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Life of the Mind–Fragmentation of the Universal Into the Local


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#1039 Oct 21, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :25. Fragmentation of the Universal into the local is the life of the mind, the essence of the Secondary Level World. The mind then tries to escape the local, fragmented view to the Universal.

The News

...and Kyroot said:
The most shocking news of the day IS' 
...and Kyroot said:
Over in another reality, when you're born you have a choice: You can either be alive,
Or be in a movie.
* Proclamation: Be it officially noted that many persons believe they live in another reality.*
92119- 3
...and Kyroot said:
This one guy often tried to argue with the physical world; His explanation being: "Well HE started it!"
92119- 6
...and Kyroot said:
Those who can count can count --
Those who can think can remove themselves from the mathematics.
92119- 9
...and Kyroot said:
Wrapping its arms around the man's shoulders, local reality said: "You certainly are dense and gullible",
And smilingly added: "I like that in a creature."
...and Kyroot said:
Where man's mind touches the universal it creates the local; Thus acts beget facts,
And from the primary the secondary is born.
...and Kyroot, (that ole sly sociologist), said:
In the city it's hard for men to talk about life without getting mad about it.
...and Kyroot said:
Surveying the ranks of his everyday neural work force one man mused: "Attrition can make a
Fine addition."
...and Kyroot said:
The primary world appears serious because it IS; The secondary seems so because man SAYS it is.
An interested observer makes this note:
"Many who begin as wanting to be revolutionists
Eventually settle for being sophisticated critics and fashionable smart-asses."
...and Kyroot said:
One man's regular brain partner said:
"I'm not satisfied."
And with much apparent aghast-ness the man threw up his hands and shouted:
"You're not SATISFIED?! -- you're not SATISFIED?! --
Quick everybody! come over here and listen! -- you'll never BELIEVE what he's saying!"
...(of course it could have been mock aghast-ness...)
...and Kyroot said:
When it was his turn, (and then some), the man stood and said: "There are two things that will keep men from trying something: To believe that it is impossible -- or that it IS possible."
And from the vaults of Kyroot: "Famous Legends Straightened Out For Your Edification, Chump":
After it had rained continuously for well over a month, And all of the local animals had become neatly antsy,
The old man began to advertise and try to sell: "Padded Bras For The Mind."
...and Kyroot said:
One guy told all his kids:
"There is nothing to be ashamed of in being human -- UNLESS that's all you plan to BE!"
Responding to an item from our last telecast a viewer complains: "But I don't WANT to be buried in alphabetical order!"
...and Kyroot said:
The fragmenting of the universal is what makes the local visible.
...and Kyroot said:
One day, one man decided: "It's time to clean house."
And his house said: "Before you do
I strongly suggest you take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself just exactly what your house looks like?"
And now this late-breaking definition from one ole sorehead:
Manners: Hormones run awry.
...and Kyroot said:
It is hunger that causes the primary to kill	--	seriousness, the secondary.
...(and the built-in safety mechanism is that the serious can never see this.)
...then Kyroot, that ole gregarious gardener, said:
Small, unkempt backyards tend to attract small , unkempt insects --- Which in part accounts for most men's small, unkempt backyards.
Lacking any direct prompting from life,
Few people care to go crazy on their own initiative.
...and Kyroot said:
One reality was always on its best behavior --
But a lot of good it did it since it was full of people!
...and Kyroot remarked;
While searching for the right track,
Whenever he found himself on the wrong track,
This one man would often say: "I'm on the wrong track."
Then after he got on the right track he would sometimes say: "I'm on the right track." And once he got free from the gridlock of normal city traffic he didn't say anything else about it.
...and Kyroot said:
The fragmenting of the universal into the local makes it appear to be more serious.
"Well sure", said a concerned ole man to his rebellious kid, "Sure, you're supposed to itch, but not THAT much!"
...("Aye!", moaned the traveling thespian,
"What be thy name, mighty revolution, if not:
'But Not THAT Much'	---	[other than: 'Not At All.']")
...and Kyroot said:
One man had only his mind to rely on.
The speaker in city park exclaimed:
"History makes fools of us all!"
And a woman in the crowd shot back:
"Yeah? -- well WE'VE done a pretty good job on it TOO!"
...and Kyroot said:
Some men have friends.
...and Kyroot said:
One man had friends, but had only his mind to rely on.
