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1554 96020 02/16/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Children initially get lost in a swamp,
wherein they experience chills, cramps, and other minor ills,
and, even after they physically age,
if they do not do so mentally,
they become “the simple” of adulthood,
and in being such
continue throughout their lives to suffer the ills of childhood.

There were once two genies trapped in a bottle,
and one of them said, “My feet hurt.”
And the second said, “That’s nothing, my head hurts.”
And the first one was at first somewhat nonplussed and rendered silent,
but finally retorted, “Yeah, but even stuck herein,
your head can still move about a bit by way of your mind,
while my feet are so confined that they can get no exercise!”
…Then it was the second genie’s turn to feel momentarily topped,
but quickly recovered and replied,
“Well, hell! — when it comes to the matter of feet,
what are you doing here in the first place?
Feet could’ave run-for-it and escaped!
…But where the hell can a mind go?”
And, after saying that, they both felt additionally confused and confined.

Moral: Don’t say where you hurt unless you know what causes it.

A Mighty Warrior’s Myth

Just seconds before he died, one guy said, “Okay, I do hurt a little bit,”
and wham! he was outta there!

And now another story from your “Mystic’s Book Of Bedtime Tales,”
this one entitled Life At The Top Of The Heap:

…I’m sorry, this page seems to be blank….

One man declared,
“The weather here is far too erratic for me to live here.”

…(His declaration, as far as I can tell,
having nothing whatsoever to do with
anything that, this evening, has gone before.)


The ruler of a certain kingdom
had, at one time,
decided to appoint one of his courtiers to the combined position of
Royal Priest & High Thinker,
but, after becoming aware of how unpredictable the man was,
concluded that it would be an unwise move.
…(That is, if he wanted to hold together his dinky little domain.
…And several minds, upon hearing this story, loudly noted that
they did not care in the least to be referred to as “domains.”)

One guy finally told himself this, “Look!
if you haven’t come to the end-of-your-rope yet,
you’ve got a lousy rope.”

Moral: If you can live in waltz time, and die in 2/4,
then why not the same relationship between
what you know, and what you don’t.

…And the ruler of a certain kingdom said,
“If that’s a ‘moral,’ I’ll eat a fried rat.”


The more men talk about themselves,
the more able they feel to separate themselves from
aspects of their behavior they find indefensible.


A’Sailing We Will Go

Hormones float all the ships, while neurons appear to steer them.
…”What d’ya mean,” shout all at sea, “appear to?”


Without question, man’s most efficient and enduring hobby is his
“psychological problems” —
efficient in that it costs nothing,
and enduring in that it never gets used up (the problems are never cured).

Continuing City Update Regarding Offensive Information:
The typically insightful therein reveal “I think, therefore I take umbrage.”


The more intensely do men look at local, immediate matters,
the better able they seem to keep their balance.
To be more conscious of course is to do otherwise.


One man used to get his inspiration from others,
then from books,
then from animals,
then from vegetables,
and now he’s got it down to mostly himself.
Such be the progression of “hero worship” for many a mystic.

One of the great things about experiencing The Secret is that after that
you don’t ever have to join anything
ever again.
…(Think of the money you’ll save just in dues.)


Inside of every kingdom is another kingdom,
and inside of every inhabitant there is another inhabitant,
and inside of every thought in every inhabitant is yet another thought.

The mighty works of man
all stand on other works of man.

Life (through man but unrealized by man) is always
breathing life in,
and breathing life out,
pushing man ever onward,
onward to ever-evolving, new kingdoms — just over every horizon —
and within which exist never-ending, new ones.

If travelers on the mystical express did have prayers, one of them might
be: “Dear God, don’t let the train run down & the tracks run out before I

To be more conscious is to be able to consume the food life has provided
without in the process
eating-up and destroying yourself.


Each time you take any normal, mental conflict to be worthwhile,
and enter therein,
you are blinded thereby.

There is no proper defense of any local position.


More, Regarding Its Uniqueness

Men can be bullied into almost anything!…except being more conscious.


A viewer writes:
“You recently mentioned someone’s invention of a new word ‘flagamyer’
for use when there is no word to adequately express that desired,
which seemed to me at the time a beneficial effort —
but after some later reflection it strikes me that this achievement could
be carried even further by now coming up with a synonym for flagamyer.
…(But truth to tell, I have been most hesitant to write to you about
this because I feared you’d think I was about to kill the redundant that
laid the envelope pusher.)
Yours Nonetheless,” etc.

…One man said that until he heard the song “Little Things Mean A Lot,”
he never realized how much he meant.


The simple feel little stress…well…
from the view of the sophisticated,
stress too simple to be of any significance —
while on the other, fashionably-gloved hand,
the sophisticated feel stress that is more (shall we say [and why not])
more “becoming” an up-to-date,
and knowledgeable man of the world.

Moral (is this a, shall we say [okay], a “joke”?
…Calm down for chrissake, it’s just a moral….
Okay then….
Moral: If the rats in the sewers don’t get you,
the pigeons with rabies will.

Legend tells of a certain king who once posed this question to his knights:
“From whence cometh the stress men feel in being alive,
cometh it directly from his hormones,
or be it deriveth indirectly, somehow, via his neurons?”
And after a period of thoughtful-sounding silence, one warrior raised his
hand, and said, “My liege, why are you speaking in such an archaic manner
when it’s 1995?”

Moral: Some questions can’t be answered from where you’re standing now.


In the prehistory of mythology,
the very first heroic figure
was the very first man who spoke.


