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The News

1837 97040 04/21/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


One man had a container which believed was damaged by certain contents, but
after much effort to remove the ones in question he discovered it was an
endless struggle, and even in moments of temporary success he found it made
no permanent difference.


When it comes to matters nonphysical, men learn only through words. But
given even that, a few men still learn most about singularly human affairs
via information that is of a verbal nature — yet never actually spoken.

On Father’s Day, one man honored trees, and on Mother’s, paid tribute to

“When you care enough to say the very least.”


One man had a container which he believed would be better off with no
contents therein, but whenever he was able to empty it, the container
would disappear.


Should you want to lift the weight of the universe, and had the desire and
mind to do so, you still would be unable to lift the weight of the mind.


One man had a container whose contents he found troublesome, but after much
effort to change the situation, he began to see the nature of the container
as the true source of the perceived trouble.


To be totally attentive to the moment and to what you are doing therein
is to comprehend that the moment and what you are doing are irrelevant.
…No way but this, can this be done.


One man had a container that bothered him much, then he finally realized
that it wasn’t the container itself, but what was in it.

And a viewer writes, “I believe that you have adequately confused me
regarding containers and contents. I think you can move on to something
else now.”
But sir, but sir — there is nothing else!


To himself, one eagle said, “The worst result of my living with worms is
how often they claim to be birds, and how routinely I react negatively
“This — undeniably — renders me no better than the dreamy, deluded slugs,
and my actions thusly increasingly disturb me much, and yet with all my
resolve beforehand, once I hear a worm mouthing imitatively the words and
ideals of eagles, I am instantly angered and disgusted.
“…What to do?…”
And after much effort devoted to this vexing situation the eagle finally was
struck with the notion of changing his verbal view of the circumstances so
as to read not “the worst result of my living with worms,” but to “the worst
result of my thinking that I live among worms…”
And with this shift in describable perspective did the mighty bird expand
the scope of his understanding and lose himself from yet another
meaningless, Earthly shackle, to soar internally even freer — freer from
his own self and judgements, freer from his own imagined self and fictitious


One man had some lifelong possessions that annoyed him greatly, then he
began to suspect that is was what he kept them in that was the true cause
of his annoyance.


At one time people believed that character counted for more than
intelligence, and all was well, until they started defining character in
terms of behavior.

– – –

You can’t be taught to be who you are, but you can discover how to be.


For many years one man was troubled by the type of calls he received, then
ultimately turned his attention to the nature of phone service itself.

“Here, it’s for you.”
“Hey, keep that thing away from me — that’s how Adam punctured his mental
ear in the first place.”


A man who’d never received the fame and fortune which he believed his due
one day thought, “What I need is a sponsor. That’s it! A sponsor’s what
I need.”
And under its universal breath, life muttered, “What the hell you call what
I’ve been doin’ for ya?”

Which (at first blush) seemed to be a point well made — until — until the
man pondered the matter a moment more, then realized (as should everyone)
that even though what life said is technically correct (regarding its
sponsorship of man) it is done so on a faceless, collective level, not on a
personal, individual one, which alone is where such matters as “fame and
fortune” appear to exist.
All of this, a confusing area, but one which (if I may be so bold as to
speak on life’s behalf) could easily clear up for men if they would but ask
the right questions, rather than complaining to life about lack of success
in matters that are ultimately secondary to its health and survival.

Sponsorship might be a useful mechanism, but a man must realize for himself
that it is always a matter of self-sponsorship, and that such can only be
developed from areas within him that are uninterested in accomplishments
that are deemed successes only by virtue of their mortally reciprocal
No one knows if a man is unusually conscious but him and life, and life
doesn’t notice it.

Another definition, in fact, of a more conscious man would be one who
complains only when it will have some effect.
…(And if you’re even halfway conscious, you know when that is, don’t cha?)

A woman who’d been listening to a man talk about this for some time one day
said to him, “The way you keep changing your descriptions sometimes makes me
think that you may not know what you’re talking about.”
To which the man replied, “Sometimes I know that I do not know what I am
talking about, particularly when I am talking about it.”
And the woman’s concerns seemed assuaged, and she began to understand things
for herself.

