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Life Is Far Too Simple to Be Left Too Simple


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#1018 Aug 31, 1992 – 1:37
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :25. If people weren’t unique they could not talk; image is everything if it’s mostly all you’ve got. Humans are fungible, as are their thoughts.

Audio-only :37. Life is far too simple to be Left too simple.

A Neural Revolutionist is one who won’t let anybody else in. 

Death : Primary World :: Nothing : Secondary World, yet the civilized believe otherwise, that there are things worse than death.

The News

92098- 1
…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary men only trust ideas that have laid down and quit wiggling.

92098- 2
…and Kyroot said:
Even after he understood and accepted the situation,
This one man still didn’t care for any of the analyses available.

92098- 3
…and Kyroot said:
If you are original and talk too much about it you’ll quit being so.

(What’da think of that?!)

92098- 4
…and Kyroot said:
Institutions are individual hobbies that got out of hand.|

92098- 5
…and Kyroot said:
The ordinary — to just maintain their present position — must believe that
They are the individual product Of unseen forces.

The reason that leaves can’t talk it that they find themselves far too fungible.

One guy looks at it like this:
“You know that you’re engaged in revolutionist style thought when you
Realize that no one but you might understand what you’re thinking,
And it doesn’t matter.”

92098- 7
…and Kyroot said:
One guy stuck his head up the elevator shaft just in time to see the sign announce:
Civilization Is Now Open.”

…and Kyroot said:
Some suspicious parts of one alphabet developed a particular
Internal philosophy that went something like this:
“After a certain point,
‘D’s might begin to look-out after ‘C’s – (when needed)
But leave ‘E’s to fend for themselves.”

One man’s spasmodic motto is:
The fun we have is the fun we must beat.

92098- 9
…and Kyroot noted:
One rebel’s advice to his kid:
“If somebody *lee believes it’s going to rain,
Go ahead and take an umbrella,
But still don’t believe that it’s going to rain.”

(Then he and the lad got none-to-nose and in unison, one to another said:
“Know what I mean?!”)

The official Auditor-Of-Turnips-&-Returns says to tell you:
“All decent people should — between each heartbeat — look to the past.”
(And he says if you DON’T, don’t come crying to HIM about your unstable self-image.)

One man says that while watching our show, his tv set somehow begins to run a kind of “Closed captioned” messages that apparently only he can see.
He says that recently one of them read:
“those who tell you that they know how you should live are either lying
Or else don’t know what they’re taking about.”

(One of the interns who trains here in the studio adds his little babble’s worth:
“Mass communication that reaches the masses is a mess.”)

…and Kyroot said:
By strict definition, everything IS, in part, precisely what it is not.

Another of Kyroot’s “Tricks They Don’t Teach In Magician School”:
Whenever he didn’t know exactly what he was doing
This one vice-president would call everyone together,
And in a voice heavy laden with self-assurance and command would say:
“It has come to my attention that some of you do not believe that I know exactly what I’m doing. . . .”

Sometime between two and four a.m. they played the record just to see what would happen:
As the trip gets bumpy,
And men get lumpy,
Some of them tend to
Get quite grumpy.”

(And you know — not a single person called.)

Somewhere near the environs of “D.J. Purgatory” as a chap sat, he pondered:
“Is the ultimate ‘payola’ in being bribed to be alive,
Or paid-off to die?

The speaker remarked: “The time has come when we must put restraints on our secondary desires and was met with some applause, though no one there realized he was advocating collective suicide.

9 2 09 8 – 1 5
A man from Sunday says he has this little theory that
Really good ideas resist being written down just to make the thinker work harder.

92098 1
On his birthday this one god told the creatures:
“Instead of some gift, what I’d really like is to have all of you
Tell me all about yourselves — what kinda guys you are, and all the stuff you think about.”
(His name was, “The Super-Duper Dumb-Ass God.”)

