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1562 96028 03/06/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There was once a creature with binocular vision
who discovered that it could see better
if it continually focused one eye…on the other one.


Men are not normally aware of a distinction between events and states
any more than are fish between water and their gills.


There have been men perennially attempting to uncover what they suspect to
be manifold similarities hidden within the various religions & mystical
systems — but they don’t even begin to get the picture! —
for the many spiritual activities do not merely overlap in certain
areas, but are in fact all unknowingly constructed around the exact, same,
common goal: the understanding of man’s brain chemistry.


The Possible And The Impossible

It’s impossible to never feel bad,
but possible not to let your mind trail thereafter.


“Look, Frank! — it’s the danger! — it’s the danger!”
Criticism reinforces the status quo.


There are two operational categories of the
Great Mystical Teaching And Model Of Reality:
the one you like — and all the others you don’t.

…And they’re all of equal validity.

…(You only dance as long as you think you hear the music.)



“The way you can tell that someone is more conscious
is by the fact that they never try to persuade you of anything.”
“But isn’t that also how you can recognize the truth?”


In that man’s collective mind thinks primarily in terms of “events,”
an individual’s “state” is seldom nourished therefrom.


The closer the train comes to Istanbul, the less the conductor has to say.
…Either that, or the less the passengers need to hear.

After some time on the journey, one man said,
“If I could just stay as far from Paris all of the time
as I can some of the time,
I’d be well satisfied with my efforts.”
But what he’s yet to realize is that
one area of his brain is always at that distance! —
that’s the way he’s able to tell that other areas aren’t.

That Great Mystical Expedition is ultimately the discovery of the layout
of man’s neural geography.


The Possible And The Impossible

It’s impossible to directly control emotions,
but possible to control something that directly ties you to emotions.


One of the purposes served by the belief in the power of
environment and experience in the formation of the human personality
is that it enables men to believe that they could have been other than
they are.

Amongst fish, there are no fatalists.
…(Except for that one carp who started thinking.)



“The way you can tell that someone is more conscious
is by the fact that they never disagree with you.”
“But isn’t that also how you can recognize the truth?”


Feeling that he had again failed,
a young monk said to the head of the monastery, by way of guilty admission,
“I don’t have a leg to stand on.”
And the elder replied,
“Ah, but you do — two!
and in your lack of recognition thereof lies the rub.”


A man asked a mystic,
“Is it possible to be more conscious
while talking to other people about being more conscious?”
And the mystic rubbed his head and said,
“I wish you hadn’t asked that!”

…(By the way [if you’re interested],
there is a more positive-sounding, alternative punch line to that story.)


The actual distance between Paris and Istanbul,
between sleep and awakening,
between living-in-the-dark and enlightenment
is the undiscovered separation between two familiar areas of the brain.


Tip For The Healthy & Vanity Conscious:
The giving up of criticism can drop pounds from your face.

…(Just think how popular would be The Struggle
if it had results that could be plainly seen in the world of events.)


“Justice, Frank! — look over there — it’s Justice!”

In the world of the body there are no lies,
in the world of the mind — no truth.


A man sought out a mystic and said to him,
“I believe that I’d make more of the extraordinary efforts,
but I have this fear that if I become too conscious and awake
that I’ll lose interest in everyday life.”
And the mystic replied,
“Ah — live dangerously — take a chance!”


A father told his curious son,
“It’s time you go past the study of Comparative Religion
on to considering the Unity Of Reality.”


Another Self-Check:
You’re still everyday and ordinary
to the same extent you still believe that
events are responsible for your states.


If man did not have possibilities yet unrealized,
he’d have long ago abandoned the word “possibilities.”
…And herein the word “unrealized” is not used in the sense of
“things yet to be accomplished,”
but rather in the meaning of “things yet to even be seriously considered.”


If your awareness is aging at the same rate as your body, you’re no
mystic. …If your awareness is aging, you’re no mystic.

One reason so many people like to hear the mystical talked about
is because they can believe they don’t fully understand what’s being said.


More Dialogue

“The way you can tell that someone is more conscious
is by the fact that they never criticize you.”
“But isn’t that also how you an recognize the truth?”


As long as you’re under the sensation that there is an actual distance
between “here and there,”
one physical lifetime is not long enough to span it.


The Possible And The Impossible

It’s impossible for man-the-collective to be any more conscious than he
is now, but possible for an individual.


Legend tells of a mystical school — preeminent in its day —
which was known by the name:
“And A Great Peace Fell Upon The Land.”

When the ordinary hear the word “Peace,”
they always think of the world of events.


There are two things:
there are the ideas left by the more conscious,
and there are the efforts made by those struggling to be so.

One is fun to listen to,
the other, fun to do;
one is fun to listen to,
the other, profitable to do.

