Jan Cox Talk 1045

The Ordinary Have Private Parts, the Rebel Has Spare Ones


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#1045 Nov 4, 1992 – 1:25 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :35. To civilized ideas, all familiarity is improper; the Neural Revolutionist is the ultimate insulting familiarity. Audio-only :15. The ordinary have private parts, only the Neural Revolutionist has spare ones. 

The ordinary fail to find the obvious ever very revealing.


92125- I
…and Kyroot said:
A man who hums how to do it
Also knows that you can’t tell anyone else exactly how to do it — but, on with the show.
92125-‘ 2
…and Kyroot said:
Over in the city,
When it came time to think,
One man said: “I brought my own back-up singers.”
92125- 3
…and Kyroot said:
One man with back problems handled it by only bending over in the opposite direction. The Minister Of Finance asked: “Did you say allegorical back problems?….”
92125- 4
…and Kyroot said:
One man put two shelves in every bookcase he built — he couldn’t seem to do otherwise.
92125- 5
…and Kyroot said:
After, being shown some untried, untethered thoughts,
The man stepped back and said: “I’M not getting in one of those things!”
92125- 8
…and Kyroot said:
When ever he’d care, one man would make it a point NOT to.
Kyroot’s Guidelines For A Decent, Satisfactory City Existence:
Talk of age — leads to age;
..(Just as conversations regarding stupidity have their place.)
…and Kyroot said:
Humans are the noise produced where the universal becomes the local.
92125- 9
…and on Saint Surprise Day, Kyroot said:
Only the ordinary have nothing to lose.
…and Kyroot said:
In the rebel’s lexicon, profanity only has one letter.
92125-i ‘I
…and Elsa, “RSVP-The-Ole-Party-Giver” Kyroot said:
Advice is the door prize given everyone after they’re pre-tee well liquored-up & out of it.
…a certain obscure travel observer remarked:
“Once people are on the bus, and grown,
It’s almost impossible to get them to change seats without making them mad.”
A man who heard this chewed on it then wondered:
“Does he mean that if you make people change seats it will always make them mad? — or That you can’t get people to change seats without first making them mad? IP
Under certain conditions even a man’s shadow can desert him.
…and Kyroot said:
Although the pursuit of the fulfillment may occur in the secondary realm — all motives I themselves are primary in nature.
…and Kyroot noted:
Here’s one guy’s judgement on the matter:
“GREAT expectations are what keeps expectations going! ….(that, and people being alive.)
One man says he had to move from the city because he kept confusing the two concepts Of “midtown”, and “meltdown”.
…(Tempting, is it not, [said Kyroot], to speculate on his potential as a rebel?!)
…and Kyroot said:
By way of encouraging a bit of, shall we say, “stealth”, and “tacitunity”, One ole man told the kid:
“As you intellectually drive through the verbal neighborhoods of the ordinary, Remember this, my boy: Show what you know — and &me white you cruize.”
…(This may be why many rebels, even those with convertibles, keep their tops up.)
“Be forewarned!”, warned one native warner,
“Local reality has its eye darn-well out for anyone — and I mean ANY ONE — who gets TOO creative and original!”
And Kyroot reminded of how the rebel’s world is not the same as everybody else’s by saying:
When the ordinary don’t know what to think — they’ll think what they’re supposed to.
An observer of these proceedings said:
“Just the idea of being different MAKES me shiver! (inside, that is …I DO have it Right, don’t I?!”
…and Kyroot said:
One man had a secret machine —That did secret things —
— He kept it in his brain —
— That secret machine.
And Kyroot offered some, “Fleet Street News For The Presently Slow-Of-Foot”:
Even those without papers write letters to their editor.
A man who once saw the Kyroot Show said he thought that a lot of it actually just had to do with the mind.
Out of town, at sleazy motels, some thoughts will check in under the name of, “Beliefs”.
…and Kyroot noted:
For his final trick,
The city magician leap half way in the air and declared: “Health is an illusion!”
