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There’s Never a Connection Between Mind’s Product & Its Analysis


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#1503 – 10/20/95:
Notes by TK

The tenuous connection between the product of the mind and the subsequent analysis-explanation of same: i.e., NO CONNECTION.

The News

1503 95108 10/20/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 /tw


There was once a knight who found apparent directions to The Grail,
and, for many years of his journey,
he attempted to keep the map always somewhere in his mind.

But then a strange day came wherein he suddenly felt that he should no
longer think about the directions! —
not that they’d served him ill —
not for any reason in particular —
it simply seemed that he’d thought about them enough.

* * *

There are two types of mystical myths and allegories available to man:
the ones he hears,
and the ones he doesn’t.
…Which type are you?

* * *


The extremely simple don’t know that a secret exists,
and the extremely sophisticated have forgotten that one does.
— See, that leaves the field wide open for the rest of you.

“Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen,
fourth quarter, and the score: Life 17, Man 0.
Or I could be wrong; it could be the first quarter with no score as yet —
or that could be incorrect; it could be the second quarter, with a different
score, or the third —
or it was rained out —
or this whole broadcast of the game a sham life put me up to.
Who knows…save those
who see that the field is still wide open.

* * *


While searching for the supreme singularity of man,
one fellow came to the simple conclusion that it lay in the fact that
man, same as every other creature, not only “lives his life”
but simultaneously is engaged in “thinking about his living of life.”

At first he considered this too obvious and simplistic to be of value —
but after further reflection, realized how distant this fact is positioned
from men’s minute-to-minute awareness.

* * *

There was once a chap who seriously worried over the question of
whether or not all of the really good ideas had already been thought of.
…(Relative thereto [if you can see it]
is yet another cause for joy [amongst the few]
over that fact that the Mystical Express never — ever
reaches a “final station and destination.”

– – –

You can’t die ’til you quit breathing.

* * *


Awareness: When it came to his, one lived sort of “hit or miss” —
oh, he was as conscious as most people…but still…
…it was kinda “hit or miss.”


One man spent his life in search of a certain wondrous, mythical fruit,
without ever noticing that is was already in his mouth — but hidden behind
all of the everyday food
he everyday chewed.

– – –

There was once a boy who read all of the mystical stories he could find
and came to the conclusion that they were all the same tale.

…Some conclusion, huh?

* * *


Just as man would have never progressed materialistically
without a division of labor,
it’s not called for to immediately accept the same as being proper regarding
his intellectual activities.

– – –

Not long after being expelled from The Garden,
Adam ran upon a mirror and for the first time realized…and cried out:
“Well — hey — there was no use in going this far with it!”

* * *


There was once a two-headed monster
with one head being in charge of its action,
and the other in charge of its planning for action.

Now, it being a crude monster and all,
things weren’t actually as they seemed,
for it could lose his second head and still get by
…so much so that that head could never even think about the possibility.

– – –

Once upon a time a lad asked his father,
“If you don’t think about something,
is that the same as it not existing?”
“Chuckle, chuckle,” chuckled his pater,
“only if you’re a human, my boy, only if you’re human.”

* * *

There was once a land ruled by two kings,
and while they both indeed existed,
one of them, compared to the other one, didn’t.
…Funny, huh? — Chuckle, chuckle.

* * *



Sarcasm: a display frequently engaged in by the ordinary
when the irony they expected fails to appear.

* * *


One man who lived outside the city
used to be concerned over his car getting stuck in
the ruts he’d worn in the unpaved road to his house — that is,
until he began to feel and be concerned over his internal ones.

* * *

Habit has in common with mini-strokes
(as recently described by a viewer)
the aspect of: When you’re in the middle of ’em, you’re never aware of ’em.

* * *


An Optional History Of Man

He goes from first referring to himself in the first person,
then to speaking of himself in the third,
then to talking about others more than himself at all,
and finally (if things go a certain way)
his words, regarding himself and others in particular,
take on a feel of…well…shall we say…
take on a feel of…well — nothingness!

…non-mainstream, what?

* * *


Public Social Concerns Redefined & Individually Redirected

One man began to look upon the thinking activity life had caused in him
as the supreme form of “child molestation.”

* * *

Off-The-Books Question Of The Day

Why do all comedians, as they age, start to get serious?
…(Careful now,
no coaching from life’s studio audience
…[which, so happens,
is yours also].)

* * *

One day, one man paused to think:
“I’ve been manhandled by the best of ’em,
but damn’f I’ve seen anything to match what life’s pulled on me
at times when I was unprepared!…
…And double damn, come to think on it,
I ain’t ever encountered anyone who so subtly urged me to stay unprepared!”
He laughed and added: “Triple-dip damn me for my tolerance of accepting
such urging.”

Now for some news about “Civic Pride” (and stuff like that):

One man came to realize that,
if you let ’em,
they’ll completely dig up your back yard.

* * *


According to one legend:
As soon as Adam got on the trail of The Secret, life stepped in and told him
that there is no “secret.”
…(And, sad to say, but
as dumb as some of man’s ancestors be, many have come to accept this.)

