Jan Cox Talk 1032

Knowledge Is Polarized, Thinking Is Non-Magnetic


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The News

…and Kyroot said:
In man’s world —
That which doesn’t exist, yet exists.

92112- 2
…and Kyroot said:
Talk of the “human spirit” proves the speaker knows little of the human mind.

…and Kyroot said:
One man had a clarinet, and he gave it to his uncle;
Disposal of his opinions however, did not go so effortlessly.

92112- 4
…and Kyroot said:
They found the fellow staggering about near the city limits signs,
Dazed beyond the norm, and mumbling this cryptic definition:
“Education: Circumcision of the mind.

…and Kyroot remarked:
All grievous emotions are outputs of knowledge — not thinking.

As life liked to say,
At the beginning of each broadcast day:
“From the people who brought you yesterday, we proudly bring you — TODAY!”

(And via “simul-cast,” Kyroot added: Any body that don’t think life has a sense of humor
Ain’t got their radios tuned in right.)

921 1 2-7
A fellow in Aisle Seven, holding a cucumber for a microphone, announced to the passing shoppers: “All ‘bad-news’ is at heart — stupid! — which accounts for its world wide popularity.”

921 1 2- . 8
…and Kyroot notes:
One man says that when his theories are really working well he can bleed before he’s shot.

9 2 1 1 2-9
And from the checkbook of Kyroot we withdraw the following:
“The Mysticism Of Man Revisited”:
A person with cheap feet is ohhh-so-tempted to buy expensive shoes.

921 12-10
…and Kyroot said:
Snatching his head back out of the elevator shaft just in time again,
A chap mused:
“Why do men believe there’s something more serious than entertainment?

…(And our vice-president responded: “Well of course it’s only the dumb who DO!”

…[and the cleaning crew locked arms, began their chorus line kick, as they pointed upstairs and sang:
“You do that voo-doo that keeps us so well.”])

921 1 2-1 1
And yet another man declared:
“I TOO shall not be placated! — nor will I tolerate ANY attempt to embroider, or embalm me!”

And “Something” said:
Life’s given EVERYBODY a nick name — and trust me — you don’t wanna KNOW what yours is!

All of the weak said: “We must protect ourselves.”
And all of the dumb said: “We gotta REALLY protect OUR selves!”

92112 14
And the driver announced:
“There are places in the universe in charge of long thoughts — others, of short ones;
Next stop — Albuquerque.”

…and Kyroot said:
The peoples of this one land,
In an attempt to distinguish themselves from their neighbors,
Decided that their children should have as heroes, instead of people — places;
But a wandering wanderer who wandered by pointed out to them that “It’s all the same.”
(And the town fathers said: “Ahh, shoot!”)

9 2 1 1 2- 1 6
The Continuing Logic Of It All — (Ya’ll):
A civilized man is a satisfied man;
A civilized man has no choice!

(A legal firm, claiming to represent the man who invented Logic, writes to threaten.)

The speaker at the “Alternate Medical Convention” said directly in the audience’s face: “Seriousness has caused more stiffness than all known forms of arthritis.”

(The kid told the ole man: “I don’t want to be stiff.”
And the ole man replied: “It may already be too late, if we stick around here.”)

…and Kyroot said:
Only local matters are serious.

(Okay, sissy-britches: Only local matters SEEM serious.
— [And the universal burped.])

The other day,
Some of those who weren’t chosen,
Got together and decided to claim there was an old proverb that said: “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

An ole sorehead comforted himself so:
“In a better world, the cure for humility would be greed.”

Item: “How Some People Manage In Another Reality”:
Whenever it’d get cold outside this one man would wait ’til he was indoors to complain.

The Twin Twins say: “We don’t get it, but we LIKE-E-E it all the same.”

…and Kyroot said:
A man disappointed, who tells a friend, now has two people disappointed.

…and Kyroot said:
A certain visitor to man’s world made this observation regarding the area of religious belief: “What I hear you describe as an afterlife reward of a Heaven, or a Paradise,
Is actually The Land Of Leveling — a world of no variety — but note:
So too are the places
You picture of punishment!”

