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If People Understood What’s Going On, There’d Be No More Going On


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#1030 Sep 28, 1992 – 1:25 
Notes by TK

Kyroot. to :25. Primary Level World leadership is on the basis of physical strength, what is Secondary Level World leadership based on? Seriousness.

If people understood what was going on, what was going on wouldn’t go on any longer. Audio-only :25.

The News

92110- 1
…and Kyroot said:
Through trickery, effort, or fate, the first `words one man thought every morning were: “Shut up!”

92110- 2
…and Kyroot said:
The leaders of primary packs have but one lesson to convey: “I am the strongest.”
What then do secondary principals have to teach?

92110- 3
Another, “Good Hometown Tip From Your Friends — AND his! — at Kyroot’s”:
The maximizing of stagnation in the city is the minimizing of effort.

92110- 4
…and Kyroot said:
If men weren’t made to be serious they’d laugh at being alive.

92110- 5
…and Kyroot said:
The dance went like this;
Left Foot: “What’s the point in trying to do the impossible?!”
Right Foot: “Then what the benefit in DOING the possible?

92110- 6
…and Kyroot said:
After lunch a person noted:
“The worst thing — I mean the REALLY worst thing — about REALLY getting old is that
you don’t notice it.”

92110- I
…and Kyroot said:
One chap defines ordinary man’s Poetic Muse as: Inspired gloom.

92110- 8
…then Kyroot said:
And now we are proud to present the remedied rendition of an old favorite truism
That originally went: “People hear what they want to hear.”:
And now for the corrected version: “People say what they want to hear.”

92110- 9
…and Kyroot noted:
A watcher & ponderer of our show says:
“Thinking in the ordinary way ain’t too bad except you tend toward suffocation.”

…and Kyroot said:
The ole street corner philosopher offers up this one:
“Those who don’t like being in what they’re in
Have a certain proclivity to tell others: ‘We’re all in this together.'”

The wind attendant wiped your shield and noted:
“Hormones will drive a primary-mobile, but are pretty low octane to propel a secondary rocket.”

9 2 1 1 0 1 2
And ex parte Miss Etiquette offered up this appraisal:
“There are those who — the better you treat them, the more obnoxious they become — and They can make interesting dance partners for those of you still charmed by the
masochist’s mambo.”

Instead of fixing his hair one morning, a man looked in the mirror and thought:
“If you knew it all — what could you say?”

92110 14
…and Kyroot said:
One seditious ole man told the kid:
“Having actual, ‘Rules to live by’ is just ASKING for it.”

…(That particular ole man’s older brother popped in just long enough to add:
“All of you do understand that the use of the term, ‘Just asking for it’
Is intended to convey the notion of ‘bad-d-d news’?!”)

…and Kyroot said:
The economics of a closed, energy-transfer-system is such that even the unprofitable
profits somebody.

This note was slid under the door of the studio just at air time:
“Life provided man with pornography to distract him from trying to look up ITS dress.”

Line Producer’s Addendum:
And none but the righteous, the dumb, or the horny would deny its success.

A child wondered: “Does life have to go out of its way to make men stupid,
Or have we just not yet got a full grasp of the natural order of things?”

…and Kyroot said:
The basis for ordinary humor and the concept of irony
Lies in the operational gap between man’s primary physical nervous system,
And the secondary talking part.
(As long as the seventh floor is separated from the fifth by the sixth,
Incongruities, ridicule and sarcasm will have a home.)

…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary thinking is like a deaf farmer with cataracts.

…(The revolutionist version is like blowing up the fields.)

A correspondent writes:
“As regards some of your recent comments: If a serious man is an idiot,
Then a revolutionist would be a super collider or idiot.”

…and Kyroot said:
The whole point of being civilized is to take the silly for serious.

…and Kyroot added:
Since the whole purpose of being civilized IS so that you’ll take the silly for serious,
Then just consider how humorously impertinent is the revolution in attempting to
Reveal the ultimate silliness of the affair in toto.

Conclusion-cum-consequence: More people can enjoy hearing revolutionist ideas than
Ever have any clue as, to what their intent might be.

Men originally had short words — then they grew up.

Recent item from the “Psycho-Duffer’s In-House Journal”:
Whenever he was wrong — and realized it — this one man would always say:
“Well bite my ass!”..
From the rear he looked like the barroom floor at the nineteenth hole.

And The Advice Doctor’s young summer Intern leaned back in the Doc’s chair and said:
You know, I’ll bet by now that some of those people watching this show believe that
Being able to laugh at comments about how dumb men are —
Even being able to admit that they might be —
Some of them by now I’m sure accept that as proof of their own non-dumbness –
Without being sharp enough to realize that just confessing to pig theft
Won’t alone remove the shit from your shoes.”

