Jan Cox Talk 0968

The Less You Need Something, The More You Need to Be Told You Do


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#968 ** May 4, 1992 ** – 1:20 
Notes by TK

No Kyroot reading. W/o internal contradictions no real explanation explains anything. 

A variety of views is more than any specific number of views.

A man w/ a holy book (external authority) will never run out of something to say—that is the attraction of it. 

A man w/ “pent-up emotions” is a man w/ emotions inside of him. Connected to: a closet w/ an inside also has another side. 

The less you need something the more you must be told you do; all advertising is of and for the Secondary Level World. Man must continually make his own sales pitch to himself. 

Artists who curry the king’s favor are like bombs coming w/ get-well cards. Apologetic new thinking is suicidal. 

If ordinary thinking is a process, Neural Revolutionist thinking is a process of processing.

Epilogue at 1:00. There’s no way not to be hurt, disappointed in life for it is required of the Secondary Level World. Becoming a hermit is no real answer; you can’t retire from the Secondary Level World. There’s no reason the Group could not take This Thing into their on hands in new directions.