define it, it’s just self-references
engaged in by an imaginary occurrence.

There’s nothing wrong with knowledge as long as you see it for what it is —
additional details and descriptions of an illusion.


Some Circus News

There are two ways to walk a high wire:
one is to always keep your eye on the wire,
and the other is to never look at the wire.

– – –

“Hey, you! — clean up that elephant shit over in tent A.”
“What? — and get into show business?”
“Naw, the THINK biz, you shovel head.”

– – –

To be not only on the safe side, but the extreme one at that, one man
embraced as his own personal motto,
“Never look a gift anything in the mouth!”

* * *


A man asked The Great Oracle, “What is the difference between being passive
and being of ordinary awareness?”
And the great one replied, “You shouldn’t be asking me trick questions.”
And the man said, “Oh…I didn’t realize it was a trick question.”
“Oh, then,” said the oracle, “I didn’t realize that you were of just
ordinary awareness.”


Let’s play a little guessing game:
What has no beginning,
and no end?
…No, no — no thinking about it now!

(And while we’re waiting, this fact:
Fact! — those closest to reality experience the best beeper reception.)


An obvious fact (and no offense) but one I fear you tend to (ah hum) forget
in the heat of (ah hum) battle:

Since the names for everything are made up, you know what that says about

As the Clarification Police dragged him away, a voice from the abode was
heard to say, “Oh, please, if you must take him, at least leave me his

* Thoughts (among all things) do not like to be “left alone.” *

* * *


It is natural for a more conscious man to be uninterested in the lives of
others, even the affairs of man-the-collective, inasmuch as even their own
apparent “interest” is affected.

To the possessor of it, an awakened mind is like a heartless surgeon — but
also one of unique talent and singular success.


One man spent twenty-seven years (plus a couple of months) in vigorous
pursuit, to “know himself,” only to be…hmmm, now how shall I put this?…
hmmm…aw, it’s probably best for everyone if we just drop it and go on
to another subject entirely.

I know! Let me give you the weather forecast, an area in which we can move
about with some certainty. Yeah!


How’s About We Try It About As Simple As Possible — Hmmm?

Thought is not a do-er but a reporter — an after-the-fact reporter who
assumes credit for the deed.
No doubt the supreme fraud of this universe, and yet one almost entirely

_ _ _

Everything nonexistent can be shown to be so…except to itself.

* * *


More (In Fact What Should Be “The Final Word”) Concerning Time Efficiency

A creature born being “already late” can never catch up.
(This is true for functions as well.)

* * *


A Concise Reconnoiter Of The Eternal Struggle Between Conflicting
Philosophies…(And Maybe Other Stuff):

Upon his first visit home from college, a lad’s father so said, “Heads up,
young would-be collegiate cerebral creaser — what the world calls the
battlefield of ideas is actually no more than a verbal game of paint ball.

* * *


What is the difference between thought and illusion and (let us say) a tin
Well, in the latter case, the mine is the source of the tin, and they are
obviously not the same thing, while in the former instance thought is not
only the source of all illusion, but is itself one.

Neat, huh? (Unless, I guess, you own shares in a thought mind.)


Question: What do you call squid who realize they’re living in trees?
— Awakened.


“Knowing something” is not enough — it’s never enough!
…Doesn’t that strongly hint at something?


More Regarding Sight

No matter where you look, using thought, you’ll never see what you’re
searching for.

(At least we’re narrowing down the field.

* * *


Short Dialogue

“Tell yet another thing that’s not possible.”
“Okay: you can’t be conscious and free and at the same time pursue interests
in which you have no real interest.”

(Short subject — short dialogue!)

* * *


The only real alternative to anything is its opposite; everything has an
alternative besides its opposite; and both of these statements are correct
(if you can believe that).


To be mentally passive
is natural for the ordinary,
but UN-so
for the few.


How can a passerby who simply witnesses an accident and stops to look be
held responsible for the act, and yet it is thus how men view their

– – –

For verbal consciousness to come in on the count of one, it must hear “two.”

“Hello? — am I late?” …”Yes, but you have no choice.”

* * *


Everyone has a servant, but one who also serves another master, one who
comes before you.

“Honey, where are my clean shirts?”
“You don’t have any.”
“Any which? — shirts, or clean?”
“You got it.”

I once had a man named Jeeves,
whose job I thought was to please,
my wants seem to come
from his mind to my tongue,
while his response, from down ’round the knees.

‘Tis true, they announce the trains as departing from Paris on the way to
Istanbul, but truth is they’re always already there in that magical town.