* * *

History in one land tells of a time wherein a certain powerful genie
had a certain powerful treasure that it wished to keep from man,
but it was so large, obvious, and right-out-there-in-plain-view
that, at first, the spirit didn’t know what to do — but, eureka, mamma,
it finally realized that all it had to do to keep the treasure hidden was
to cause men to think about it.

…Shrewd, huh?

* * *


On one world existed two forms of mysticism,
and one of them pointed to itself,
while the other pointed away.

Which form are you?


“Okay, boys & girls,
what time is it?”
“It’s ‘silly time’ Officer Bob!”
“That’s right kids, and today
we’re going to ‘think about’
— that’s right, think about —


To help compensate for man’s mental awareness not functioning at its
maximum potential,
life took, from instinct, habit
and let man use it neurally.

…Hey, fair’s fair,
especially when it’s the only game readily available.

* * *

There’s a certain sect who believe that
if you’ve lived an upright life,
just before you die,
god’ll let you make one final, grand hand gesture.

…Hey, let us outta here!

* * *


After the alarm had gone off,
as the man and his thinking lay in one another’s arms,
stealing a few more seconds before arising from the bed,
the man asked himself:
“How comes it that men think of questions as being
ammunition that they fire at the targets of ignorance
when the questions themselves are never seriously shot at?”

…And his mind stirred slightly and mumbled:
“Were you talking to me?”
And just then, the snooze setting ran out
and the alarm sounded for the second time.

Metaphorical Musical Definition

Words & Music: the things emphasized by those with no rhythm.
…(Was it necessary to label it as “metaphorical”?
…[And Buddha’s oldest boy sang “I’ll beat Daddy, eight to the bar.”])

…Some metaphor, huh?

* * *


Ordinary minds cannot take a grand, overview of life,
but must, rather, dwell on small, specific items, or else
run the risk of losing what little natural taste they have for it now.

Now: An Ecology Update

Once you’ve escaped the collective food chain,
you can start your own individual one.

* * *


One man proclaimed, “There is safety in sycophancy!”
And someone said, “Don’t you mean ‘in numbers’?”
“Same thing,” he replied.


There was once a mystical author who sometimes didn’t know whether to
be concerned over becoming, himself, more conscious — or over writing
about it for others.

…(I don’t know…but…maybe it’s silly time again….)


To the alert warrior:
The cost of doing business is always on the rise — thank god!


One man ran a continual, internal “voice-over” to his life.
…(He says that “some other day” he may accept questions regarding the
possible benefits of this endeavor.)


On all of the public forms of The Mystical Express,
you’re given things to read and think about.
…(Is it any wonder that the public forms are the popular forms?)


How Things Unconnected Can Get Connected — Thanks To Man’s Mind

Today a man walked into a local bank and shot his estranged wife as she
waited in line for a teller,
then turned the gun on the bank’s president and shot him also.

It was later learned that the two deaths were unrelated;
the man said that he simply didn’t like bank presidents.

For those of you wanting the most bang-for-your-buck,
the headline of this story can be inverted so as to
uncover an additional layer of pertinence regarding man’s mental

* * *


Most people seem to find self-revelation their best evidence that they have
a self.


During the evening shift,
acting in his official capacity,
one man pulled over a “suspicious vehicle”
only to discover that the driver was…well,
I’ll bet by now you can guess who it was.

– – –

An Insider’s Entrepreneurial Tip

Never go into business with yourself if you’re all you’ve got.

…In fact:
One religious cult’s concept of heaven is of a place where
a citizen’s arrest is not possible.

…Judiciously self-serving, say what?

* * *


After several days (post Eden),
when Eve finally caught up with Adam,
the first thing he did when he saw her was to yell,
“The secret is out!”
which damn near frightened her to death.
…(She was subsequently able to make him promise to keep this to himself
from then on.)

– – –

What are we to say and conclude regarding man’s mental recall? —
That it is supremely flawed and unreliable? — or that
it can be safely taken at face value?

If words were to be trusted, men would need no myths (but further on):
If myths were not so trusted, men might get a direct glimpse of just what
is going on around here since he left his old homeland.

– – –

Some enjoy still saying that “you can’t win for losing.”
And does it require strenuous intellectual exertion to surmise from which
of the two groups — winners or losers — such voices arise?
…And with which group do you feel most aligned?…


The head of a certain mystical school one day looked out upon all who’d
settled there and mused on the fact that he never asked how they were doing
…but then further reflected that their continued presence fully answered
all such questions.


Outrider Addendum To The Civil Crowd Control & Riot Containment Handbook

All conflicts escalate —
though this is often a misnomer for the natural flow of progress.


After many faithful years on The Mystical Quest,
a certain knight sought the counsel of the court sage and inquired of him:
“Is the Grail the actual secret for which I so dearly yearn? —
and if so, is the Grail an actual object, or an understanding? — and
if it be the latter,
then why is it spoken of in terms of the former?”
…Neat question, huh?

