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Since Men Cannot Be Intelligent, They Came Up With the Idea of It


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#1012 Aug 17, 1992 – 1:28 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :27. The human mind is like a wondrous agile kite…secured by a ponderous chain of hormones.

 Since men cannot be intelligent they came up w/ the idea of intelligence. 

The addition of another dimension will explain everything, answer all questions…that’s what Neural Revolutionist thinking does. // Audio-only to :28.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
The human mind is like a wondrous, agile kite
Safely secured, directed and protected by a ponderous chain of Hormones, enzymes, reptilian desires, and other gooey stuff.

…and Kyroot said:
Since man’s actual history cannot be faced we’ve come up with the idea of a study known AS history.

92092- 3
…and Kyroot said:
The primary nervous system gets frightened, but it’s the secondary’s tongue that tells on it.

92092- 4
…and Kyroot encouraged –(encouraged?!): .
If you pretend to be unconscious you may become so.

92092- 5
…and Kyroot said:
The voice on everyone’s phone Is their own.

92092- 6
…and one man left town JUST in time to see himself go.

92092- 7
…and Kyroot said:
Without dreams, men would go mad;
And without the ability to write about men having dreams they’d go double-mad.

92092- 8
…and Kyroot noted:
The City’s Clarion Call Alphabetically Revisited:
A: The weak, the hungry and the intellectually-limited need governments, unions & fraternities;
B: Most men still need such groups.

92092- 9
…and Kyroot said:
The addition…of just one more dimension will explain everything and answer all. questions.

And a gentleman notes:
“I still think it’d be easier to just be religious, or else wait until the package store opens.”

9 2 09 2- 1 0
And on the following page, another serial definition:
A Neural Revolutionist: One who refuses to accept local reality.*

*(Not to be confused – if it matters to you – with the simply, “insane”,
Who are those who refuse to accept local reality but don’t KNOW it.)

…and Kyroot said:
From one perspective,
The only bar to suicide is secondary-seriousness.

…and Kyroot said:
Then from another view:
The only bar to secondary-suicide is seriousness.

— You can take your juicy choice.

…and Kyroot observed:
One city seems to have capably concluded its “recovery programs”:
It now has a number you can call if you’ve been abused by your own nervous system.

The Advice Doctor also received this letter since we last met:
“Dear Doctor: Is being a ‘neural-revolutionist’ anything at all like being extremely dizzy?”

One old sorehead told his adopted kid,
“There’s always a specific danger in, ‘counting your blessings.'”
And the lad bit by asking what that might be, and the irritable one replied, “That you might come up short.”

Then Kyroot pointed out one normally unmapped intersection:
If you tend to “think-about-acting” more than you do “acting”
You’re inclined to think of your life metaphorically;
Withal, if your proclivity is primarily to “acting” you tend not to think about your life.
…(“Hey!”, said a bunch of living people, “What’cha ‘gonna do?!” — Well, they waited to a fine time to ask!)

9 209 2- 1 6
…and Kyroot said:
The feel-of-the-herd makes the primary happy;
The hermits-of-the-secondary world must move on to find their joy.

…and Kyroot said:
In the city a “thinker” is taken to be one who can criticize and dismantle
The thinking of others:
A rebel is one who does it to himself.

A family of four sends us this fax:
“We think you’d be much more popular if you’d pick on people -Rather than what people think.”
…(In a footnote they list several historical examples to buttress their position.)

Once this one guy began to get a clearer picture of the course of man’s intellectual track,
He mused:
“It’s not really perplexing as to why men will believe that the ideas in their Holy Books
Came from other than human minds;
What IS surprising is how long it took them to first come up with the notion.”

Ons city has just published the revised list of the four necessary food groups For the local creatures in its care:
And mental distractions.

As time crept forward in the tiny kingdom,
The old bachelor general became increasingly potted on the weekends,
And would periodically shoot himself accidentally in the foot
So that the next week he could recuperate and have something to do.

