Jan Cox Talk 1407

Mental Explorations End Where Personal Anecdotes Begin


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#1407 – 3/06/95:
Notes by TK

The closest approach the ordinary come to original thought is “change of mind,” i.e., adopting new ideas. Original thought is the ultimate frustration because beyond all comparison.

The News

1407 95025 03/06/95 Copyright J. M. Cox 1995 


In terms of the building trades,
Collective progress is often “site preparation” disguised as
Actual construction.

(Also note that demolition work is not — not — an integral part thereof.)

* * *

Blueprints being linear, men believe reality, likewise.

* * *

Buddha’s last girlfriend abandoned him when the new house they were building
Was completed two lifetimes too soon,
Plus, came in three dimensions under cost.

* * *


One man confided:
“If I could get my hormones to focus in on a topless stripper
The way my consciousness does on life,
I’d really have something.” …Then he said: “Oh, sorry, got it backwards.”

_ _ _

Fresh Description Break: Ordinary thoughts are like G-strings & pasties
On what could be more naked awareness.

_ _ _

And one guy panted: “Just thinking about having a hotter brain action
makes me horny as hell.”

* * *



Data’s in the air,
Data’s in the air,
Data’s in the very air that you breathe.

* * *


When it came to entertainment,
One guy wouldn’t watch any serious drama unless it was funny —
And few of them were.

* * *

Life asked local conditions: “What the hell’s going on here?”
And they replied: “Hey, we just got here!”

(Life itself was pretty carefree
Until it got involved with the likes of them.)

* * *


As he approached the stadium on a day of special events, a man was heard to say:
“There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the handicapped compete.”
And a passing philosopher injected:
“Then you should come to my office and watch me try to complete the
Paper I’m working on.”


The Production Of The News & Other Neural Reporting

The thing about personal memories and “The Year In Review” features is that
They’re both so cheap to produce.

Some human genes wanted to speak out and object:
“Hey, you can’t talk about my mama like that!”
But of course they couldn’t — and I did.

* * *

In a world perceived to be dimensionally finite,
The history of genetics runs forward as well as back,
Same as does time to the left and to the right,
And awareness being either here or over there somewhere.

* * *

An interesting (if not inflammable) aspect of
Disclosing, to routine minds, the subject of Trans-Systemic Physics,
Is that not only are they normally unable to grasp what
You’re talking about — but even if they do, they don’t like it.

* * *


The Road

The road’s not paved,
The road’s not paved,
Not only that, but it’s hardly laid out.

* * *


In the city, a child speaks his first words:
“When I grow up, I want to criticize.”

* * *

And now some Farm News

If you clear up consciousness, you’ll clear out your accounts.

* * *



“There is something to be said for a singularity, could one be found.”
“I have found one: stock car racing. It is not a metaphor for anything.
So — what can be said for it?”
“It’s circular.”


Physics-From-Afar Brought Blatantly Close

Everything three-dimensionally possible
Is possible in a three-dimensional reality.

…(In addition to the hard sciences, this also has psychological applications
As regards what men believe distinguishes the imaginary from the real.)



Don’t look far,
Don’t look far,
Don’t look far away.

* * *


Life admitted to a friend: “Yes, it is hard being a role model,
But someone has to do it, and I’m all there is.”

* * *

One man started a company called: Live & Learn. But it died from stupidity.

* * *


Mental explorations end
Where personal anecdotes begin.

_ _ _

Codicillian Comment: “Weak minds shore do like to talk about themselves.”

…(‘Course you could say: “Well, what else they got to talk about?”)

* * *


The Hand

The cards are dealt,
The cards are dealt,
They were on the table when you arrived.

* * *


When asked if he was dead — he shook his head and said:
“No — it’s simply that my
went away.”

But the attending physician (not being trained in consciousness)
Could not distinguish such a condition.

* * *

Those sucked into the Genetic Triangle
Find their future consumed by the past.

* * *


The Results Of One Man’s Study Of Certain Eco-Psycho Distribution Dynamics
Within The General Human Population

“Too many people — not enough smarts.”

…In his attempt to make an academic (if not overhead) name for himself,
The young professor submitted, for consideration, a paper entitled:
“The Brain Chill Factor,”
But immediately realized his problematic chances for success
When the board members accepted his submission, each wearing insulated gloves.


The Beginning

Where you start,
Where you start,
Wherever you start is
Just the right spot.

* * *


Maturity: Digging the rut even deeper.

* * *

Off somewhere, some guy thought:
“You can’t be sane unless you’re sure who you are —
And if you’re not sure who you are, you can never grow up —
And if that should happen…then, well…I just don’t know what to think
After that!”

* * *

Once he learned to adjust his watch correctly,
Moses began changing snakes into staffs.

* * *

Through the medium of local conditions, life asked several of the contestants
If they’d like some additional time to “think about it.”
And they said, “No, that they didn’t even want the time they already had.

* * *


The Game

It must be played,
It must be played,
It can’t be won, but it must be played.

* * *


The topic: The Unseen World Of Communications

The body speaks more than the tongue — only not as loudly.
“But even if so, how can you call it ‘unseen communications’?
Man’s physical presence is most certainly not invisible!”
“I didn’t say invisible, I’m just pointing out that it’s not normally seen.”