…and Kyroot said:
The human intellect is made to dream of tomorrow and make models of the future;
But how is it to be fed and encouraged if all of your sources are but peers of the present?!

92110 -24
Although to customers,
The goo fields are pictured as infinite,
Con Ed, and Pacific Gas & Electric know better.

An astronomer in a closet can only give you his best guess.
…(Two rabbis, an economist, and a faith-healer and his girl friend
All relieved themselves by sighing:
“Whew! — thank god he didn’t take that even a millimeter further!”)

A thinker thought:
“The discussion of other people – as individual behavior-mongers – is a
Debasement of the rebel’s basic, verbal currency.”

…and Kyroot said:
It is up to the mind to tell the ship-of-the-primary that north is not actually in
The direction it believes it to be — and even if it is — that’s not where it REALLY
wants to go ANY way.

Across the aisle a man ponders: “Is the test of how civilized you are,
How confused you are?

Conversation In The Round:
Feeling incomplete, all men turn to others.”
Yes, all.
“Are you sure — ALL?”
Well, damn near all.”

Fable In Hyperspace:
Once upon a place in a time far away
Some transformers, wall sockets and extension cords tried to go it alone.

And Kyroot presented, “Anatomy 901”, (and then noted that there actually IS no such class):
Man’s heart is a metronome;
So are his lungs — and his bowels — and his brains.

This letter into our program:
“Dear Kyroot: My husband says if I keep watching your show
Pretty soon I won’t have any more questions or complaints,
And then we won’t have anything to talk about.”

A pirate spokesman took momentary control of the air-or-cable waves long enough to announce:
“There are three groups of people who never have to write their own,
‘Letters From Viewers’ to themselves: Those in charge of the hydro-electric dams,
The gods,
And those in bed with the flu.”

…But then an ever louder voice of ersatz authority intruded to add:
“Although sickness can be its own reward — death is a bargain NOT to be missed!”

…and Kyroot said:
Revolutionist thinking, same as with the creative impulse, are both chilled by stage fright.

…(A lad asked a tree surgeon: “Is this another good reason not to demand an audience?”)

A voice said:
“In spite of the many faults laid at its feet,
I still find the city to be a singular source of excitement,
And the only place perfectly suited for the continued evolution of human civilization.”
And the city asked: “Who said that?”
And the city and all its inhabitants replied: “We did.”

In re the question of possible human change:
Wants you to stay,
Here in your own home towns
In fact does say — “Hey sucker!, what choice you got?!”

A viewer writes:
“I’m not going to bother to write and ask if this is yet another example of
Times-&-places that a revolutionist has got to find an improbable ‘way-out’,
Or something else, equally as ridiculous.”

A possible alternate view of the primary & secondary world comparison:
What is the difference between an eight foot tall, four hundred pound giant,
And the ghost of a dwarf?

Conversation from a kitchen:
I say!, what is that that smells so good cooking?”
“Are you asking about the smell, or about what’s cooking?”

As they were wrapping up the final details of her employment she said:
“Remember — I don’t do irony.”

92110-36…and Kyroot mentioned:
In another universe
Their prime currency was a coin which on one side said: “Fear,”
And on the other side: “Stupidity,”
And on the third: “Habit.”

Fall back position for those who’ve all ready gone:
Only something really-y-y smart will let you call it dumb.

In his air-tight diary one kid wrote:
“Being a revolutionist is like trading in your microscope for a telescope —
And then swapping back —
And then wanting the telescope again —
Then trying to keep them both —
Then trying to USE them both — simultaneously,
And on like that until you drive everyone from amoebas to pulsars crazy.”

921 1 0 -3 8
…and Kyroot said:
Whatever men believe collectively was fertilizer for yesterday’s garden.

9 2 1 1 0 -3 9
And Kyroot read this, “Fairly Tale For Nippers All Ready In Bed”:
There was once a mighty ship that became aware of water — and SANK!

A man called here and claimed that life had contacted him and said that he had his choice:
To either stop trying to be a neural revolutionist — or be dissatisfied forever.

Right after life thought up the idea of using mirrors,
And giving the magician a sleeve,
It came up with the even more excellent concept of, “choices.”

…and Kyroot noted:
As long as man is talking — no matter what’s being said — life knows he’s still alive
at the proper level.

…and Kyroot defined:
Education is allowing your feet to be stepped on in the same spot more than once.

92110 4 3
..and Kyroot said:
The power of ordinary thought is such that it can be time-over-time discredited and still

One rebel had a dictionary with only two words;
The first word was, “definition,”
And the only other one following that was, “RE-definition.”

92 1 i 0 – 4 5
A woman notes:
“My brother, my mother and I have decided that this revolution-thing is just
Some kind of unusual mental sport for people who just can’t find anything
Ordinarily available that’s fun to think about.”