…(A young village lad scratched his head and said:
“Me fears I’m already become a fore-shadow of an elderly, inebriated warrior.”)

When one’s choices in life seem to have been limited to either
Acting, or Thinking-of-acting,
Retirement may not prove as simple or rewarding as was imagined.

…in this regard a gentleman inquires:
“Does this, in part, help account for the continuing, overwhelming popularity of death?”

A couple of civilizations were out in the lake, floating on their backs, and one said:
“I don’t know whether you’ve ever thought of it like this, but
a child’s mind is like a potential rebel’s mind…
“Thankfully, life knows how to take care of THAT, right enough.” (drift-drift, float-float.)

News item from Kyroot’s city desk:
One guy was so hip even HE didn’t understand what he was talking about.

(Upon hearing about this the paper’s editor yelled out:
“Find me that man and hire him immediately!”)

And another person who has been following these televised proceedings writes:
“I have not only enjoyed your programs, but believed I have also benefited therefrom;
But I now have this fear that as time goes on you might become serious.”

…Then after a LONG-G-G pause Kyroot added:
Do I HAVE to make any concluding remark here about how certain
External-stuff we can speak about is just cheap reflections of something
Potentially more substantial and useful.

One men said: “I want to read a book.”
Another said: “I want to read a good book.”
Still another said: “I went to read a book I like.”
And yet another said: “I went to have a meaningful ‘reading-experience.”
Query: Which is the most civilized? Answer: The man who reviews such books.

Kyroot’s “Fun description” for the day:
There are three kinds of people: The normal,
The abnormal,
And the revolutionist who is a combination of the other two.

In city perk amen Suddenly appeared in a tree,
Hanging darn by his legs from a limb, and said to a passing bend of bird watchers:
“Hunan life is but the flushing-of-a-toilet.”
But before any of them could get despondent,
He extremely-&-largely smiled as though he’d just brought them good news.

Miss Etiquette received this inquiry from a concerned citizen:
“Dear Miss Etiquette: Why is it that there are people who’ll genetically dance together,
Who wouldn’t even speak off the ballroom floor?”
(As she twisted and pulled at her hair,
Miss E. seemed to mumble something about “why”
There were the two worlds of the primary and secondary to begin with?)

Then Kyroot offered another example of why men deserve their
Singular place in the intellectual food chain:
On this one world,
In the colder regions in which some had settled,
The inhabitants say that there is no such thing as “bad weather” – only poor clothing choices.

And Kyroot offered up another of those “Rebel’s Insider-Tips”:
If you know just how to do it “spitting-in-the-wind” can increase the amount of wind.

Just then, a man with a collar in his back pocket turned the corner and inquired:
“Is that why the ordinary have so often been cautioned about ‘blasphemy towards the gods’?!
…(And Kyroot added his own “furthermore”: Just because something is useful and works
For a revolutionist is no sign it should be encouraged in others.)

“Words themselves are just a metaphor for the real thing.”
The things they represent?!”
“Then what?
“Think about it.”
…then some time later the second voice returned and said:
All right, how about:
Words themselves are just a metaphor for the real thingthe real words.”
“Close –real close.”

A man writes the Advice Doctor:
“What is the difference between suicide and the neural revolution?”;
One of them you live through.
…And the man persists:
“Doctor: Did you mean to say that,
‘One of them you live through.’, OR,
‘One of them you CAN live through'”?
Sir: Whatever.

Kyroot noted another difference:
Ordinary men do not take thinking to be a valid hobby
Unless it is clearly connected to human behavior.
(Mark the abundance of conversation regarding politics, sports, and social affairs;
With what else is a truncated, civilized mind to deal?!)

One ole guy told his kid,
“An alert man with a good eye might conclude that
On-the-surface — (even perhaps a few inches on down)
The revolution is like a group of humans attempting to
Explain away the inevitable.”
…(Later the lad tried to recall and be certain whether the ole mane had said, “Explain”, or “Explain away the inevitable.”
He sensed this might be of specific significance.)