…and Kyroot said:
The “lost islands & continents” of man are not sunk — they’re still right there, in the basement.

A spokesperson for the firm announced from the rear loading platform:
“One expensive and useful gift life gives to everyone
Is the knowledge that if you don’t know what you’re talking about — talk about yourself.”

And lo-and-be-front-end-loader hold,
Out in the crowd I spotted Kyroot, and over a cold pop he added this little bit
To the day’s proceedings:
He said that if man was regressing and thus history going backwards,
Then this would be the involuted “History Of History”:
Well first, history would have started out as history;
Then it would have gone to gossip,
Then rumor, then personal anecdote,
And then on to what you see before you now.

A two-eyed man living beside a railroad track that rolls on out of sight in both directions
Has one deuce-of-a-time telling for sure which way the trains are actually going.

This inquiry was received by the Doctor:
“Dear Advice Doctor: If life is so truly interested in our development and health,
Then why doesn’t man’s mental system have its own version of
Digestion’s ‘gag reflex’ ??
And the Doctor considered how much time he could save
If he had made up some stock, form-replies that all read:
Who says he doesn’t!

…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary intellectual certainty is life’s way of telling you: “Get ready to DIE!”

…and Kyroot said:
Though it is generally unnatural for the masses to believe in a better tomorrow, once grown,
At times they can temporarily do so whilst engaged in a glorious warfare.

(If understood, then some of you might further consider
The historical & universal condemnation man has been moved to make of militarism.)

Under the bed, the overweight, middle-aged can do little mischief.

An ole man told the kid:
“It’s hard to grow up without stepping on someone’s roses.”

One of the city’s Ole Sorehead social observers
Offers to share with us his latest phew-point:
“Man’s secondary world is a perpetual-motion machine going nowhere.”

A new viewer writes:
“My uncle, who has watched your program much longer than me,
Says that on several previous occasions you’ve gone to great pains to assure people
That this revolution-thing is not actually as strange as it may first sound,
But as basically intelligent as you seem to me,
I simply can’t BELIEVE that you’d waste your good time
Making such useless, super-useless comments.
P.S.: Is it possible I already suspect more than your average viewer?
Yours”, etc.

…and Kyroot, (dat Kwazy-Kwitic), noted:
One year there was a new show written, entitled:
“Is It POSSIBLE That People Suspect Too Much ALL READY?” — (but it closed before it could even get TO New Haven.)

Some Kyroot’s Insider’s City Strategy Data:
You can believe that man is driven by social forces, or by biological needs,
But the ordinary cannot believe either to the extent that they can believe it
Without defending it.

And the old “Rube-buster” Kyroot kicked around at the sawdust and said:
The difference in the seriousness proper to the primary world and its secondary counterpart Might be pictured as a puppeteer who died from fright
When he discovered one of his hand figures on fire.

In lieu of a refund one of the elephants received this piece of news:
Not only are things NOT as bad as they seem, they’re not even.

…and a gentleman just outside the fence mused:
“Even at his WORST you still have to concede this about man:
You can’t be stupid unless you’re a little smart to begin with.”

Another of “Kyroot’s Kiddie Rhymes For The Times”:
When the mind’s away the basement can play.

…(And all of the exasperated tenants on the mid-floors
Shouted back: “Hey! – tell us something we don’t know!”)

Though history itself doesn’t understand it,
This is why some have preferred to be beheaded rather than “aged-to-death.”

…and Kyroot said:
Now that they’re beginning to understand how things work,
The “Z” words are pretty well ticked off.

…and mid-to-three-quarters-wide Kyroot said:
Were not diapers produced beforehand, life could not afford the inconvenience of new births.

And in the local city a local thinker responds:
“Are you trying to insinuate that our entire pursuit of psychology
Is no more that a study of refuse?!”
(And Kyroot inquired: Where do our urban areas FIND these men!)

But in a more serious artery, Kyroot also noted:
“Problems” that only become so after-the-fact are not properly
Energy-efficient for standard secondary uses.