…and Kyroot, dressed up as the, “Let’s Be Direct Man” — (WHO, come to thought-on-it, He might have been originally any way!) — said:
Any thing men can talk about — can’t be explained.
…(Then, speaking for yourselves, I’M sure most of you said,: “That explains a LOT!”)
…and Kyroot noted:
-r- -2..2 _ _ Al IV is
9 2 1 2 5 -2
…and a kid asked that we all be reminded
That a comprehensive definition OF “civilized” IS: “Sang predictable.”
…and Kyroot noted:
A real artist ate his own feet years-s-s ago.
…and Kyroot said:
Dumb people think everyone else is dumb.
…and Kyroot added:
That’s how you can tell they’re dumb.
…and some people who heard this thought:
“We don’t think we care to raise any questions In this matter just now,’thank you.”
…and Kyroot said: Turn the page.
…and Kyroot said:
Actions, local — motives & consequences, universal.
Then one man told this one:
“There was a guy who named his dog, ‘Wisdom’ —
Since he knew he wouldn’t come when he called him any way.”, And a man standing in ear-shot asked: “Is that an old joke?”, And the speaker replied: “No, I just made it up.”,
And the man said: “But you know, it sounds like one.”
And upon reflection, the teller had to agree, though he wasn’t sure WHY.
“Such”, annotated the visiting cosmic philosopher,
“Is some times the nature of humor
…And of words
…And of animal stories, and other miscellaneous shit.”
There was once a band of warriors on this planet
Who would instantly open fire on any one who began their comments by saying: “The nature of,such-and such’ is that….”,etc
…and Kyroot said:
The respiratory X-rays of some realities reveal the presence of: One lung, and a corresponding sack-like repository full of critics.
One chap told his son: “Never chase a man who has a spray gun.”, And the boy asked “Why not?”,
And the father replied: “ALL RIGHT! – chase him then!”
And local life stepped in with its “moral-as-slogan”:
W0rds are a terrible thing to waste! — which is why I don’t waste them.
92125 -3T-
…and Kyroot said:
The civilized remain fascinated with seers and forecasters inasmuch as Everyone KNOWS what’s coming, and just don’t want to THINK about it much.
…a man says:
“Why don’t we just get-right-to-it, and say that, ‘What’s coming’ is the universal!”
– All righty, sir — go ahead and say it.
…and then Kyroot kicked in to add:
For those on a single storied merry go round What’s always coming next is
The rest of the merry go round.
And this semi-dramatic presentation from the boards-of-Kyroot:
The innate intelligence of life is such — (okay: The innate intelligence of life As apparently manifest THROUGH man) — is such that
When it’s time to trip — many men will go ahead and fall down in advance.
One guy snorts: “Okay. you mister know-it-alls — tell me this:
If life’s so SMART, then
What the hell’s it loin’ hanging around the likes of MAN for?1″
…(It may not be any of my business,
But men like that run the distinct risk of developing
Over-heating, induced tumors.)
The city’s spiritual physician said:
“In healing the hearts of men we have two main laughs — I mean, labors….”
…and Kyroot said:
According to legend in one galaxy, the progression of a rebel goes like this: In the beginning he wants something, but doesn’t know what it is;
– Then he hears about the revolution, and wonders what it is;
– Then he decides that it is the revolution he wants;
– Then he figures out what it is;
– Then further on he realizes he’s not exactly “right” in his figuring – Then he begins to wonder just what the revolution actually IS.
…and Kyroot said:
This seems ’bout a good a place as any to stop.
In a somewhat delayed response, a man comments:
“After more than five thousand years, and after all that’s all ready been said,
I can’t for the life of me see how you can say that: ‘Five words can say it all.
…and Kyroot said:
During what was reputed to be a pretty disgusting weekend,
Two low-rent realities were hangin’out and one of them said: “Is it finally going to come-down-to-it?!….
…Come down to a final struggle ‘tween those-who-wanna-fuck, And those who-manna-think?!”,
And his running-bud replied: “Jeuuz-Krugers! –what a choice!”
