Jan Cox Talk 1340

The State of Enlightenment Is a State of “No Comment”


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#1340 – 09/26/1994:
Notes by TK

The state of enlightenment is a state of no comment. It is to be freed from all self-definition and self-defense.

The News

On one world, the simple people have a motto which says
that: “Simple people are happy people.”, though they’re too
simple to reap the realized benefits of the sentiment.

…..According to the creation story prevailing in another
galaxy, each person is destined to be either naturally simple or
naturally complex, and a few who slip through the crack-of-fate
go from initially being as simple as everyone else on to becoming
as complex as is possible, and ultimately move on to some other
new state of simplicity.


Tonight’s: Conversation
“Men don’t talk — the network does.” “You mean like NBC &
CNN!?” “No — the network! The network! — The one you and I
are in.” Tune in to our neural next-time wherein in man’s mind
there always is one. …(“Would you shut up for just a few
minutes — please!?” “Who you tellin’ to, ‘Shut up’!?” “Well
who else is here besides us!?” “That was just my point.” “Oh.”)

…..Now for today’s: Religious News
One of the country’s fastest growing new sects is led by a man
whose principal doctoral distinction is his claim that there’ll
be no radios in heaven.


Our Fable For The Day
A rabbit and a rhinoceros were talking and the rabbit said to the
horned one: “You know what it is that actually makes men more
important than any other creature?”, and the hip replied:
“That’s an easy one: He thinks he’s more important.”
Moral: In a world of finite comprehension, the only thing
necessary to, “get the job done” is whatever it takes to get the
job done.


As the attempted interview was ongoing, a voice suddenly
declared: “A mystic’s personal life has no connection to what he
knows.”, and all of those in ear shot were so struck with either
the validity of or the fallacy of the statement that everything
fell silent for a while. Later, one of those who’d been present
said to another, “You do realize that it was one or the other,
don’t you!?”, to which his friend replied: “Yes, in this
lifetime I guess you do.”

…..And a viewer writes: “Although I have for most of my life
been extremely interested in the kinds of things you talk about,
I must tell you in all truthfulness however, that you have
probably told me more than I needed to know. Please note that I
said, ‘need’ to know, whereas if I had written you about this
several years ago I would have said that you’ve probably told me
more about all of this than I ‘wanted’ to know. At the very
least I find even this small piece a promising sign. Yours”,


Two scientists on another world, talking during a coffee
break: “Organic-development, (though based on certain reliable
factors), will yet entail the unforeseen.” And his associate
responded: “Would this mean that even life cannot, in every
detail, predict its own future!?” Then they both looked
curiously at the cream substitute laid before them.


The Physical Man’s View Of The Mental Man’s World
As Seen Through The Eyes Of One Weightlifter
“The only reason they have signs in the gym forbidding you to pee
in the sinks is because it’s natural to wanna do so.” And it
becomes even more revealing if, within his stated sentiments you
substitute such words as, “intelligence” and “stupidity” for such
terms as “natural, signs” and “forbidding”.

…..And now: A Culture Update
The more popular arts remain so only because men keep telling
themselves that they should be.


Being routinely conscious is the same as being civilized:
You can continue pursuing activities that don’t work, and yet,
they somehow “do”. (Note: This is not to be confused with a

…..Now On To The Hobbyist’s Corner
Observing ordinary minds attempting to actually “think” is not
unlike watching a two handed man with three rubber balls
attempting to juggle for the first time — except he never gets
any better at it, and quickly learns to ignore the fact.


How Mental Urban Life Can Appear From Another View
When no rats are available, cats will eat rat poison. **
…”Mental” dammit! — I said, “mental, urban life”!
Moral: In a closed system, all education based on a premise is
doomed to fail. ……(I said, “moral” dammit! — A thing only
possible in a closed system! …[And when asked if he “got it”?,
Prof. Burkhart replied: “Meow”.])