. . . A Kyrootian Khronological Korol1ary:
Time is sequential only for those going in one direction.

…and then some:
This one guy would always tell other people when some of his thoughts were connected
So that they’d know that some of his thoughts were connected.

…and Kyroot said:
Whenever confronted with a new opportunity to die,
Many people will get the shivers, want to cry,
and try to put jumper cables to their faith.

Kyroot’s Addendum Of The Stupendously Obvious:
You can’t sink to this kinda quivering shit and be a revolutionist.

…and Kyroot said:
While it is the plumbing that makes houses cry
It is the objects d’art who visibly weep.

…a certain concerned city observed:
“Life is far-r-r too simple to be LEFT so simple.”

One day while they weren’t out on some kind of male-or-otherwise “bonding experience”
An ole man told the kid:
“I guess as long as we have to live around these parts, under these conditions for a while,
One useful trick would be to ‘suffer like a prune.’ and ‘live it up like a plum.”

(And from behind a tree,
A man dressed up in some type of “Woodpecker Advisory Jacket” added this comment: “Although the serious can’t see it,
Life doesn’t really care if you trick it or not —
‘Since there’s no way YOU can, that can make the slightest bit of difference.”)

…and Kyroot said:
Without memory man would quickly die;
That is: He would desist too soon to properly assist in secondary affairs.

City Corollary: You’ve got to remember your place to stay in your place.

Rebel illation: Peripatetic thought is happy thought.

…then just for fun Kyroot said:
The only difference in how a revolutionist thinks and how everybody else does
Is that a rebel’s boat ain’t tied to the dock.

History Of How The Gods Came About From A Near-By Universe:
There was a race of creatures whose nervous systems began to think;
They then of course began to talk,
And after some years of talking about everything possible,
And getting their secondary world up and running,
A few of them decided to-no longer include “talking about themselves” on their verbal menu, And soon after that strange stories began to arise regarding them,
And next thing you know —Voila! — (and you can figure it out from there).

…and Kyroot said:
A man who hopes for some liberated future of thinking
Has no business appearing in his own dreams.

Kyroot’s Kartoon For The Day:
A regular viewer gets a friend to sit with him and watch our show one night,
And after it’s over, tries to explain to him what the neural revolution is all about,
But quickly his words get all tangled up, and he’s running around in furious verbal circles,
And finally just blurts out to his bud:
“I’m not really doing a very good job of describing it to you, am I?
But the main thing is that I don’t mean to make more out of the revolution
Than there actually IS.” And his pal replies:
“I don’t really think that’s possible!”

(A kid laying on his tummy over by the fireplace paused and pondered:
“Does the word ‘cartoon’ guarantee that something is funny?”)

92098 4 3
Kyroot’s Official Diagram Of How History Was Not Lost Nor Man Forgotten:
Talk is the ship that saved the ship.

A man with a linoleum knife looked this way and said: “Drugs are to the thought processes as
An electric guitar is to folk music. BAD-D-D folk music.”

Then Kyroot,
Your residential contractor-cum-personal-counselor and astrological-tree-trimmer, advised:
It can prove most trying for men to try to leave the basement too soon.
(It’s too soon.)

A synaptic lad told his younger brother:
“Spurn the specifics! — EVERY thing’s a result of ‘being alive.'”

A quite decent and intelligent culture was watching our program and heard that last one,
And to itself said: “They really shouldn’t allow that sort of thing to be
Said on the public air waves.”

In the semi darkness of the forest one of them told another of them:
“REAL warriors do not talk about what it means to be a warrior —
and if they did they wouldn’t cry while doing it.”

This hour’s updated graffiti from one reality:
“Hurricanes are blisters way of saying: watch your step!'”

A men from here in this galaxy, upon hearing this suddenly realized:
“Any one who understands THIS no longer has ANY thing to worry about except
Bad weather,
Cheap shoes,
Uneven terrain,
Higher mortgage rates,
Increased levels of mercury in our drinking water. . . . . .