92125 -41
…and Kyroot said:
During the convention’s 10 am coffee break,
A stranger stood in the hotel lobby and quite loudly declared:
“Critics are the artistic energy that makes buses fly.”,
And a man passing by stopped and appeared ready to respond to this comment, But then seemed to think better of it — and moved on.
One Mary told The Lamb:
“The FIRST thing to capturing a tiger is to CALL HIM a tiger.”
A man upon hearing this, (and coming dangerously close to comprehending it), thought: 4 “You know, if I didn’t tike me so much — I’d USE that on me.”
One guy comes around to confess:
“Every time I get really serious about something
I feel like life is laughing at me behind my back.”
…and Kyroot said:
One chap believes that “heaven” will be a place where they’ll Refinish your furniture AND have it back to you on the date promised.
One man chuckled and mused: “Ahhh, to live in simpler times.”, And his mind said: “Ahhh — but you DO!”
Note: After a certain age, many people stop conversing with their mind;
Oh!, if you ASK them they’ll SAY they do — but they don’t really.
…(yes, sit — your stuff’ll be ready next Thursday.)
92125 45
…and Kyroot said:
One modern reality snapped its creatures back in line by giving them more than a Straight year’s worth of badly done tv, and a string of bland, pedestrian movies.
As the collective organically expands it becomes more concerned with being entertained Than it does being fed.
..(If you’re interested — there’s another reality in that same universe who keeps Its little beings toeing the mark by periodically reminding them that its Middle name is “Vindictive.”)
…and Kyroot said:
A taller rebel told a shorter one:
“Only the old, and idiots, write odes in praise of age.”
…then a harsher rebel told a less harsh one:
“If a man had any real spirit he’d DIE instead of get old.”
…and a non-rebel, “interested party”, upon hearing these comments said:
I guess you already know that I sure hoe all of this is meant allegorically.
Another of Kyroot’s “Defamatory Definitions”:
Culture: The venbal transformation of  hormones’  brutishness into Poetic odes of secondary joy.
Further Insulting Verdict: Those who favorably rhapsodize on man’s animal nature Are the semi-civilized who still scare themslves,
And otherwise have no clue as to where it’s all headed..
9 2 1 2 5 -5 0
One reality, in the grip of a passing snit, snuffed, regarding the creatures in his care: “They think secondary affairs like politics and economics can be upsetting — Wait’ll they get a load of DEATH!”
92 1 2 5 -5 1
Then, outside the reach of the Advice Doctor, or Miss Etiquette,
A viewer writes to our newest in-house columnist who has no name:
“Dear No Name; Will becoming a revolutionist cause me to lose weight and make more money?” “Yes.”, he replied.
A man noted:
“If you don’t compare bus tickets people won’t even consider going anywhere new.”, And he was asked: “Is this part of the safety-guard built into the revolution?”, And he responded: “Did you say, land- mine’?
92125 53
One loose limbed observer looked at the city and said:
“Even if you grant that the people over there, both leaders and otherwise, KNOW what they’re doing — it’s STILL funny.”
A man says: “I saw your last show, but I want to be sure I got something right: In the middle of one of your Kyroot stories did I hear it said that One day the cats ‘wanting to go out’ CAUSED the rain to stop?!”
Though not wishing to further disorient anyone,. Or otherwise disturb them needlessly,
Kyroot did happen to mention that
A revolutionist trying to tell others how to do it Is like the wind telling the air how to blow.
* Everyone’s born knowing What to do, and everyone lives like trying to forget it. *
…and Kyroot took us back momentarily to a previous area by noting:
Couth ideas find all familiarity to be “UN”.
One kid turned to a playmate and said:
“Just consider — in the primary world there is no such thing as seriousness; The closest thing would be ‘non-existence’.”,
His buddy rubbed his little chin for a while, then replied: “Me wonders if the likes-of-us
Could use the likes-of-that kind of info
Some how in our own secondary life?!”
Later that afternoon they came up with a new definition:
The rebel: A man on drugs who’s NOT on drugs.
…and Kyroot said:
Civilization and normal progress is where the universal and local tolerably meet & divide: The revolution is some place else.