Anyone who thinks that the mind and the body are two separate things is a
fool, and anyone who thinks that the mind and the body are not separate is
a fool.


According to legend, there was once a mighty creature who could see
everything, and he had but a single eye! — and even that one was empty.

The sort of cyclops
to make your
pants drop!

* * *


As Regards Thoughts: Where They Come From And From Where Men PRETEND That
They Do

Orange juice obviously comes from oranges,
but oranges do not look upon said juice as the
definitive statement of their existence.

* * *


A father told a son, “Here is my very best advice: Always keep your desk
clear, your house in perfect order, and your life totally tidy and wrapped
up nicely.”
And the lad replied, “But that’s not possible.”
“My point precisely.”


Ordinary thought is clearly delusive in that it is never about the here-and-

– – –

Of what use is life to a man already dead?

* * *


Man has within him a certain capacity, which is like a road leading to a
unique destination, which to take him there rolls up on itself.


The body knows what to do next, but can’t say; the mind can say, but doesn’t
know. (Which doesn’t stop it from saying.)

And the king cried out, “Is there NOTHING upon which we can depend?”
Yes — but nothing we can speak of.


Those who think that there is a difference between knowledge and opinion,
faith and facts, have so much more to learn that it’s impossible they ever

He opened the door, and entered the store, the little bell tinkled as he
walked to the counter and studied the treats.
“Ummmm…they all look so good. Which are the best, the doughnuts or the
And the clerk replied, “They’re all-l-l the same.”
“But they seem so different,” said the man.
“I know,” said the clerk, “you think that’s an accident, a mere

Yes, he’d unknowingly walked into The International House Of Thoughts.

“Oh, mein Got — IHOT!”

And a man
just parking his van
out in the lot (and overhearing all of this)
thought, “Well, it could’ve been worse —
it could’ve been The International House Of Idiots.”

(We can only hope that his sigh of relief was not (ah hmm) “premature.”)


The Oceanology Of Consciousness

Man’s routine mental state is like water sticking to passing ships.

* * *


One man’s constant reminder to himself:
“Glue is impartial — magnetism, indiscriminate;
glue is impartial — magnetism, indiscriminate…”

– – –

Mental attention is the world’s only fish that can land itself.

* * *


Presenting himself before the cubicle of The Great Oracle, a man so
addressed it, “Oh, Wise One, what exactly is the difference between an
ordinary man and an awakened one?” “Is the awakened one smarter?”
“No, you couldn’t say that,” replied the Oracle.
“Hmmm,” hummed the man in a disappointed tone. “Then could you say that
an awakened man has some specific knowledge unavailable to the ordinary?”
“No,” said the Oracle, “neither could you say that.”
And appearing increasingly frustrated, the man then said, “Well, does an
awakened man have miraculous abilities not possessed by the ordinary?”
And from the cubicle could be heard the sound of the Oracle shaking its
head, no, again.
And the man then demanded, “So just what can you tell me about the two that
will indicate any real difference between them?”
And from the cubicle the voice replied, “Since all my previous responses
fail to satisfy you, try this one: the awakened never come here to ask me

(And upon hearing this [in the setting of a more perfect world] the man
of course suddenly experienced his own blah, blah blah, blah blah.)


Professions of intelligence regarding the life of man are claims of
expertise in the world of fiction by fictional experts.


The Problem Of Self-Identification:

Your thoughts do not know who you are! Hell, face it — they don’t even
know who they are!

(And some guy’s stomach somewhere said, “Hey, don’t look at me!”)

* * *


The Two Separate Areas Of Responsibility Of The Body And Of The Mind
Clearly! Comprehensively! And Conclusively Covered And Described

The body survives — the mind whines.

* * *


Question: By what title are sparrows known who discover that they are
dwelling amongst dolphins?
— Enlightened!


One man’s present sentiment:
“I won’t be satisfied until there’s not a single trace of me left.”


Question: How can you distinguish between a liberated worm and dirt?
— You can’t, you ninny! That’s what all these questions have been pointing


There is no idiocy equal to that of — knowing something.


If This Ain’t Regal, I’m A Beagle

First thing one morning, in an excited tone, the king told the prince, “A
plan, my boy — the most important thing is to have a plan!”
To which the heir replied, “But yesterday you said that the most important
thing was to not have a plan.”
“That was yesterday, lad — get hip, wise up — this is today.”

…And so it went, day after day, in the life of a prince.

– – –

The ultimate payoff of this kind of activity
is what it is,
regardless of what you may think that it is.

* * *