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93 0 01 – 1
Having more fun than you’re supposed to – intellectually –
Is probably against the law but who is there to rat on you!
93001– 2
Provincial concerns are the breath of the collective — carbon monoxide to the individual.
Only those who reach the first “Promised Land” can dream of freedom; and only those who stay there, anguish over captivity.
93001- 4
At street level —
Even if short-term magic was possible — long-term age would laugh at it.
Hardened minds are the pillars of civilization.
The collective institutions,
Through which life speaks to man,
Tell him that to be sad or to be angry is the proper proof that he “cares.”
Under routine conditions, imprisonment IS sanity.
Re-hashing the ideas of others is not thinking -any more than re-visiting Rome is a new vacation.
93001- 9
An independent mind is not only ac-tive, but an ac-TOR as well.
93 0 01 -1 0
Declining a proffered book, the man explained: “I don’t like hearing the ideas of dead men.”
True individuality is true independence — but at a price few are prepared to pay.
93 0 0 -1 2
Query: Were man not given to “self-criticism” would he ever have begun to talk?
93 01 -1 3
Men with small minds ofttimes have large stories.
93 0 01 -1 4
A man with a serious, “philosophy of life,”
Has fulfilled at least fifty per cent of his intellectual requirements — OR Is either half dead according to how you want to look at it.
93 0 01 -15
All children can be made serious — according to which toys get broken.
Marginalia: “A man who can think doesn’t care what others think” — NOT that He doesn’t care what others think about him! — just that He doesn’t any longer care what other people think.
9 3 0 0 1 –
Within a herd — all sane thought is cow-like.”
93001 -1 8
No matter their verbal doctrines to the contrary -A man tied to a religion, or philosophy
Is in no wise free, or liberated.
The difference between being weak and being sad is subtle and known but to a few.
The offering of moral advice is one of the prison’s more accurate tests for stupidity.
One man says:
“Once you know what you are, there’s no need to be insulting to yourself — that’s already taken care of.”
A man with an independent mind has a loaded gun that few fear.
93 0 01 23
The submissive minds of the world will ultimately follow any plan that promises the impossible.
Stupidity: The sincerest form of flattery.
Whenever you have a physical act or process,
(Let us call it, “Act X”),
And add to it, “Thinking-About-It,”
You will have not just “Act X plus Thinking-About-It,” but a surprising, unclassified third factor as well.
Let’s Be Done with It:
The ultimate in “self-improvement” is intellectual individuality.
Within the protected, closed walls of civilization,
All prophets, guards, philosophers, and the leaders of the institution itself, believe the structure is always near collapsing in upon itself.
……curious, huh.
Revised Update:
Stupidity: The most flattering form of imitation.
Okay — let’s doubly be done with it:
The ultimate in “self-improvement” is simply to escape.
A non-partisan thinker is the secret class clown.
In much of ordinary, civilized life, if the body could talk
It would tell the mind — “Shut up.”
In much of everyday, civilized life
The mind wishes it could tell the body — “Go away.”
Poser: Did institutions learn the gambit of “self-reference” from men, or vice versa?
Before the “promised land”–no gods; afterwards — always, “just up ahead.”
As hormones get old — they get cranky.
It remains those farmers who most doubt the freshness and nutrition of their crop who most passionately try to peddle it to others.
Does life really only approve of men who are cows? *
Making fun of others is about the only form of entertainment left for prisoners in permanent lock-down.
A single example can seem to be a full explanation to both captives and the independent -but in only one instance is it valid.
All information arising from man’s collective is always, in part, aggressive and hostile, in that, above all,
It must protect its own well-being for the Ultimate benefit of the individuals therein.

Who but the non-standard would want out of such an arrangement? *
93001 -50
Self-referring thought
Can construct walls where none stood before.
Aging makes even the taciturn turn critic.
Man’s genes still carry the silent message: “Why try to escape when you don’t have to!”
The least civilized of men have the roughest gods —
And the most verbose — deities who’ll talk your arm off.
The mind’s so-called, “critical facilities,”
As exercised at ordinary levels,
Are no more than prisoners being furnished with Playboy and Penthouse.