…subscript query:
Why do civilized kings, priests, and warriors smile as they lead the people? Answer: Because they don’t HAVE to.
One of the early things a rebel begins to suspect is that his own mind MAY be laughing at him.
Kyroot’s “Local Lore”:
One man didn’t have a library in his home town;
Another gentleman didn’t have a home town in his home town.
Kyroot’s Additional Data For Uncertain Locales:
Being a neural rebel is like being able to leave home
AFTER you finally realize you weren’t BORN anywhere in particular Though everyone ELSE now believes otherwise
And are all involved in discussing bus schedules amongst themselves.
One day an intellectually an toy-sort-of-guy was about to whine and say: “Ahh — I don’t have ANY body to really TALK to!”,
When he caught himself in time to say: “Hey! – what d’you think I’ve got YOU for?!”
And from a still more advancedview — “The Great Human Conspiracy Shamelessly Revealed”:
Mr. Chrysler said to Mr. Ford: “Well, 1 see your new models are out.”
…and this diagnosis from Dr. Kyroot, (license & patent pending):
There is no such thing as “mutat indigation”;
Or in the alternative: If there IS -,– then you’re no rebel!
A man who saw our last show sat down and mulled:
“How can you exptcUn life if you don’t talk about life’
….But then again”,(he mulled onward),
“How could you ever understand Economics if you studied the subject while Ignorant of the fact that it exists only so that it can BE studied?!”
….Okay kids, (said Kyroot), look out the window and smile at that one.
One guy claims he once heard Kyroot say that:
A man who’s not creative is not really alive.
…(He later said that he didn’t believe he heard him say that.)
They wouldn’t let one guy leave town unless he took all his modifiers with him!
…(And another guy said: “I say,’Good riddance!’ — except that I have a Speech impediment and can’t SAY, ‘Good riddance’.”
…[Yes, words ARE a terrible thing to waste — Oh!, We’ve done that one all ready.])
…and Kyroot said:
The man with his hand out on the city street corner was saying to the passers-by:
“Those who take words to be inherently serious are indeed cultured & the cream of civilization” And a lad at his side tugged at his sleeve and said:
“But Pa Pa, at home you’ve always said such people were -imbeciles.”
“Hush boy!”, cautioned the old man, “I’m TRYING to MAKE a few bucks!”
…and Kyroot noted:
At no company picnics in THIS reality
Are employees permitted to compete in “Three Eyed Races”.
One man’s rallying cry:
“Cosmetic surgery for the young! — Mental prostheses for the mature!”
..and Kyroot said:
When all a man has is kin, he tends to place its value higher than his hormones would have originally guessed.
From the notepad of Kyroot: “More Logic That Doesn’t Mean ANY Thing”:
The onty Oace,
To count “good taste”,
14 in the zecondaty wo,Led — but crap!, what difference does it make since
the whole thing’s made up from start to finish ANY how
…WELL!, you just calm right down there, young man! I’ll TELL you what “difference” it makes! -It makes all the difference in the WORLD! — THAT’S
…and a chap says:’ “I thought you said this wasn’t Going to MEAN anything….”
* The sign said: “Jurt Ahead — Ga./Wen Fute O aitic4.” *
…and Kyroot said:
From a certain non-hostile view the collective is a joke.
…and Kyroot noted:
When it came to fresh thinking, the rebellious part of one man’s mind was a volcano. …(And an older, more civilized part exclaimed:
“Yeah!, that’s right Mister Vesuvius! — just treat ME like your own little Pompeii!” — and he did! )
…and Kyroot said:
To help reassure himself, one man would make loud noises! — but not mentally.
Once he realized the job confronting him,
One man said: “This is no job for ANYBODY! — much LESS ME!”
Still another chap,
When ever he’d step in self-made shit, would soothingly say: “Ah yes!, that a’boy.”
…(“After all”, added the philosopher, “What ARE ikhurams’ — if not THAT?!”)
92 1 25 -7 3
…and Kyroot said:
To rebel thinking Having to explain yourself
Is worse than having to pick 112_ after yourself -…Which is worse than coming after yourself, and Having to tell yourself: “Hey!, pick that up!”