One man’s current view:
“It does no good to talk about thinking until you
understand its dependence on feeling — and
it behooves you not to discuss feelings until you can
explain to yourself how — in one quite real sense —
feelings would not exist if not, before hand, they could be thought of.”
…(He says that there is even more to this,
but that he can’t go into it just now —
that he’s again developed this certain, dizzying headache,
and must go lie down for a while.
…He says that many of you will probably “understand.”)


The Unrecognized Nature Of
Attempts By Ordinary Men To Be Of Help To One Another

Only those with you on a sinking ship
will offer their assistance.

…The reason you see so few mystics giving to charity it because
they understand
that the real needs of man
cannot, through the physical, be met.

For many years did one faithful passenger on the great mystical express
try and change his seat — for one reason:
just so his mind could have a better view.


And today was just revealed even newer research in which it is claimed that
a heretofore undetected frequency exists in all of human speech which
causes a wide range of mutations in man’s mental processes.

The far-flung frontiers of most men’s minds they sum up in such words as
“…and stuff like that.”


More, Regarding Its Singularity

Men can fake being almost anything!…except being more conscious.


Lit, At A Higher Level

If “rewrites” amount to anything,
then the writing itself to begin with
had to not. …Right?

The reason that cannibals always look so ill-nourished should be obvious —
right? …They only eat themselves.

One of the enlightened,
looking back at his old, original mind,
said to it,
“I’ve thrown-up more than you ever chewed on!”

And the teacher asked the class,
“Would you like to go back over and review what we learned today?”
And they immediately set fire to her
to protect themselves from the evil spirit of Repetition.
…(No run-of-the-mill matriculants here, what?)


Some Sophisticated Health News That None Who Are So Can Use

The more serious you are the greater your likelihood of illness.
…(And it does no good to stick out your tongue at the king
if you don’t actually know who’s running things.)

The song of would-be, city comedians:
“I shot some humor into the air…and it never fell back to Earth.”


In the main ballroom, during the afternoon session,
in the grips of what at first appeared to be patriotic fervor,
a man leaped to his feet and began to sing:
“Yank my doodle, it’s a dandy…”
And a chap in back looked confused and asked the man next to him,
“Is this an eroticism convention,
or the one on the production of new ideas?”

Noting the many pairs of eyeglasses strewn about the parade ground,
the Drill Sergeant barked, “Break time! — maybe even think time!”
Then looking down directly at the sight enhancers, added, “Wear ’em if
you’ve got ’em.”
Which none of those not above the rank of plagiarist
had the least idea what was meant. …Do you?


With the ordinary —
talk is the ultimate justification, explanation, and defense of oneself.


A little-known (hell! “LITTLE-known!” nevertheless:)
a little-known version of the creation myth says that
god initially created a gigantic lake (now known as the universe)
into which he eventually threw a rock, producing ripples,
and the ripples became man.
…(P.S. Now that I’ve made it publicly known,
you think it’ll catch on?…)


The reason there is never a fully satisfying conclusion to
any of man’s mental disputes
is because there’s not supposed to be.

…(An interesting and curious sub-aspect of this is that,
although the situation is normally unrecognized by men,
if it is directly pointed out to them,
they will invariably come to momentary stop
as they consider this most unexpected idea,
and will then freely say that it is patently not correct.)


While dreams can get the ordinary excited,
they tend to make mystics hungry, and just a bit aggravated.


One day, as he observed the boisterous behavior of some children
and the disapproving glances of some nearby, sedate adults,
a man reflected on a similar situation in his own mind
between new, unruly ideas and the already established and comfortable.


And now for that feature of the show we call F.F.F. Time:
Time for some “Friggin’ Facts Folks.”

Fact: If there was no bad news out in the world,
man would have to invent some.

Fact Fact: Where do you think it comes from anyway?


With ordinary men, talk is their anchor,
with the few, their dead weight.


Another reason that The Secret must be generally withheld from man:
If people realized just how automatic is thought,
they wouldn’t take it seriously enough.


More, Regarding Its One-Of-A-Kind-Ness

Men can be made interested in almost anything!…that’s right —
except in you know what.


Another version of one of the myths regarding man’s early & disastrous
days says that the first mortals were not driven from Paradise because
one of them ate of a forbidden food and enticed the other one to do so
also, that rather than a fruit being involved,
it was a mental audio-amplification device that Eve discovered & tried on,
and for the first time
one human could hear what another one was thinking,
a situation that initially the gods found threatening to their position.


In Re Normal Mental Nourishment

When life invites man to dinner, it is he who is always he meal.
…Which is why you see so few mystics dining out.


The mind is like a two-handed juggler —
it can handle three objects at a time,
but, one of them always being up in the air,
it senses the presence of only two.

At city level, sanity consists of a closed-in area…
at the transcendental, sanity is no more than the wearing of proper attire
to city functions.

Men love to dream of extraterrestrial beings
because of the extraordinary view of us they’d have
that seems impossible for us down here.

…Another reason you find so few of the enlightened with local addresses.
…It’s not only a matter of the more conscious not wanting to live any
place where they’d be welcome —
they don’t want to even live any place where it’s possible for them to live.

The mind of the awakened is like a five-handed juggler…at least.


A Consummate View Of The Noise Men Make

Talk has power and significance only as men believe that it does.


A’ Mything We Will Go

Men have myths for all occasions,
and on those occasions when they don’t
they have occasions for all their myths. …It all works out.


A father noted to his son,
“Not for naught are the mind’s operations referred to as
man’s critical faculties.”
And the lad responded,
“You mean because it’s always finding fault, kind of ‘critical faculties’?”
And the old man slapped his thigh and the kid’s head with glee, chortling,
“The higher you climb up my tree, the more and more fun you are to talk to.”
And with parallel merriment, the boy hit himself upside the head.

Now from our holiday calendar, this reminder:
Inside the more focused, it’s always “Father-&-Son Day.”