Jan Cox Talk 1239

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Keywords = visual strangeness, alpha wolves, seamlessness, human nature, unnatural, foe, luck, wolf
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Date = 02/02/1994

Notes by DR

Possible names:  ‘Visual Strangeness’ or
‘A cat wanting to learn to fly and loose its taste for birds.’

Similar to Alpha wolves getting out alpha’ed, there’s a seamlessness from early Christianity to the latest faction. There’s not the distinction those on either end would have you draw though they each claim their exclusivity.

Alpha wolf with no pedigree: if they’re not relying on the past’s reinvention they’re relying on worshiping the guy, the Alpha.

Always presented with a problem; it’s just a trick, not speaking pejoratively, but they don’t work. There must be an assumed problem to overcome, but there is but one foe-human nature. Religions are based on trying to overcome human nature, i.e. hormonal human nature. All of the practices such as meditation are not to overcome ‘you’, just to overcome human nature.

It’s like a cat wanting only to learn to fly and loose their taste for birds. There’s no irony or conspiracy while cats pick feathers out of their teeth.

They’re calling something in the mind not natural as if there is only opposition to you and that it is something ‘unnatural’.

A person doing this has only two friends: someone knowing what This is and Luck.

Key Words:  visual strangeness, alpha wolves, seamlessness, human nature, unnatural, foe, luck