...and reacting to something said a decade ago, a viewer says:
"Well, if possums DO eat your mail you didn't deserve to be written to in the first place!"
Over in one star system
You are only permitted to say: "Better late than never,"
When you are prepared to be publicly humiliated and taken-to-task by a panel of your marsupial peers.
...and Kyroot said:
The fragmenting of the universal into the local keeps the ordinary from becoming disoriented.
This should go into your records, filed under the heading of:
"The Mind Will CONTINUE To Look Out After Itself No MATTER The Chintzy Cost.":
The king of France said:
"We'll trick 'em!
We'll tell 'em we're calling it 'capital punishment' Because we're doing it here in Paris."
Some men do not like having their intellect referred to as chintzy.
A correspondent notes:
"Me some times feel this revolution to be like religion with all the seriousness removed; And-or-but, if this be so,
Then what the hell can you call it?!" 
Historical footnote: It was specifically in response to such questions as this that:
Low-heel shoes,
boxer shorts,
and rock & roll
were invented.
"Listen", said one local reality,
"If we're going to have art we're going to TALK about art! --	UNLESS
You'd care to have REAL art, in which case -- never mind."
...and Kyroot noted:
A mutinous ole man touched the kid on the head and said:
"Verbally dismantling life is not the half of it."
He paused, then started over again:
"No - Verbally dismantling life is just half of it -- but 'great god a'mighty' what a wonderous half it be!"
...and Kyroot added: In a certain particular, meaningless way, a man even partially free is HOME free.
...and Kyroot said:
The engine of ordinary thought cannot be run on seamless octane.
As they skipped and played, one of the kids began to sing:
"There are those among us
Who spread a fungus
Known as sanity." ---
-- And the teacher supervising recess realized that he was
Getting quite too old to be let out with the rest of the children.
..and Kyroot said:
All local efforts are plagiaristic;
True creativity is possible only at some spot where man and the universal meet.
One man's totally unknown advice to himself:
"Don't worry about dying unless you actually mean to die."
Historical footnote II: Many viewers, and non-viewers of our show, Both now, and in other times,
Have often, and not-so often wondered Just WHAT death is a metaphor FOR!
A viewer writes:
"On your last show you didn't have to bother saying that
It's hard to be friends with somebody else's hormones -- hell!, it's hard to be so with
your OWN!"
...and Kyroot inquired:
What proper, distinguished, prominent and important people would RIDE a merry go round IF the horsies' saddles were greased?!!
...("Hey!", said the spirit of P.T. Barnum's past, present and always, "Get serious!")
One day while out alone, strolling near the Dantean Swamp, a man paused and pondered: "I'll bet that EVERYTHING could be explained IF you'd stand STILL for it."
Another home-&-self-improvement-tip from Kyroot:
Note to those who either don't have enough time to sleep, or else to awake:
He who make his OWN clock can wind the son of a bitch any way he WANTS to.
...and Kyroot said:
It is easier to dream of the universal if you believe it is a dream.
...and Kyroot said:
A man who sometimes ran a carnival told a kid who was hanging around:
"It is extremely tricky and technical to believe that you have nothing-to-lose."
...and Kyroot, (that ole psychic angler), said:
Only mullets get mad;
Only carp get cynical;
Only sissies get tumors --
-- Case closed!
More of how things work at the local level:
Men with little shriveled-up minds can make great historical leaders.
In the city ballroom all "Spotlight Dances" are rigged -- but Not to your disadvantage -- and that's what's so weird.
When the "fix is in, and it's life doin' the fixin' -- not-to, not-to worry.
"Big K.'s Joke For The Day":
Those who actually deserve a break never ask for one.
...and Kyroot said:
The concept of approaching something on "soft, tippy toes"
Was derived from man's mind reflecting on the primary world's influence on the secondary.
(We would like to thank the Understatement Man for allowing us the use, in the above,
of the word, "influence.")
...and Kyroot said:
It is easier to think of the universal if you think it is imaginary.
...and Kyroot said:
For every bound, self-fueling activity in a closed system There is a bound, self-fueling explanation.
...and Kyroot said:
For every bound, self-fueling activity in a closed system
There is a bound, self-fueling explanation;
And upon hearing this a man exclaimed: "Ah hah! - now I understand!"
And life said: "No you don't."
And the man said: "Yes I do."
And life said: "No you don't."
And the man said: "Yes I do."
And so on.
