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Half of What Fills Your Brain Is What You Don’t Know


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#809 Apr 29, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :12. People can talk about what they say they think, but the mind cannot analyze its thought…and there’s an unrecognized, non-verbal-level knowledge of this. Thought can only see itself, talk about itself, and only in comparatives, relative terms. Every single thought requires its anti-thought to prop it up, to make it manifest. True analytic thought would be non-polarized; w/o vested interest.

Being opinionated is like being neurally territorial—defensive. This is pure ordinary sanity, being in favor of what you think. Half of what you know, the operation of your brain is composed, of what you don’t know-think-believe, and until you know this, you don’t know much. Non-polarized, analytic thought is close to so-called “intuition”—a knowing beyond rational neural expectations.

The News

… and Kyroot said:
Every morning
just as soon as he awakened
this one guy would say to himself, and all him selves, “Hey, was that fun or what!”
, , , and said:
An ordinary brain
Cannot have an ordinary thought
Without there being present an
Opposing, contrasting, contradictory thought To give it life.
. ..and Kyroot said:
In one kingdom
they would brand the name of your worst enemy on your forehead; (and i f you didn’t have one
the Royal Brander would serve as stand-in).
In the name of righteousness
The throats of one universe
Have called for the exorcism of the intestines.
… and Kyroot said:
A chap on the adjacent stool said
he judges his increased “toughness”
by the fact that he can now almost stand himself.
Reacting to certain rumors
This one god finally decided to
“Look in” on his creation;
When he returned he said that
Things were going okay – BUT
That if his creatures ever started
Taking what they talk about .beAi. We’d ALL be in for a bad winter.
… and Kyroot said:
Among all the social sciences history is the culmination of a lot of things.
The kid came up and said,
“Say Pop,
Why should it become tricky to,
‘Know a lot, and but live a little’?”, and
The older one continued to feign interest
In the four-iron in his hands, and replied nonchalantly “Where’d you hear that, anyway?”
… and Kyroot said:
Now for another tid-bit from the bodacious files of,
“Believe It Or Go Think About It Some More”:
In a small mid-size town just outside of a larger big one
is a man who, whenever anyone says anything he doesn’t like, will say – “I don’t like that”.
(Some people expect great things of him while others fear a sharp increase in inter -city bus fares. )
You got me, 1 1 admit it
Everything DOES exist,
Just not in the way it’s described,
From another zone came this thought:
“What IS being ‘Totally civilized’
Other than knowing only what you’ve been told, and Having no suspicion it could be otherwise.”
… and Kyroot said:
This one “stand-up” kinda king called all the people together and declared,
“Centered around my own wisdom,
based on my own compassion,
arising from the core of my very own essence, I bring forth for you a New Religion,
The Great ‘I-Religion’ – the true ‘Wave Of The and upon hearing this grand, good news,
fourteen hundred citizens burned their bathing suits.
Others however,
Have been LESS impressed.
… and Kyroot said:
I know this may be difficult, if not shocking to believe, but right amidst the middle and muddle
of ordinary, everyday civilized existence
this one guy decided just to himself, mind you – to “carry on
with it. 11
and said:
Any thinking that can
See its own reflection
Does not exist sufficiently to Warrant any further consideration.
… and Kyroot said:
Justice! – Ah how swift,
Ah how strange: After forgiving all his enemies one guy’s friends fell on him
like an over-weight eighteen wheeler.
Man’s reality machine Moves thusly:
First it runs,
Then it halts;
Then it runs some more, Then it halts some more; Then it runs even more,
And then it halts even more, And thus it moves,
it moves.
… and Kyroot said:
This one guy put up large pictures of himself
all around his apartment well, he didn’t actually have an apartment
so he used his head instead,
Having learned from the
Experiences of some of his buds, This one god sent down the word To his little creatures,