…(And The Church said: “Go Figure.”….and man said: “We need a new come-back.”)

…a city physician in charge of “head affairs” also adds:
“Don’t you people be misled in this matter: Sameness EQUALS sanity.”
…(and “well put,” he put it!)

…and Kyroot noted:
For city unpleasantnesses,
Any explanation,
No matter HOW inadequate — is adequate.

9 2 1 1 2 – 2 6
A viewer writes:
“I would like to commend you for your efforts. but I don’t know what they are.”

921 1 2-27
One rebel’s motto was: “Think different.”
And someone said: “That’s different-LY.”
And he said: “That too.”

921 1 2-28
Time for “Friday’s Inspirational Health News”:
A man with sufficient brain problems doesn’t NEED “bad eyes.”

9 21 1 2-29
The Court Accountant was strolling with the prince and said to him:
“It is possible to make people believe there is a difference in
Being cultured, and being civilized — that is:
A difference between what a person has accomplished, and their conduct, — that is:
To accept there to be a distinction between what you’ve done, and what you are.”

…and Kyroot said:
The further from the basement and foundation, the more serious things become;
In fact, a man’s mind out-of-town can become so serious that it actually aches!

…(This is precisely why a rebel’s thoughts NEVER go any where and NEVER stay at home!)

Another Useful Tip:
Never conduct “serious business” with a man named, Roger Johnson….or a woman named, Elizabeth Smith.

92112 32
Words To Live-By If You’re Living In A ’68 Plymouth:
Those who talk a lot, know a lot. . . . . and possums invented calculus.

And a viewer writes:
“Is your show getting longer, or is it just my imagination?

…(That offers up an even better question: Who invented viewers?!)

To compensate for his height, one man began referring to himself as, “The late, great…” etc.

…Post Game Analysis:
Those who don’t see any connections could turn out to be prime viewers.

A gentleman in our audience objects: “I really can’t see myself watching me.”

…(Which offers up an even better picture of a fish shopping for lures.)

Fairy Tale From Far Away:
Once the rebels had taken complete control,
The first thing they did was execute all the periods,
And severely cripple most commas.

Things The City Won’t Tell You:
More people don’t know anything than know they do.

9 2 1 1 – 3 7
Another operational distraction whereby the city side of man’s mind protects itself admirably: (It is contained in this short rhyme,
That life implants in everyone’s spine,
When they are born,
But that everyone forgets they ever heard):
A man with diseases
Can do as he pleases.

He then looked directly ahead and stated quite plainly:
“I have NO interest in ‘getting-well’ if it will make me ANY less of a man!”
…(Well, I guess that about closes the book on THAT one.)

9 2 1 1 2-38
“The Grand, Imperial Ku-Bah” issued this statement:
“Man was given relatives just in case he ever runs out of bottles
And old iceboxes for target practice.”

9 2 2-3 9
…and Kyroot said:
Deep down,
Men know the real value of predictions….that’s why they HAVE so many….to make UP for it.

…oh! — along that same area a new old sorehead souses:
“Hey! — forget the future — men can’t even predict the PAST!”

A city father gave his son this grown-person’s-type-admonishment:
“See here young man — you must EARN your leisure and good times.”
And the kid replied: “I was BORN, wasn’t I?!”

…(“Yukl”, says the Urban Lobby, “What a perfectly despicable story!”)

And NOW! — for some GOOD news!: Old people may not be smarter than the young,
But at least they’re closer to death.

And now Good-Night, and Good-News to youse.

…and Kyroot said:
Knowledge is polarized — thinking, non-magnetic.

…and Kyroot karried on:
Prunes are LONG-G-G drawn out affairs — just like their progeny.

And now this brief message:

When a rebel’s mind is really running well
He can take things that are totally unrelated and MAKE ‘EM related! *

And now back to whatever you were doing.

…and Kyroot said:
One guy says he thinks he’s discovered a real useful little secret;
He says he finds that discomfort — as opposed to comfort — raises the level of seriousness.

A viewer writes:
“I wish you’d have one show where you do nothing but read that one Kyroot
Over and over again — the one that says:
‘Serious people are IDIOTS!’
Respectfully Yours”, etc.