…..And Now Some: Medical News From An Unexpected View
The Institute’s latest findings state that: “When on drugs, the
mind finds that things either run fast or slow.” “Dear Doctor”,
wrote in one man, “How can you accurately determine if your mind
is on drugs or not?” “Dear Sir: All that is necessary is to ask
yourself: ‘Am I alive!?'”


The Journey
There is but one “starting line” and it is: Ground zero, from
scratch, fresh, everyday. This is precisely why many people hate
it, and even more can’t recognize it.

…..The man serving stated: “Only the dumb, ‘find fault’.”,
to which the man receiving replied: “Well, it’s only the dumb
who have anything wrong with them.” Final Score: 20-Love
Professional Level: 4,012-Understanding.

…..Show Biz Update: In the clown-world of man, if fun don’t
kill you, seriousness will.

…..In his effort to understand “new things’, one man kept a
chart — but not only did the fresh info keep running off the
chart, the chart itself kept falling off the wall. …(“Okay,
boys & girls, can you spell: ‘Favorable omen’?”)


The Academic World As Played In Men’s Minds:
Another Insider’s View
History: A later rearrangement of the words originally used to
describe what happened. This reliable sequence allows men to
continue their ancestor worship with a perception of contemporary
results. **
And Now The Election Returns From Today’s 4th Race:
To think in the way, possible for a few, is to think only of
things that cannot be described.

…..Note From The Cool World Of The Collective: The way cows
know that they’re hip is by other cows telling them so.

…..If you hold an ordinary man down and tickle him, or make
him believe he’s about to die, he’ll momentarily “straighten up”.


Though life is alive, and the universe conscious, each world
has its own level of intelligence.


This Kinda Stuff Vis A Vis The Question Of “Extended Sight”
Ordinary Thought: A peephole on reality.
What The Few Are Doing: Ripping at the fabric itself.

…..Once upon a time there was a great mythical warrior who,
after smartly dispatching a certain dragon-of-distraction which
had been stalking him, (or vice versa), for many years, rewarded
himself after the victory by removing the word, “attempted” from
his pocket dictionary, and putting in its stead, a second
inclusion of the word, “doing”.

…..The reason you can’t bring in a mystical knight for
“treatment” is because his mind has sufficiently expanded to
include the system itself which gave birth to it, and in which it
now breathes, and thus no distinction is discernible therein
between symptoms and causes, and ergo, not even a useful
diagnosis possible. ** Someone asked a mystic: “How do you
stay so healthy?”, and he replied: “Bad attitude.” …(Oh yeah,
that’s our Joke For The Day again.)


Today’s Literal, Nervous-System Myth
Within each man is an ocean, and in this ocean are various fish
— some hungry, and some not so hungry. This ocean is man’s


The Two Brothers: A Short Story
Two brothers were talking and one of them said: “If being ill is
a metaphor for death then what should being alive symbolize?”
And the other one replied: “Before I answer, I must ask you
first: Did you really mean to say, ‘What SHOULD being alive
symbolize’, and, are you speaking of just ordinary people or
some other sort?” And upon a full reflection of what they’d both
said, and a complete digestion thereof, they immediately changed
their name to: The More Complex Brothers.


Today’s Hyper-Space Cartoon Myth
A supreme, street corner savior saluted the strolling civilians
with this declaration: “If — I say — if the world does need
‘saving’ it is primarily from the likes of those who say that it
does.” …And (since this is make-believe and all) — many of
the passers-by were instantaneously struck with the enlightening
legitimacy of his statement, and joyfully stopped to
appreciatively shake his hand before moving on to their now much
more reflective, enjoyable, and liberated lives.

————–Be sure to tune in for our next naive epic wherein
Superman’s dick shrivels up, and Buddha punches out an old lady.
…And, oh yeah — also in that installment: Suffering is
rewarded, and submission produces enlightenment.


The world of man was made for comment, that of the few, for
silent sight.