From our viewing audience comes this letter:
“Regardless of your cute stories and comments,
There is absolutely no reason — no reason at all
For anyone to try and think out side of the normal ‘pro-&-con’ conditions
Native to man’s intellectual processes.”
…(And Kyroot observed:
There is certainly no place for “pithy come-backs”
In the face of the plainly undeniable.)

…and Kyroot noted:
A man’s brain asked him: “Why can’t I do better?”.
And the man replied, “Don’t ask me — go ask your mother.”

(…Kyroot’s subversive note:
A man who really knows who his mother is, knows a lot.

…in fact, [confessed Kyroot], this by itself is more info than any ordinary man requires.)

While lying under a nineteen-wheeler a guy reflected:
“If simply ‘being alive’ is an inexplicable, unforeseen accident,
Then trying to be a neural revolutionist is like a totally unnecessary,
excruciatingly painful,
totally unnecessary version thereof.”

…(Just about then
The owner of the rig came out and said,
“Ain’t no sucker who’s too good to end his sentences in prepositions gonna lay under MY truck!”)

…and Kyroot said:
Life moves so slowly that it seems to move too quickly.

…and Kyroot said:
In one verbal sense,
A neural rebel starts out wanting to establish an instant island in the middle of oceans.

…(And a gentleman inquires:
“Does this, in part, help account for the continuing and overwhelming popularity of death. among the ordinary”?)

In lieu of his ad valorem taxes this one man offered this observation: “One of the uncredited beauties of the intellectual world is that
With OUT a radio no one could have ever become cognizant of the poor reception.”

A lad sitting by a cliff looked away and mused:
“A hero to a primary creature is simply one who is feared
How is that related to us of an intellectual sphere?”

Then Kyroot offered for those who need validation — (“oh, I don’t. I walked.”) -Well, for any who might enjoy an affirmation of the obvious:
Vague guilt and general uneasiness are without doubt the most
Common, accessible, and affordable of human emotional hobbies.

(“Jeeze! …Now I wish I’d hoofed it over here.”)

Dialogue-o Excerpt-o:
“Maybe we can pretend.”
“You mean, ‘maybe’ like in we might have a choice?!”

While on a trip, Kyroot told some of the kids in the back seat:
Another way to consider the distinction between ordinary minds and rebel versions is that
The former went to think of themselves as a pliable chunk of meat
In what they hope will remain a stable stew,
While a revolutionist has GOT to secretly hope that the soup will boil, and stay unsettled
And further trust he’ll continue to find ways to survive and thrive in it.

…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary lines of thinking are absolutely necessary for a full human life,
But such mental processes are little more than ticks.

One man’s, “Inspirational Thought For The Day”:
It’s easy enough for a blind man who gets a wheel chair to laugh at the tone deaf..

…and that same man from before writes to the Advice Doctor yet again:
“Okay Doctor: Then what is the difference between a cripple and a revolutionist?”
Okay Sir: One of them understands their condition and might live through it.

The graduating class over at Hermit’s High selected as their theme song:
Every Man is An Island”.-
…(It’s already being rumored that next year’s will be:
You’ll Always Walk Alone”.)

From the ever-popular “C” section of Kyroot’s post partum Thesaurus:
Cynicism: The lazy-man’s-way to imagine he’s cut in on a dance and is temporarily leading.

A viewer writes:
“I have come to particularly favor your ‘definitions’,
Since they are short, and it takes me less time to forget them.”

…and Kyroot noted:
One of the beauties of getting old — 1 mean REALLY getting old —
Is that an ordinary man’s secondary systems also change in such a way that he is Not clearly aware of what is taking place;
(Hey!, Yeah!, What!, that a revolutionist should BE so lucky! – Hey!, Yeah!, What!)

In an unrelated matter, someone writes to Miss Etiquette:
“Dear Miss E.: If you’re dying but don’t know it — are you really dying?”

At this year’s, “mostly squirrels” convention, plain rats were required to wear ID. cards.