* * *

A viewer writes:
“Might I be so bold as to offer a personal suggestion
As to how you might make your activities popular to a wider audience?”
…(If it’ll help, I’ll mail you my right ear!”

* * *


Stories Of Three Men

One man listened to himself internally comment on the routine affairs of
Human existence until he wearied of it.

* * *

Looking in the mirror as he dried himself from his shower, one man thought:
“I am either destined for fame, or to get fat when I’m older.”

* * *

“Every eight years, eh,” mused one man to himself.

* * *

And in a related item, yet another chap said: “I used to be three men.”

* * *


The Resurrection

Once you’re up you’re headed down,
Once you’re up you’re headed down,
You must go up again.

* * *


There was once a man who,
In his speech would
Use examples from life to make his point —
Life found this so intriguing that it began doing the same with him.

…If you’ll stand up near the curb, you’ll find that many of the
Spectators who heard that will immediately, in their minds,
Reverse the sequence of the story.


In opening the festivities, the voice of the city declared,
“We are here today, to celebrate in our arts:
The criminal, the crude,
The deranged and uncivil,
All of the things we pretend we are not,
So’s to pretend that we are what we are.”

— And the people cheered wildly.


Whereas the ordinary might speak of their achieving a certain aim
In terms of “luck,”
The few, as regards the enlightenment, would more likely do so
In terms of “the inevitable.”

Once you recognize that you were born holding a ticket to Istanbul,
And all that’s lacking is having it stamped —
What the hell’s gonna hold you back? — Huh?



Choices, choices,
Choices, choices,
What a simply delightful illusion.

* * *


“Words have no business being serious,” thought one man,
“Beyond ‘watch out!'”


Just as a bibliophile does not consider the cost of a new book
An actual “expense,”
Nor an enologist, a new wine,
In a like manner do the more-perceptive look upon the mental efforts required
For them to become even more so.


The Secret

There it is,
There it is,
There it is all around you.

* * *


The cause of all human stress is stupidity,
And it comes in two forms: your own, and the criticism of it in others.

* * *

And now some Sports News

If you clear up consciousness, you’ll clear out your debts.

* * *

By the time every one of Lao’s new girlfriends
Would just begin to understand what he was talking about,
He would appear to throw this wild fit, and get everything garbled & confused.

…(In a better world, they would then depart and become their own
Tao Te Ching.)

* * *


Out of a clear blue Monday, a guy suddenly wondered:
“If I stopped my continual thinking about what goes on in life,
Would life continue to go on as it does?”
…Well, guy, one thing’s for sure: Your mental life wouldn’t.

* * *

Neural Music & The ‘Tude

A certain singer notes:
“Even if the record label signs you up as a party band,
They’ll still want you to do a couple of weepers on every album.”

* * *



Use your head,
Use your head,
Use your head, for god’s sake.

* * *


“Okay,” the man thought on, “Words have no business being serious
Past the point of ‘Watch out!’ ‘Next,’ and ‘Hold the onions.'”


The Trick: Get bigger on the inside than you are on the out.

* * *

There are those people in life who’d prefer more detailed explanations,
Just as there are dung flies who’re never satisfied with the
Amount of shit available.

Some city-bred neurons wanted to speak up and object:
“I say! you can’t talk about my primary area of interest like that!”
But they were afraid to — and I did.

* * *


A man thought:
“I wouldn’t be so ‘down’ on memory
If it didn’t so often let me down.”
But that deserves a bit more consideration (e.g.):
Does his memory actually “let him down,”
Or is it in his operation of his memory?

…(And for those of you even further ahead:
Does he even have a memory that is personal to him?)


The Mystic’s Ear

Hear, hear,
The mystic’s ear,
Don’t listen too close, or they’ll call you home.

* * *


“It came from outer space! —
The terrifying creature with…”
“No! — not two?”
“No, the creature with…”
“Oh no! — not three?”
“No, the terrifying creature with a — Unified Brain!”
“Oh-h-h, no!”


The Song

They say it’s for you,
That they sing it for you,
They say it’s for you, but it’s really for them
…and it can’t be helped.

* * *


Looking at the condition of his life, a man thought:
“I have been consumed by some gigantic creature.”



The time is now,
The time is now,
The time is always now.

* * *


While looking out the window a man suddenly thought:
“If it weren’t for words there would be no purely human conflicts.”


And now: “The Cry Of The Intelligent Individual Amidst The Crowd”
…there is no such cry.


The Fuel

Produce your own,
Produce your own,
No one’s there but you.

* * *


One actor said to another:
“The great thing about this job is having a script written for you
So that you don’t have to worry about what you’ll say.”
But his friend noted that the same was true of simply being alive.


Although yet to be realized,
Man’s brain is not divided into two major parts, but rather, four —
And if you get better at it, three.


The Place

The place is here,
The place is here,
The place is always here.

* * *


One guy says that every time he thinks life’s about to tell him something
Really good, it’ll end it’s comments with “but….”



Words, words,
Words, words,
What an escape, what a snare.

* * *



Life is what happens,
Life is what happens,
It happens to you, it happens to it.

* * *


The Silence

Why say more?
Why say more?
What more is there to say.

* * *

The Council asked a certain man if they could study his thought processes —
but he had to leave town.

* * *