“I don’t want no religion
Started up for me by guys that’s Got more problems than I do!”
… and Kyroot said:
concerned viewer writes in,
“IF health won’t keep you alive
what does this imply regarding
stupidity’s relationship to c
“The time should be ripe,” he noted,
“I am well read and traveled enough
To now ask myself this question:
Has there ever been A Famous in history who
Didn’t complain about SOMETHING?”
. . . (Over a cold one later
He admitted that he almost
Wished he’d never thought
About this.)
… and Kyroot said:
One fellow decided to publicly announce that he was “Born too late”, but no one showed up.
, , , and said:
“My dear ole man”, said the kid,
“Why is it that the
More money or power a man has
The more money and power he wants?, and
It’s not the same with intelligence?”
The ole man semi-smiled and replied,
“If you look at it 1
The answer’s obvious as hell.”
Well, the younger player DID
Ponder on the matter and
The “obvious” answer that kept
Re-knocking on his neural door – (That men didn’t HAVE any intelligence To begin with) – was obviously
TOO annoying to contend with.
In the intellectual dining room In the University Two Thousand Will be posted this sign,
“Do Not Eat Your Relatives.”
… and Kyroot said:
The Real Revolutionist’s prime area of patriotism is toward his own intellect.
Thinking that can truly
Analyze itself
Has no interest in the such inquiry.
, , , and said:
On those super rare occasions
When someone would come right out, and simply Ask him ‘point blank’,
This one god would ANSWER ‘point blank’.
… and Kyroot said:
In this one quite strict universe
they had to recall three different models of fear and four-wheel drive disgust.
… and Kyroot said:
When the one-billionth human said,
“It’s my moral obligation to ‘Tell it like it is’
several nearby galaxies rejoiced and gave thanks They actually
threw up, but
that doesn’t
sound quite
as nice,
don’ t chu
think. )
… and Kyroot said:
One guy’s cerebral song stylings so–expansive that he was his own back-up singers.
Another stem on that tree
That calls itself -“The Astounding Non Surprises Of Life”: Sometime ago,
And someplace thence,
There was a god who,
When things would start
To go badly for his creatures
Would say to them,
“Hey look, I gotta go,
You guys take it from here”.
“Well, hell”, he whined,
“Given enough facts and evidence Anybody can prove anything.” …(He may be correct, but
What does THAT prove? – Huh?)
… and Kyroot said:
And yet one more viewer writes to say that it’s none of our business.
, , , and
“All right young man”, Said the old man,
“I’ll tell you exactly why You can’t just do whatever You want to do – If you did
Then what would you have to complain about!” …(AS per their sometimes norm,
The kid was damn near
Blinded by the of
The elder’s obviousness.)
… and Kyroot said:
out! it’s coming to a neighborhood near you!
Received another fax this morning From another god who complains that
My continued reading of stories about, and Comments from so-called “gods” Has the tendency to make mortal listeners Take the notion of such beings as Metaphoric, or symbolic, and that He for one is not at all convinced This is desirable at this
“Stage of the game”.
… and Kyroot said:
One ole sorehead says
the worst thing about being alive’s knowing that not everyone else agrees with you.
The Under Secretary of Progress
Said to the king in private counsel, “Sire, as I now see it,
The advancement of civilization
May be measured by man’s ability to Grow scabs without having been cut.”
. ..and Kyroot said:
Anyone who can satisfactorily explain a painting can’t do one.
Over in this other reality,
(Well, they like to THINK it’s one) ,
They have a mythology that tells
Of a place after death called,
eaven Of And For The Obv
And if you show up at its gates
You can be admitted by answering just one question, at did you do to deserve (Hey, you in on i The proper response is to say,
“I lived.”)
For an ordinary mind to
Approach operational validity It should say,
“All I know is
What I know plus
All I don’t know.”
…(Revolutionist thinking is
Not this complicated.)
… and Kyroot said:
“Kid, I know I promised not to
ever give you advice,
but now that we’re both dying let me tell you this: Don’t waste
the sun.
. . . now let s get this over with.