In what can captives stand judgement to other than the chains around their own-feet. *
One test that life does not bother to give is to see who does not see age, death, and life itself going downhill.
The institutional authorities continually remind the prisoners that only partisan, provincial thought is favored.
Even the ordinary suspect the shallowness of non-physical “human problems” Which is why they are treated with such seriousness.
The more detailed and specific the plans,
The more certain you may be that it came from the collective.
For those with strong mental preferences to ever make any sense of escape talk
Would represent the kind of odds a bookie would die for.
93001 -SO
Modifiers can be like an anesthetized condom pulled on over a previously aroused idea.
93 0 01 61
Heroes & Civilized Leaders: A step higher up on an imaginary ladder.
That which an independent mind thinks — it eventually re-defines.
The reason that men presumedly have more fun, than, let us say, a warthog–is because a large part of their life is spent in a pleasant dream.
That which a nonpartisan mind entertains — it ultimately re-defines.
The sad should be helped — but by those who want to help.
93 001 -es
Education is civilization’s attempt to turn peanut butter into asphalt.
Due to the laws governing the transfer of energy, all prisoners eventually fall into their own advice.
Collectively Conscious: To have been murdered with nary a sign of a weapon.
Everything in man’s intellectual world
Can be defined in either a
Positive or a negative fashion;
What does this leave available to the independent minded?!
9300 -70
The ordinary must dream of the impossible to keep them from ever attempting the otherwise.
Since you are not forced to eat every food placed before you. why assume you must think every thought?
A dog lays where he wants to;
A mad dog lays where his virus tells him to; where pray tell, is your bed roll?
One way to help stay in confinement is to be delicate.
Corollary: Only the delicate believe they’re civilized — they are incorrect.
93001 -75
Funny Thing: The non-solemn, independent mind ofttimes starts out even
MORE serious than its peers.
No Shame in Admitting The Truth, (ah hah):
It is trickier to keep neurons young and vigorous
Than it is to keep hormones horny in a saltpeter mine.
No one knows how dumb a man is but himself,
Which is why the collective continually try to provide public proof.
You can get accustomed to talking to prisoners — better watch it.
Similes are timid metaphors; Metaphors, uncertain symbols;
Symbols, the civilized turning from a point-blank wall.
To, by intent, be mentally nonaligned, is to be freed from a host petty conflicts.
In confinement,
Whatever a mind can think to be absolutely true it can also think: “That CAN’T be so!”
93001 8 2
Another Interesting Aspect:
Making confinement seem more serious than it actually is, seems to make it more tolerable.
Those who believe in collective, institutional “salvation,” must first assume destruction is on the way.
Ordinary thoughts re-thought
Are like an escaped inmate back hanging around the gates of the insane asylum.
Simplification Revisited:
There are only two classes of pain:
That which your nervous system relays as physical, and that which the collective says, “should be.”
93001 86
Old Question Revisited:
Why does it still seem easier to say what’s wrong with man than to speak of his potential?
First Visit to A New View:
No matter how it is presented,
An independent mind can always find
Positive, useful information in any observations regarding man.
Externally acquired drugs are a prisoner’s last-ditch, desperate grasp.
To be civilized you must be periodically ashamed; Of course, to be several other things
You must be also.
93 0 0 1 -9.0
There’s one version of reality that is far too blunt for most prisoners.

Partisan Thought: The only form of captivity kept alive through the continuing and generous support OF the captives. *
A civilized man in part is always traumatized.
There is only one true “miracle” an adult with a mind still alive.
Just as,
For physical life on this planet
There must be both oxygen and carbon dioxide,
So too intellectually, there must be partisan thinking.
Binding oneself even closer to a herd
Would seem to offer little promise in the way of escape.
…and yet —
What else IS being civilized and sane.
93 001 -95
Only the captive like to speak in terms of the absolute,
Such as about:
The Truth,
Whilst remaining blissfully unaware of the comforting, spurious nature of absoluteness.
Everyone has relatives a prisoner has more than is necessary.
93001 9 7
A man who looks to the collective for help has a pretty minimal concept of help.
Anyone who thinks that anyone else is more intelligent than they are — are correct.
Obviousness Revisited:
To know that you can escape
Is the required first step to do so.
Under the normal, partisan construction of man’s intellect, it is quite near impossible to think about something without, in part,
Becoming sad about it.

Energy is short on a sense of humor. *
93 0 0 -1 0 1
Can be bonds of friendship to near rival sex — and certainly beyond routine experience, or expectation.
Life will forgive EVERYTHING, how about you?
Under certain conditions
Can be a beneficial approach
In that many a prisoner is held to his cell by his tongue being nailed to the floor.
Independent thinking IS its own science, religion, and psychology.
Anything an independent mind can come up with, the collective can denounce in an eye-blink.
Those who know about escape,
Are at least internally — always smiling.
930014 07
When you can think — first thoughts are usually about as good as any.
The ordinary are weighed down with the woes-of-the-world — the independent minded, only by himself.
Many times does life dress up its triumphs as humanly perceived disasters.
93 0 0 1-1 10
The collective can never act as a direct conduit for liberating information.
Just how much of a “short cut” do you need
Regarding the few inches between your nose and the wall?
One view is that
Anyone who actually knows anything should keep their mouth shut.
The wellbeing of life, through man, is in numbers — as in addition.
The health of the independent minded is like — subtraction — the removal of his thinking from that of the collective.
Being civilized but once is insufficient for certain additional, exotic adventures.
Hobos stole their whole shtick from non-partisan thinkers.
93 0 0 1-1 6
Being in captivity is bad enough, but then to take it seriously is damn-near disgusting!
9 3 0 0 1-1 7
Those already captured always denounce neutrality.
There are some things you never hear discussed in a prison.
93 0 0 1-1 1 9
A Secret:
To be freed from partisan thinking is to be loosed from the only pain that neatly hurts.
Doors in point-blank walls are too subtle for most to ever see.
93 0 01-1 21
Once out of prison,
Once away from the herd,
Once moving toward the horizon,
A man finds his mind as active, productive, and bottomless as a volcano.
Escapees find it hard to take prison seriously.
The independent mind tends to abrupt neural endings.
93 0 0 1-1 24
For the sake of digestion, one man left out about half of what he wanted to say.
93 0 0 25
Why should a man who knew a neat secret tell anyone else?!
One man kept hearing a bird knock on his bedroom door.