A king one day asked the official weather guesser, “How’d you get into such
an unrewarding line of work?”
And he replied, “I was fired from being a reporter.”
And the king noted, “That’s hard to believe. What did you do before that?”
And the man replied, “I was a priest, but was given no duties, so I left.”
And the ruler made further note of the curiosity of the situation, and asked
the man what he’d been engaged in before that.
And the man replied, “Before that, Your Grace, I was you before you were
And His Highness was suddenly struck and delighted, “My God! That’s great,
that explains why I’m so attracted to those in totally useless positions!”


After having a brief and most unusual encounter with a stranger, a man began
to suspect that something had taken place that he had missed, and sought the
stranger out again, and asked him regarding their prior meeting, “Were you
trying to teach me something?”
And the stranger replied, “Were you trying to learn something?”


A man struggling to do this
is like someone who wants to go home,
but refuses to do so.


After committing an exceptionally clumsy act, a man said “Well, you don’t
see that every day.”
To which a bystander responded, “Ah, but you see everything everyday, you
just don’t take notice of it.”
The truth of which threatened for a moment to make the first man clumsy

Quick! Make a choice:
Would you rather spend the rest of your life still struggling with this, or
be made a complete idiot instead?


One man was twin brothers. Sometimes he let brother A be in charge, and
sometimes brother B. But no matter which one he let be in charge, he was in
no wise responsible for which one was in charge.

…”Oh, I get it,” said brother C. Which means we have now moved into the
realm of real possibilities.

One man thought, “A lot of what I think, makes sense, while a lot of it
doesn’t, which leads me to consider that thinking is just a little joke that
thinking plays on itself” — an observation that caused brother D to begin
to stir.


The longer he was on the train the better did one man feel about the
journey. But he became concerned over not knowing if it was due to his
getting closer to his destination or simply because he was getting further
away from his place of departure.

(A stranger hawking papers down the isle suggested that worrying about this
was useless — pertinent, but useless.)

When it comes to studying matters that are important, compared to those that
are not, forget about it.

* * *


One man says, “People understand what’s going on in life about as much as
they want to.”
And another man asked, “Is that true?”
And the first man replied, “Not exactly, but it’s about as close as it can
be expressed.”


One man’s question for a Monday:
“How can thoughts be so apparently important, and still be seemingly such a

Fact: If you await the arrival of Friday, Thursday will never make sense.


A father said to a son, “In your struggle to walk-in-my-footsteps as they
were before you were born, remember this for as long as it works for you,
that there are two experiential levels in all of this: The Great Realization,
and The Great Liberation.
“One of them obviously is a knowing, while the other, not so obviously, is
what eventually happens to one from the knowing.”
And such directions from his future-past proved well to serve the lad —
insofar as they continued to well serve him (as initially by his father

The benefits and pleasures that remain unmined by most, geographically, are
that all destinations are someone else’s points of departure, and vice versa
— including your own.

And one boy said to his father, “I want to go somewhere that you can’t get
to from here.”
And the older one replied, “Such are the only destinations available to
“You mean, mentally?” added the lad.
“Of course,” said the old man.

Amidst all the waves and tossing, a lad said, “I am seasick.”
“Do not say that,” said his father, “say that you are thought sick.”

After much and long ado about it, one man finally thought, “What is my
problem other than simply bad mental habits?”

One man thought, “I’ve got to quit isolating ‘the problem.'”

So’s to save himself from accusations of favoritism, one man asked that the
whole world stand up and take a bow, while the rest of us provide the
appropriate applause.


A man asked an expert, “What causes ulcers?”
“Seriousness,” he replied.
The man then asked, “What causes seriousness?”
“Ulcers,” replied the expert.
Then man then asked, “In just what field are you an expert?”
“Answering idiots,” he replied.



How To Commit Suicide In A Locked Room: Ask a question.

* * *


FYI: Part II

One man was torn between two feelings.

* * *



There was once a world on which all creatures were born with a clown face
painted on their bottoms. And to go along with it there seemed to be some
sort of unwritten law that said everyone should continually be dropping
their drawers.

– – –

FYI: Coda

Don’t bother saying that “you don’t get it” — no one does.

* * *


The Matter Of Sanity — FINALLY! — Rationally Examined

To survive in a madhouse, you must take it seriously.