* * *


Those who take any myth, parable, or allegory
as being indicative of some specific sector of humanity
(such as along racial, religious, or nationalistic lines)
are like a man drinking water, one molecule at a time.

If man’s sight were to be trusted — what descriptions then would be needed?


One man says that he divides his time equally between
recounting what has happened to him thus far
and thinking about what he’ll do in the future;
he says this works well and seems fair and equitable.

And that same viewer from our last show contacted us again demanding to
know who this “one man” is.


Have you yet to fully ponder the matter of why
all who bring messages from the gods bring dire ones?

Remember that even while life is trying to tell men something,
it’s not necessarily what it makes them say that it is.

…Thought provoking, huh?

* * *


“What if,” pondered one chap,
“man does not so easily discover The Secret
due to the fact that he is it?”

Lions leave no tracks who think not of walking.


One man dreaded walking into his kitchen in the middle of the night
since so many of the implements he kept on the counter
resembled roaches in the dark.
…This was also why he hated going to sleep at night,
in regard to his thinking.

* * *

In a alternative reality,
the two-headed creatures are given a choice when they’re born:
The head to be in charge of thinking-about-the-creature’s-life
can either be the one based on thinking — or else,
the head in charge of living-the-creature’s-life can be in charge of the

Jazz Version Of The Supra

In a contrastive traffic,
cars are apparently under the control of the drivers as per their
awareness of being in control or else the autos are under the control of
themselves, of which they have no apparent awareness.

…Cool, huh?

* * *


So ruminated one chap, one day:
“While everything in man’s mental life — no matter how pleasurable —
seems to have an alternative down side,
what is the possible one regarding getting involved in the mystical quest?
…(Other, of course, than getting involved?)

– – –

On one world, nothing even apparently negative was ever said about the
Quest, and can you believe it:
the creatures had an even harder time hearing anything at all about it?

– – –

An unannounced, alluring aspect of ever getting to even the
outskirts of Istanbul, The Mythical City,
is that you begin to see a deeper, delightful level of bullshit
behind the normal, earnest one.

* * *


Being dead is perhaps the only thing men ever experience that they don’t
eventually complain about.

* * *

The Court Philosopher on one faraway kingdom one day declared:
“Vivere ergo miserabiliter — I live, therefore I whine.”

* * *


In life’s own big thesaurus,
one of the leading synonyms for “anathematic” is “conclusive.”


In the earlier days of man’s mythical existence,
knights were physically armed and outfitted
and sent on literal journeys,
but now-a-days such would-be warriors are much too sophisticated
to be so easily placated, if not mislead.

…Hey! — true’s true, eh what?

* * *


The more frequently did one man voice his objection in court
during his life’s trial,
the more intensely did the judge warn his lawyer that
if he did not bring his client under control
and stop the outbursts,
that they would both be held in contempt and go to jail.

As the man retook his seat,
he reflected, with a degree of humor,
on the fact of he and his attorney being the same person,
and, with a slight grin,
rolled around in his mouth
the words the judge had said
regarding them being held “in contempt.”

It’s troublesome trying to come to an unappealable finding
in a courtroom whose windows can never be completely closed.

…Just how many ways (you figure)
can that certain “aspect” of man be
symbolically described and surveyed?

The life of man,
as perceived existing in a reality of finite dimensions,
is fraught with…shall we say,
an apparently endless supply of fraughts.


After being told for years that he was “too smart for his own good,”
one man began to believe he might be too smart for life’s good,
to which the big guy mutteringly responded: “Don’t flatter yourself, Bub.”


One man thought he had a fatal disease, but thankfully,
it turned out just to be him.

When it came to the management of his routine thinking processes,
one man adopted a variation of the submariner’s code:
“Run silent — run extremely silent, you rowdy bastards!”

Life told one guy that if he ever got around to making a “direct visit”
that when he came to the door to tell them that the big guy had said they
should “let him right in, at no charge.”
…Reflecting on it later,
the man wondered if life was just having a little fun at his expense.

A Continuation Of The “If” Game

If consciousness was the secret — then what’s keeping men from it?

As the warrior stood,
looking down into the open grave
wherein his slain body lay,
he said these final words:
“My brother — fuck you, my dear, departed brother.”
…(He hoped these would be the final words.)

* * *


There was a man who was born with a pet
which for many years he nourished and cherished;
but as close as they seemed to be,
a day unexpectedly arrived wherein the man began to lose
much of the affection he’d previously felt.


It is at least the job of the simple to populate the planet physically —
for those a bit more complex, their legacy is otherwise.

As the king sat
looking down into his open loins
wherein his genetics lay slain,
he thought these parting words:
“Better you than me — you dear, Old Darlings.”

* * *


The Warrior’s Ultimate Eulogy To Man

Weep not for the dead,
nor for the living crippled by birth.

* * *


How To Tell That You’re Either Beginning To Lose What You’ve Obtained Thus
Far Or Else Are On The Verge Of Gaining Something Entirely New

The truth is starting to sound redundant.

* * *


There was once a man who swallowed a metaphor — but — ah hah —
not before it had already had him for dinner.