(A viewer writes:
“My brother points out that you sure do use rats and squirrels a lot in your stories,
And I said, ‘So?’, and he says he thinks you’re just having a little joke with it,
And I said, ‘So?’, and he says what he really wonders is — a little joke at WHOSE expense?”

…[You know, (noted Kyroot), some of our viewers sure do worry a lot.])

Kyroot’s Circus Poster:
Being physically alive is like the grace of a tumbling act;
Being intellectually so, more like a high wire performance;
I guess you could then ask: “So ‘Where does that put a revolutionist?”

And a correspondent has this to say:
“While you seem to cast a questionable light on ‘talking-about-yourself,’
I have to ask you — what else do most of us have to talk about?”
Oops? – caught again.

…and Kyroot said:
For a revolutionist’s purposes the truism, “Time heals all wounds”
MAY have its limits of profitability.

Remember, (spaketh Kyrooteth):
A man with either a good lawyer,
an “in” with god,
or a Colt .45
doesn’t HAVE to be nice.

And a generally pleasant chap writes to say:
“I don’t like to hear comments like that last one,
And I do NOT give one royal-dress-maker’s-damn whether they are factual and accurate or not; No, I do not care for them — not, not, not, not, NOT!”

Invisible inscription for inclusion on a rebel’s family crest, or coat of thighs:
Be not proud of stupidity, nor ashamed of intelligence;
In Fact — Be Not Much Of Anything Other Than Quiet.”

…(“See” said the left lobe to the one that was left, “If you’re deaf you don’t have to BE blind too.”)

“Just relax”, said the man to his new seat mate, “On the bus EVERYONE is a fraud.”

…(And a gentleman inquires:
“Does this, in part, help account for the continuing and overwhelming popularity of guilt?”)

…and med-school-dropout, “Kyroot-the-world’s-oldest-intern” said:
Forget about “emergency rooms” and “extraordinary forms of treatment.”
Believe me — You don’t really want the “secondary-world-patient” stabilized.
…believe me.

“Dear Kyroot”, the letter begins, “We’re just ordinary, regular people, and
Ever since we got cable my wife and I have been watching your show,
And every now and then, in reference to something you’ve just said,
She’ll say, ‘He should be ashamed of himself” and I’ll nod my agreement,
But if we try and discuss it neither one of us- can explain why we
Momentarily felt that way.
Is this an unusual phenomena?”

And —
Just before me went on the air this evening this hearty, vigorous fax came sailing over
the machine:
“Okay, Mr. Kyroot: What IF a person reached the place of understanding physically, Cosmically, and biologically what revolutionist thinking was all about,
And then after that didn’t ever WANT anything else! — Then what?!, Mr. Know-it-all?!!”

9 2 092-62
…and Kyroot said:
Regarding a certain matter:
The only things a man really knows
Are the secrets he secretly holds.

And a man wrote to ask SOME body:
“Is it all right to be intellectually dissatisfied withOUT becoming a revolutionist?”
And somebody replied, “As far as I’M concerned it is.”

…then Kyroot, (that super-sonic surveyor)., said:
A man with uncertain property lines can safely leave his home unattended.

…and Kyroot said:
Among the ordinary no one can jump off of an intellectual bridge:
Amongst the same group, in fact,
It’s only a revolutionist who can fabricate a mental structure high enough
From which TO profitably leap.

92092 6 6
..and Kyroot said:
A chap wondered:
“Can the torturing of ordinary ideas force them to become original?”

…recently a man inquired:
“Look here: If we ARE in a finite reality then there can BE nothing that is
Truly original,
So why do you persist in talking about it”?
At any reasonable level the gentlemen is quite correct,
But if just THAT is sufficient to stop a revolutionist — then I fear he didn’t deserve
the name to begin with.

Final Fable For The Goo Fields:
One man decided that EVERY day was his birthday;
And since he refused to accept gifts from anyone — how could anyone object?

…and Kyroot concluded:
A real explorer can call his own discoveries anything-the-hell he wants to.