…and Kyroot noted:
Item you won’t hear any where else — (or, here again, after the first of the month): From the secondary view — if it had one — Definition of life: THE Rea.. ConoiAacy.
One neighborhood would-be thinker and freelance .bibliomaniac had this to say:
“Cheap books can contain expensive ideas — BUT, expensive books can COST-T-T more!”
…(The man is the “center-of-attention” whereEVER he goes’ [so long as he
doesn’t leave home].)
…and Kyroot said:
One of our younger correspondents sends us this “Guesstimate description”, (Speculates he):
“Hermits, artists and geniuses are rebels that don’t know what they’re doing.”
92 1 25-77
…and Kyroot said:
Instead of completing their doctorial papers
Several of the lambs ran outside and began playing, Wave YOWL Wenn..
“Oh my god!’, thought the Great Catch-On, “What if they ever – ‘catch on’?!”
And our sponsors would like to leave you with this word: “OH my god!”
And a “friend” of Kyroot’s made this startling revelation:
“All non-physical forms of human conflict are caused by men picking on one another’s Ideas which were concocted in the first place to BE picked on.”
“Hey!”, said a man, “Don’t try and TELL anyone that!”, “And why not?”, asked another man,
“Just don’t! — that’s all.”, he replied.
9 2 1 2 5 – 7 9
…and Kyroot said:
One guy told his family:
“Denseness will hide around your house — and there’ s no one you can call to come clean it up.’
…just to himself, one man noted:
My BEST ideas are in the trash.
Though in some places they still spell, “distinction” with a small “s”, Kyroot went ahead and said:
The ordinary have ovate paid — the rebel , owLe ones.
A man asks: “How many potential neural rebels are there in the world?”
…then Kyroot aimed this one at youse:
“The Ordinary Mind’s Routine Relationship With Collective Thought
As Reflected In This Imaginary Conversation From A Child Regarding Its Parent”:
“I’m a big boy now! — and I don’t HAVE to call home every day! — DO I Mom?!”
…and Kyroot said:
A certain reality, after considering the talent and intelligence of one of its creatures, And how the man had spent. almost all of his life involved with the revolution, One day, good-naturedly asked him: “Are you crazy?”,
And with a peculiar glint in his eye the man looked back at life and said: “Probably.”
Today’s electro-chemical lesson as contained in this dialogue fragment:
” ‘Aephabeticat oft.dee means NOTHING to a clock!”; “Huh! — that’s what YOU think!”
** Worlds in 3-D realities are round so that Pacific Standard Time won’t run into Greenwich Mean.
(nor of course, Mary into The little Lamb). **
…and Kyroot said:
New thinking is the only entertainment that doesn’t make any noise, Or leave a mess to clean up when you’re finished.
More “Humor News”:
Life gave everyone a name as a joke.
…and Kyroot said:
Whenever the chips were down
One guy’d look up and tell his kid:
“Keep an eye out for fresh, incoming chips.”
92 1 25 –
…and Kyroot pointed out the mutinously obvious:
If you don’t talk a lot —
— It don’t count —
— Unless you do it on purpose!
From Kyroot: “Notice That Need Not Be Posted”:
The ordinary fail to find the obvious ever very revealing.
…then Kyroot returned to give an alternative version of an earlier one:
A certain reality, after considering the talent and intelligence of one of its creatures, And how the man had spent almost all of his life involved with this revolution thing, One day, good-naturedly asked him: “Are you nuts?”,
And with apeculiar glint in his eye, the man looked back at life and replied: “You shoultknow.”
…and Kyroot said:
Standing high atop the very edge of the rim, a man shouted out into the depths of the canyon: “What IS the difference between being ckeative, and being crazy?”,
And wind called back: “A little in some places — a bit more in others.”
…and Kyroot said:
After a while had passed,
An artist paused and said to himself: “Life will talk to you;
Life will make you warm, and
Life will make you cold —
— But life will call to you.”
(He then laid down his brushes and told himself that that was about a “wrap” for the day.)