Item from the curious file of legerdemain:
What is rarer than seeing the real Indian Rope Trick performed in broad day light? Seeing thoughts stay out of the way of hormones.
92119 -55
One man's city mind noted:
"It's hard to keep track when you TRY to keep track."
...(Several of his more astute children were delighted at this turn of discouraging
local events.)
...and Kyroot said:
Near autumn a fellow thought:
"A man trying to pin down the revolution is like a
Butterfly lover with only specimen in a case -- and in either instance, should be shot."
...and Kyroot continued:
A little further on into the fall of the year,
Another fellow thought:
"The only useful thing about being sick, even near to death, is that it can cause you to think: 'Perhaps I should take the revolution more seriously.'"
Grammatical footnote, (as if one should be needed):
The use of the word "seriously" in the above
Is intended to convey some meaning OTHER than that
Normally associated with the word;
But since a real revolutionist knows what seriousness, and REAL seriousness IS
He doesn't have to spend time coming up with yet another synonym
For saying that which HE understands,
And which HE understands cannot BE said.
...and Kyroot said:
After some years of effort
One reality finally realized that it was not necessary  To TELL the creatures not to think about the universal.
...and Kyroot said:
No need to worry about packing one -- everybody's already got a parachute.
921 19-6G
...then Kyroot, the ole hipster, said:
Be ye musical or not:
If your thinking is not in some way jazz tinged -- spontaneous, improvisational -Then you're not getting the most outta your axe.
...and Kyroot said:
Over in camp,
A rebel supply sergeant told some recruits:
"If the secondary world WAS as serious as you ordinarily think it is Then yes! -- the revolution TOO would be serious."
...and Kyroot noted:
It is difficult for some to grasp that this rebellion is NOT toward the primary world, Nor the freedom sought from the physical.
* Query: Why is it, do you suppose, that magicians, priests and businessmen tend to dress in such formal attire? *
And a viewer, (obviously in the employ of local conditions), sends this message: "Trying to turn man's life into a metaphor won't do you ONE-E-E bit of good."
...(I'm sure he believes he has a good fix on just who our audience is.)
...and Kyroot said:
Even buses filled with the reformed are on track -- and on schedule.
When confronted with the plain reality of local travel
Only those who don't want out will whine and say: "Is there NO way OUT?!"
And from the absolute 'forefront of modern medical knowledge comes this Kyrootian item:
Only man can live on recycled food; Only man can live on vacuous food; Only man can live on nothing.
"Gads!" thought a warthog, "It must be MURDER being human." -- but don't-t-t you worry! --
what does a warthog know?!
...and Kyroot, (that ole slippery shepherd), said:
Hormones herd man together -- his mind cleaves him apart.
...and Kyroot kontinued:
Only hermits can think	---	Only secret hermits can think at full throttle.
And now for today's, "Melancholy Time":
The only thing in a revolutionist's life worthy of being called "sad"
Would be if he died and went to the grave NOT as a rebel.
..."Hey, gang", said the Lighten-Up Man, "Lighten up! -- it was just a joke!", (And under his breath Kyroot muttered something I either didn't hear, or that you don't WANT to.)
...and Kyroot, (that unnoticed, notable note-taker), said:
Part of the local population's proper responsibility is to
Tell themselves, each other -- and especially YOU! -- that it's simply, "no good trying."
* How can a man learn to Love his home if he doesn't stay at home. *
"Kyroot's Quirky Ratios":
More men believe they know what they're doing than do;
Even more men KNOW what they're doing than think they do.
...and Kyroot said:
Soon after man began to think he began to make up stories;
He didn't care for the dead-spots between acts that facts began to notice.
And now for a Religious footnote: If prayers WERE ever answered
The universal would FALL on man like a
Ton of tenors with their pockets full of bricks!
...and Kyroot noted:
Religions are as steam 
Left from the heat 
Where the local and Cosmic meet.
A rebellious ole man told the kid:
"One of the things you should remember is that you're grossly outnumbered."
...and Kyroot said:
Life gives everyone a boat,
And makes the normal love the shore.
A letter from a viewer asks:
"How old do I have to be before my ole man quits talking to my kid?"
...and Kyroot said:
The human mind is like a bottomless pit inside of a finite closet; And since this cannot be -- neither can a revolutionist be.
There! -- happy?!
One man had more fun with himSELF than any one else! --
And he finally asked: "What ARE you? -- some kind of REBEL or something?!"