Join us now for a confusing carousing up and down the wrong ways of city, sequential streets: To wit: The idea for abortions arose from men’s attempts to exorcise selective-forgetfulness.

“Yes”, noted the guest speaker,
“Image IS everything — if image is mostly all you’ve got.”

Scribbled in the sand on the lonely beach were these words:
“A revolutionist is like a fish who wants to be a hermit — FAT CHANCE!”

…(It MAY have been signed: “The Water.” — ? -! – ?)

…and P.T. Kyroot said:
In the secondary world self-promotion is oxygen.

(As they passed the “Miraculous, Half-Alive Three-Headed Boy And Human Jukebox”
Kyroot noted to a young customer: “Consider at its most basic execution
The matter of men having to tell
What kinda guy they are;
No mere matter of ego — but of SURVIVAL!”)

.:.and Kyroot said:
Once a year
This one reality would send out to every creature
What appeared to be a personally handwritten note which said:
“Don’t forget — I’m counting on YOU!”

There are some who believe a revolutionist is someone who won’t let anyone else in.

As he sat near one of the edges of his 3-D landscape, a man thought: “Since being ill alters one’s sense of time,
Why could we not reverse the process and amend our maladies?!”

(Of course as Mary & The Lamb could tell you [if you were on speaking terms l:
Those driving in finite tunnels should only go one way.)

…and Kyroot said:
Over in this sort of side-tracked universe,
The hot new critic for one big city paper
Is a man who offers no personal opinions — only objective facts;
(They haven’t figured out yet what to call him.)

All kingdoms have their own version of “The Ten Commandments”
So as to keep everyone feeling guilty about the water in their basement.

…and Kyroot said:
If things in the secondary world have any fixed limits words are it.

One woman’s favorite quote for the week:
“Now that civilization is roughly up-to-speed,
Public confessions of stupidities have become a growth industry.”

…and Kyroot tacitly observed:
You can say a lot about the nature of speech by just staying quiet.

…and this verbum sap from Kyroot-the-tipster:
Man’s ordinary and artistic races are run such that
the odds always favor the dead horse.

9 2098 -6 2
…and Kyroot said:
In the secondary realm ANYTHING can become the environment for something else.
(Thus is the reproductive system of that surprising world.)

..and Kyroot said:
Death is to the primary world as nothing is to the secondary.

As per always: Rebel minds can try to find their own, personal exceptions to this, if desired.)

Kyroot’s King-Size, Money-Saver Carton Of Justice & Equality For All City Shoppers:
While NO one can tell you exactly what the revolution IS, EVERY body can tell you what it’s not.

“Kyroot’s Ole-Man Social, Sexual & Otherwise Advice For The Day”:
Never sleep with any idea that is over twenty years old.

“A singular component of being engaged in an effort of ‘this monumental magnitude,'”
Noted the warrior, “Is that it is too large to be seen.”

9 2 0 9 8 6 7
A letter:
“Dear Kyroot: My brother says your show’s a fake,
Just like professional wrestling;
My brother’s about half nuts,
But I’d still like to know what he means by this”?
And Kyroot replied: Me too.

Even as the observation car rocked, and reeled and groaned one passenger thought:
“Jeeze! – who KNOWS what might be possible up ahead, closer to the engine!”

9 2 09 8 — 69
From Kyroot’s note pad: “Some decent sounding advice”:
Never fire expensive bullets into a crowd of intellectuals.

In the fairy-tale-kingdom of another locale
There was once a man who conspired to try and tell people something
Truly new but in an entertaining manner;
The silent, secret powers that be-and-be-be quickly told him to: get a haircut,
calm down,
and take a different approach.
(He moved.)

…and Kyroot koncluded with this (and a wave):
Being non-aggressively original can compensate for damn near anything.