9 2 1 1 2-4 7
The area of one man’s brain
That was in charge of such things — said:
“If they’re gonna keep changing which goes first, the ‘i’, or the ‘e,’
Why did they even bother HAVING both?! — Huhhhhhh?!”

The older traveler slapped the younger one on the back and kinda laughed:
“Ordinary thought STILL ain’t quite sure just what to MAKE of words.”

Both the Canard, and Bruit Lines remind you that it’s FUN to have fun while going some where.

On one world,
After you die,
The entry to Paradise is guarded by a god who asks you but one question:
Who invented thought?”

Exhibiting absolutely NO fear of contradiction, the city stood wide and declared:
“The grandest of human emotions is definitely — self pity!”

“Yeah, well SHIT!”, said an alert young lad, “What the hell’s a city got to fear ANY way?!”

** It is a wise king who’ll take up for a fat man **

One day,
While NOT seriously bleeding,
A man sat down and suddenly it struck him!:
“Since EVERY body around here has loose wiring some where,
What good does it do to call in an electrician from around here?!”

…(As Dr. Brown told Dr. Pepper: “THAT about puts a cap on it!”)

The Carbonation Lobby says we haven’t begun to hear the last of this.

…and Kyroot said:
Everyone who lives indoors lives in a ghetto.

A man at the corner bus stop stopped long enough to comment:
“Men filled with fear, once educated, will say they, ‘experience some trepidation.'”

A woman who used to paint signs says;
“What IS being ‘educated’ but the ability to man-handle words?!”

One contemporary observer notes:
“Politics is a baby rattle given to city dwellers.”

…(He adds: “Those who shout, ‘We want dope instead!’ — get both.”)

One guy advised his cousin, just new to town:
“Any time a man starts talking about himself — RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”
“But where can you GO?”
“Ahhh”, replied the guy, “Now THERE’S a question!”

9 2 1 2-55
The “I’m-Not-THAT-Easy-To-Fool-Man” told his seat mate:
“They put the big news shows on the air at night so you’ll think that the day’s over.”

While sharing a bag of goobers the man said to his dining companion:
“If there was such a thing as ‘the ultimate truth,’
What it’d turn out to be would be the ‘final connection.'”

…(A passing squirrel mused: “Where would Pliny The Elder be today
Had he but known of peanuts!”)

And Saint Thomas A’Kyroot, (that tease-of-a-theologian), said:
What the real energy gods want from man is not devotion, fear, or submission — but enthusiasm.

Rumor Of The Day *
Part of one man’s mind who watched our show, agrees.

…and Kommander Kyroot konkluded:
The final, fallback position of the sham rebel is the withholding of enthusiasm.

A critic sez:
“‘Thinking-more-than-you-have-to’ is too much trouble…… that’s how I know it’s not worth it.”

…and Kyroot notes: In man’s secondary world,
The thing about “good criticism” is NOT that it can’t be answered,
But that it SHOULDN’T be.

The intercom crackled and cam to life:
“Attention shoppers: The future is something we purchase.
Attention shoppers: Forget I said that.”

A guy asked:
“If knowledge is a noun then how come stupidity’s so fleet?!”

…and Kyroot observed:
A man with some Chardonnay in a Mad Dog bottle says:
After their residence has been on the market for a disappointing period of time
Everbody’s lot suddenly becomes, “Potentially Commercial!”

…(“Oh yeah”, he adds, “If you don’t think this is applicable to intellectual properties
You should turn in your glove and cleats
Cause you’re never going to make it to The Appraiser’s Play-Offs.”)

“Well, look at it this way”, some voice said:
“The revolution is EVERYBODY’S friend — since it don’t like NO body.”

…(and in lieu of a nanny, Kyroot stepped in to say:
If you can nearly “get” that one, you can nearly “stand it.”)

…and Kyroot noted:
Only ordinary minds can compare what they know.

After having lived about fifty, or thirty years, one man said to his inner partner:
“Say! — about life — have you ever noticed how things work?”
And he replied: “Not especially….”