…and Kyroot offers a sweet reminder via a little story:
Over in the Funny Universe, Mr. Raskin told Mr. Bobbins:
“You can’t properly enjoy the new flavors if you harbor distaste for the old.”

…and a viewer sits and muses:
“Based on some of the notions I hear expressed
You could almost believe that the revolution WAS a humanitarian endeavor — IF
You could just make yourself believe that it was ABOUT humans to begin with!”

…Captain Jacques Cu-Kyroot said:
At calm depths
Of unfathomed seas:
Resides hellish creatures of unclassified fury and aggression.

Our “Reflection For The Day”:
If it weren’t for human thought
Railroad tracks would separate and wander all OVER the place.

One man’s observation that slipped in right by Customs, and the Agricultural Inspector:
Human ideas are like the sharp ends of little needles sticking up through a glue pillow
That life beats back down with the hammer of collective thought and expectations.

And from Kyroot: Another undiscovered, though obvious fact, (now that you mention it): Hormones weigh more than thoughts.

…and Kyroot said:
One reason men take whining and complaints so seriously is that it seems
They may BE one of the few things that DESERVE to be taken seriously.

…(To keep from biting his tongue completely off, Kyroot finally mumbled: “Get it?!”)

Cosmic travel & filing tip:
One man kept two sets of notes on index cards;
One set in his head — one in his drawer.

A viewer writes:
“When I first started watching your program I thought it was too complicated:
Now I begin to suspect that the real revolution is actually too SIMPLE!”

…and Kyroot notes:
Jelly is always surprised at the basic composition of peanut butter.

Zoological Fable From The Zurzats Galaxy:
It is the spirit of fire-ants that holds the secondary network together.

The ruler of one land confessed to a crony:
“I don’t know which is the most fun: Actually having fun yourself,
Or keeping others from doing so!”

A certain Lamb pondered: “Why do so many of Mary’s cousins KNOW this,
And still don’t seem to care?!”

…and Kyroot said:
When there’s more than one way of looking at something — it’s alive;
When there’re more than two — you are.

…and Kyroot said:
All emotions not directly controlled by breath, blood and hormones work for a comedian.

…and Kyroot said:
Workingman’s definition: The revolution: Thinking with your gloves off.

…and Kyroot said:
It’s fun to have secrets, but more fun to have just one.

…and Kyroot added:
In the name of verbal, sexual-equality — a distaff version of an earlier definition:
The revolution: Thinking without any panties on.

…and Kyroot inquired:
To whom is originality a danger?

…and Kyroot added again:
The flashier part of one man ‘s mind told another area :
“Never show more ankle than ‘s necessary.”

A viewer writes:
“My uncle says the reason you bad-mouth fiction so much on your show is so that
We won’t figure out what the revolution really is.”

…and another viewer writes:
“‘Letters From Viewers’ make me sick — except this one of course.”

…and Kyroot said:
If the love of nonpartisan rebellion is not in your nervous system — it’s not here.

…and Kyroot said:
There is an inclination for people in the basement to kick out at kindness.

…(And Kyroot said you should note that this has less to do with a lack of breeding
Than it does the nature of breeds that run in herds.)

Several buildings have written us to complain about being used as metaphors for men;
Several men have written us to complain.

…and Kyroot said:
The hang-time of both ordinary and revolutionist thinking is based on incestuous calculations; The difference is that the rebel is willfully aware of it,
And ever-striving for ever higher kicks, and increased in-house eroticism.

And a viewer writes:
“If I didn’t know by now that all your sexual references are symbolic
I’d be quite upset by them
even knowing this — I STILL am.”

And a viewer’s partner writes:
“Can being shot repeatedly in the same wound increase your understanding,
Or does it just render you numb, and domesticated?”

…and Kyroot said:
Pretending that you’re REAL-L-L serious can gloss over more shortcomings than a
Brigade of shellackers on a caffeine jag.

…and this correspondence in to Miss E.:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: Doesn’t EVERYONE get serious when they die?!
And she replies:
“Dear Sir: Well, what the god damn hell did you expect?!”

…and Kyroot said:
Another extremely efficient method life employs to see that secondary progress
Proceeds a tempo is to cause men to treat certain intellectual aspirations as though
They were already fait accomplis.

…(Friends & neighbors — My fellow man:
It don’t GET much more efficient than THAT.)

…and Kyroot said:
The revolution is a survey.

Then Kyroot passed along, “The Imaginary Rumor Of The Day”:
Every few years this one man would take all of his best ideas and trash ’em.

92110 7 3
…and Kyroot said:
All human institutions are “make do’s” ’til tomorrow comes.

…and Kyroot tagged:
EVERY day is tomorrow for a revolutionist.