– – –

A boy asked his father, “How do you go about taking something seriously?”
“By taking it as it appears to be,” he replied.
And the lad pressed, “But what if it is not actually as it appears to be?”
“Makes no difference,” his elder replied.
And the youngster further inquired, “But what if it is just like it appears
to be?”
“Still makes no difference,” he father responded, a totality of comments
which in later life inspired the boy to move his place of residency from
where people took things seriously.


And now we have an improved version of a news story from last week:
One man thought, “Confused? Uncertain? Damn right I’m confused and
uncertain. And you wanna know why? You wanna know why? Well I’ll tell you
why. I don’t know why! I see no reason I should any longer be confused and


A father told a son, “There are two times when you should not speak: when
you know what is going on, and when you’re asked what is and you don’t


When one man asked for yet another description of how to go about doing
this, he was told, “Disrobe the mind.”

When a man once asked for another description of how to go about doing this,
he received the reply “disrobe the mind.” And he wanted to then ask “why
did you say ‘the’ mind rather than ‘my’ mind?” And had it pointed out that
he had no mind of his own, only “a” mind, and from that he began to
understand things for himself.


A man said to his traveling companion, “How long have we been on this road?”
And the other replied, “Far too long, I fear, if we still have concerns
regarding time and progress.”
A response that momentarily brought the man to a new state of senses.

– – –

On one planet the creatures have a legend that says the positive forces of
creation, after their initial work was complete and they decided to throw
into the mix the appearance of contrary, evil doings, did so by bringing
into being the concept of the momentary.

…Upon hearing the story for the first time, a visitor from another galaxy
said, “I don’t like it! But that’s just my immediate reaction, I’ll
probably get over it.”

* * *


When he was young, one boy looked wherever his father pointed; then when
he was older, he looked everywhere but there; then when he actually matured,
he looked back where his elder had originally pointed and realized that the
first time around he’d missed it all.
And not only that, but there’d been nothing to miss.

The best thing about not going anywhere is to be aware of it.

After making his way through all the candy, to the bottom of the box, he
discovered his prize. Himself! — all grown up and complete.

* * *


There was once an archer whose greatest successes occurred when he took no

– – –

A stranger offered a man a magical ten-line poem, and the man pointed out
that it had only nine lines, and the stranger pointed out that the man was
the final line.

* * *


Some father neurons said to some son ones, “Let’s get real — anyone who
admits ‘this is just my opinion’ admits that they’re an idiot.”


When one is in the state of seeing-the-state-of-things,
any word said about it is
a throwing of a rock in the wrong direction.


One father told a son, “While you’re having thoughts, it’s probably easiest
on you to make them happy ones.”
And the lad replied, “But my natural disposition doesn’t seem to lend itself
to such.”
Then, before the old man could respond, the boy added, “Yeah, and I’ll bet
you’re gonna say all the more reason. Right?”
And the elder closed his eyes, dropped his head, and with a faux sheepish
smile nodded yep.

A couple of lions were stretched out in the noonday shade, and one of them
said, “What you figure’s the point in humans gettin’ all fired up and ready
to kill at times when they’re obviously not gonna eat the object of their
And the other one (as he gently plucked something from the corner of his
eye) replied, “Beats me too, but I assume it’s traits such as that that has
taken them to the position (as I believe they call it) of King Of The Hill
…Master Of The Planet.”
And with this they both began to roll around and laugh uproariously. And
between their gleeful outbursts one of them was further heard to say, “Guess
you notice how few of them come out here unarmed to see us and debate the
merits of their claim.”
And they both continued to laugh, but while knowing quite well that they
were unable to realize that they were but fundamental, nonverbal molecular
activity in some human somewhere who was pondering such matters as they were


A king asked his personal trainer, “What is the heaviest thing in the
“The human mind, Sire, the human mind, full of thoughts.”

There is a mythical planet on which punch lines are the first conceived,
with setups coming afterward.

…Hey, some galaxies turn clockwise, others counter so.
“Mary, Mary, mostly contrary, how does your garden turn?”

* * *


The Stories Of

The story of whales is the story of minnows,
and the story of minnows is the story of oaks,
and the story of oaks is the story of iron,
and the story of iron is the story of man,
and there you have it — once again.

* * *