It is possible to get hung up on just one of them…
’cause it’s so much fun!
…because “listening-to-something” is an activity anyone can handle.

In an attempt to continue its hold on him,
local conditions said to one man,
“Believe you me —
it’s a lot more fun in the long run to be
Peter rather than Jesus,
Abu and not Muhammad,
and any of the original disciples rather than Buddha himself.”
But this particular man had become so alert that he was no longer so easily


After many years of living in a certain house,
a man realized that it had two rooms,
and that, while he was in one of the rooms,
he could watch himself there from the other.
At first he wasn’t quite sure of what use this was —
but ultimately it proved of great value.


One man said, “Hunger can eat at your mind.”
And a second said, “You mean physical hunger?”
And the first replied, “That too.”


According to one legend,
long before a personification of evil was given the name
“Father Of All Mischief & Confusion,”
it was called “The Effect Of Two Forces,”
and even before that it was known as “The Ignorance Of The Effect Of Two

…(And if you want some really inside information,
back, even before that title,
back in fact before man was capable of verbal descriptions,
the original source for all such names — had it itself had a name —
would have been “Consciousness” — the natural state of human


There was once a mystical school whose curriculum consisted of
The Study Of States And Events.
…Then there was another whose teaching centered on the problem of
Distinguishing The Possible From The Not Possible.


Additional Dialogue

“The way you can tell that someone is more conscious
is by the fact that they never make any claims about themselves.”
“But isn’t that also how you can recognize the truth?”


In total secrecy,
one man plotted out his brain, not divided into a left and right side,
but rather into a precise area and a hazy one.
This unknown man was the father of mysticism.


One man said,
“Complexity runs the mind, and nothing runs superior awareness.”
And a second fellow said,
“I expected you to say ‘…and simplicity runs superior awareness.'”
“Yeah, I know you did.”

Myth tells of a certain warrior whose one inflexible rule was that
he would rise from bed immediately each morning
upon the first sign of awakening.


A man’s childhood friend asked him,
“But what if you do undertake The Great Mystical Quest for The Secret Of
Life, and your ultimate discovery turns out to be the discovery of nothing?”
And the man replied,
“I’ll take it.”


Final Dialogue

“The way you can tell that someone is more conscious
is by the fact that they never tell you what you’d be like if you were.”
“But isn’t that also the mark of the truth?”
“What d’you think?”


When one man heard of the mystical method of attempting to
hold in your hand, at all times, a small red stone,
he wondered exactly which hand was meant —
since his brain had two.


In the realm of greater myth,
there are no tales of struggle between kingdoms of “good and evil,”
but rather between the worlds of states and events.


A man asked a mystic,
“Are there no conditions under which criticism would be acceptable?”
And the mystic replied,
“If you can do it without any negative feelings.”


While at the circus,
a more alert man made note that,
“If you can talk and juggle at the same time,
just think what more you could do with consciousness.”


From a mystical view,
you don’t know enough
until you know so much
that it doesn’t matter how much you know.

The understanding beyond knowledge.


A man said to his son,
“If lions were conscious of their own thoughts,
they would then dream dreams set in the world of states,
and not in the world of events.”
And the son protested,
“But if lions were so conscious, they would no longer be lions,
and who is to say of what then they would dream?”

The short dream in terms of the tall,
the gauche, of lands with no southpaws,
and all of naive minds, of the impossible…always of the impossible.


A man asked a mystic,
“Is there a point past which there is nothing else to be said?”
And the mystic laughed heartily,
“Oh, I passed that years ago!”

…(That was tonight’s joke…if you want it to be.)


The Mystical Ways — And The Truth Of It

The grander the schemes — the bigger the dreams.


Today’s final word regarding the matter of
Hostility & Location:

You can’t be critical if you know where you are.

…And someone asks, “Do you mean ‘know where you are’
in the world of events, or in the world of states?”
— a magnificent question!
whose answer depends on where you see the brain to stand
in relationship to these two worlds.


In an attempt to bring certain of man’s ancient wisdom into the modern age,
one man offers the definition of “awakened consciousness” as
“indoor plumbing for the mind.”


One man,
one day,
hand the abrupt, stark realization,
“I don’t have to wake up all of my brain — just one part of it!”

…Stark, baby — stark, stark, stark!


Along the mystical journey,
one certainly finds there to be
discoveries within discoveries,
and secrets within secrets,
but there is an ultimate discovery beyond which there are no other secrets.

There is no mysticism without an understanding of consciousness,
and, with it, no more mystery to mysticism.

There is in fact, past the land of chemistry, only chemistry —
just chemistry, baby! — stark, raving chemistry.

…And while even the greatest of warriors will, same as everyone else,
finally face defeat at the hand of events, he will never surrender to the
world of states.