…and Kyroot said:
Organization is sanitation.

(And the kid told the ole man: “But I don’t want to be all THAT intellectually tidy.”)

…and Kyroot said:
One man discovered himself to be the most obvious clue available.

92112 69
Then acting as “The Ad Hoc Minister Of Obviousness To The Few,” Kyroot whispered:
You do understand that Manhattan is not built on bedrock, but on seriousness.

The message that had been erased from the wall read:
“The revolution: DNA On A Holiday.”

The mayor gave the councilman a good kick and said:
“Why do you think we PUT subways underground in the FIRST place?!”

** DNA On A Holiday **

The Official Professor for one city made this official pronouncement:
“Any explanation that is complete and exhaustive is WAY-Y-Y outta line.”

Men with big feet will point at your ears;
Men with big ears will point at your feet;
Rebels on buses just go by and point.

…and Kyroot said:
Collective thought & wisdom is always overweight:
Vitality and seriousness are arch enemies.

Maxim Update: Questions abhor a vacuum.

…and Kyroot said:
The revolutionist mind realizes that knowledge has gotten in the way when it begins to interfere with thinking.

9 2 1 1 2-7 6
…and Kyroot said:
Circumstances” are just somethin’ man made up.

One guy reflected:
“The thing about ordinary thinking is that it’s too ‘thing, noun, and object’ oriented.”

“Remember, son,” said the wise old city to the young attentive nipper:
“Without nouns there could BE no science.”
(The lad privately wondered what ELSE there might could not be.)

“You know,” said a guy, “If life’da want us to be radicals it would’da give us three eyes — WOULDN’T IT?!”

…and Kyroot observed:
The rich are interested — everyone else, nosey.

921 1 2-‘`83
A rebel marksman leaned over and said:
“Anybody that says they have a ‘philosophy of life’ ain’t got sh I mean, nothing.”

Quiz time!: What’s the only thing whose birth is a form of suicide?
…okay, a hint: It starts with “W” and it’s not Woodrow Wilson….

921 1 2-81
…and Kyroot noted:
A false intellectual-pregnancy can always be explained by a man who knocked HIMSELF up.

A certain experienced rebel privately noted:
“Trying to pursue this and to think in personally creative terms
Is like trying to walk a tightrope in razor shoes.”

…and Kyroot said:
The dynamic needs of secondary world progress is such that men’s minds must continually Declare present local conditions to be in some way — unique.

Whenever he’d get home early,
This one man who lived alone
Would see someone peek out the window at him. . . . . he says he plans it that way.

Conversational Quiz Taken From Volume Four:
Who has more fun than a revolutionist?”
“TWO revolutionists?!”
“Okay – Who has more fun than two revolutionists?”
“THREE revolutionists?!”
Well, hell– why didn’t you tell me you’d heard it before!?”

A viewer writes:
“Does anybody really KNOW what’s going on around here?! — (I’m just asking for myself).”

9 2 1 1 2 8 6
…and Kyroot said:
A thinker with personal anecdotes to tell is all-ll thought out.

9 2 1 1 2–87
A dad coached his lad:
“In the beginning you shouldn’t be seeking for permanent, universal truths, but for connections.”

…and in the woods someone noted:
While EVERY one lives in a closet
It is the revolutionist who lives in a closet WITH a closet.

…(“Hey”, said a bat, “It don’t GET no better than that!”)

…and Kyroot asked:
Who can plain-speak? — who can by-pass self-reference?

92112 90
…and for the special ears, Kyroot said:
The greatest question that could ever be asked would be one that had no answer;
The grandest secret possible — one that doesn’t exist.

And now from Kyroot — The Combined Complete Version:
To whom is originality a danger?
To what, creativity a threat?

9 2 1 1 2 -9 2
…and Kyroot said:
There is a place where ideas can stand even when words have failed;
It is the goo field of the rebel’s mind.

921 12-93
One guy says: “I like to be high.”
And other guy asks: “How often?”
And first guy says: “I try to STAY that way.”
And the other guy asks: “What’da use?”
And the first guy says: “I’m not sure…”