Jan Cox Talk 0808

City Thought Sees Itself, But For Opposition Sees Only Reflection


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#808 Apr 26, 1991 – 1:00
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :14. TMTYHT (thinking more than you have to) results in thought that can analyze itself beyond merely seeing itself. Ordinary thought sees itself, but only sees its reflection…in its opposition, its balancing counterpart. Real Revolutionist analysis = fresh and useful view, not an ordinary reflection having an “evil twin”. Ordinary thought/consciousness recognizes itself (via its opposition—what it is not), it doesn’t go any further, doesn’t analyze. Recognition is not analysis. Analysis is impartial and unnatural.

The News

… and Kyroot said:
First says,
“The man who forms the questions
controls the answers.”,
and the next fellow says, “Is that an original idea with you?”
There are always
Multiple games going on
At the same time, but
Those IN the stadium never see them.
… and Kyroot said:
given the least opportunity, will try and re-route a parade.
To stay a step ahead
There was this one composer who
Insisted that all his string quartets Be played by at least five instruments.
… and Kyroot said:
A viewer writes to say
that since he started listening to me
it’s as though Life had begun to talk to him;
(if we could slip by the simplistic
sound of sarc
I’d be tempted to reply to him,
“So you becoming auditory
coincided with me commencing
these programs.”)
This one man was so important, and Such a big shot in the city that He could only be bothered with Thinking for himself on
Every other Tuesday.
… and Kyroot said:
Numbers aren’t boring until you begin to count.
(No application here
to words – no sir ree-bee.)
A chap stopped me
Over by that new shopping mall, and Said that my recent comments Regarding sarcasm and cynicism Made him completely re-think, and Re-orient his own sense of humor; He says this new level of insight Now allows him to laugh only at Man’s mortality.
… and Kyroot said:
After more than one of those Giant champagne, one multi-starred general told an architect’s wife that attitude counted for a lot – except in gas warfare.
Being wise to the ways of crowds
This one god would open all his creations With a joke.
There are tales of
A land where pleasant thoughts
Always bring sad ones to mind;
But the more unbelievable part is that
There seems to be no furious exodus therefrom,
… and Kyroot said:
One man’s Explanation Declaration
he painted on his left thigh,
it read, “Yes, I May Be Stupid But I’m In Great Shape1′; (several people in Charlottesville seemed quite impressed.)
and said:
Cheering for the home team
Is the best revenge for the home team.
… and Kyroot said:
The bus passed the area so quickly
that through the open window I still only caught
this conversation fragment,
“No no no – being in a coma is not the same as being the !ole-man!.”
nting fans,
Hair-trigger thinkers, and
Political parvenus: If you can SEE the king, You can KILL the king.
… and Kyroot said:
There are several specific ways to handle addition; none of them work.
A post card from a viewer says
That after watching these
“So-called – ‘programs’ for a while, He begins to wonder,
“If a man knew what he was thinking Would he still be able think
What he’s thinking?”
… and Kyroot said:
Although the specifics of the job
have never been codified, or published,
a central part of man’s responsibility here
is in breaking the bad news to his compatriots.
Over in another time,
Some place back, One fellow said,
“‘Twere it not for my intellect,
The flowers wouldn’t bloom, and
The birds wouldn’t sing,” and
In spite of verbal appearances,
If you know how to think,
You know he’s not incorrect,
… and Kyroot said:
Was a guy who decided to try something, but it didn’t work.
… and said:
Another question in that continuing dispute between some upper and lower departments in the City Publishing
ich is more important
to the production of books – paper, or words?”
The robbers sprang
From their stolen car,
Brandishing their illegal weapons Rushed to the door of the bank, Which was locked,
With a sign – ‘Closed On Wednesdays”. … ( Another city incident wherein The services of
Captain Irony were not required.)
and said:
To try and distinguish himself
in the crowded marketplace of Creation Performances
this one god began to advertise that he DID “take requests”.
One ole park philosopher
Told a group of young listeners,
“At the very least
You can always feel better by
Just reflecting on man’s distant past, and
Realizing how much worse off been back then.”; . . . (Over by the water fountain
A squirrel scratched the words in the sand, “Yeah, but that kinda thing can
Backfire on you like a
’49 Ford with glass-packs.”)
… and Kyroot said:
One from out of town.
viewer writes for advice,
(Also requesting his
“Free Nose Hair Tweezers”
Which he said part of our televised offer, vhi&.h he is obviously mistaken) , He says that after extensive reading Of metaphysical and mystical poetry He is ready to believe,
As many writers said,
That each little piece of Has its own story to tell,
But he wants to know
How can you tell if they’re dealing In fiction, or
… and Kyroot said:
Seriously trying to “make yourself understood” is one more way to deal with it.
This one king would sometimes
Go to the stadium,
Hang a tray of hot dogs around his neck, And move amongst the crowd
As though he were just another vendor. . . . (He would, however,
Keep h i s crown on
Just in case anybody got any
Funny id
. ..and Kyroot said:
In the late afternoon
while lazying under the lower branches
of one of the younger sciences
one kid said to his buddy,
“It would appear to me
that if you CAN’T shoot yourself in the foot you’ll never be a City marksman.”
Several attendees at the recent Thinker’s Conference
Didn’t actually belong there, but That’s all right –
Several who DID, didn’t.
Then there’s this other chap
Who goes around all the time saying,
“Weird, huh?”, and
He says he plans to continue until
SOME one
Gives him a suitable reply so there!)
… and Kyroot said:
There was this one king who,
when it came to religion,
said he could believe in its causes, but not its effects.
(But Hey!,
ain’t that always the way.
One who looks upon their
Past with verbal regret
May open an academy near you,
But it’s not required that you enroll. . . . (They may try and open
real near you – REAL near,
know what I mean?)
… and Kyroot said:
Although he lived in the fast lane he refused to carry exact change.
… and Kyroot said:
One of the candidates who did not get elected
was one who kept repeating,
“It’s not WHEN are things going to get worse, but IF.”
The ole fax line brings another Message from another viewer who says That the more he watches this
The younger and sillier he feels; I cannot determine whether this is A complaint, or what.
Slogan for the day,
(First the public version): “The shorter the better”. –
(Now the “insider’s edition”) : e shorter the.”
… and Kyroot said:
One guy stated,
“It’s not that I’m
over-all-ly ,
‘anti-verbal ,
I’ve just got-it-in-for my OWN language in particular.”
Stated one of the city’s
Leading reviewers of cultural affairs, “If a critic can’t make a work
Mean whatever he WANTS it to mean,
‘s the use in even BEING a critic?”
The people of this one land would say, “Hey, if you wanna be king, AND
Be nice – Hey, go somewhere else!”
… and Kyroot said:
In his bow to the
Muses Of Propriety
this one fellow decided to
never think any thought
with which any one else might disagree.
One man is pleased to say
That he considers himself –
(If not his intellectual style) – To be the bridge between
Civilization and the Eternal Wilderness.
You can’t pass along, or
Re-direct anything – Including information – Without some distortion,
Which is
One of the purposes of
Re-directing it, and passing it along.
… and Kyroot said:
Whenever he didn’t know what he was doing
this one guy would feign his own death;
this resulted in him being able to drop his health club membership, and daily run.
Another viewer says he
Saw an advertisement for
An organization which says
it’s involved with, “Poetic Rehabilitation”, and He wants to know does this mean
They use poetry to cure people, or
That they cure people FROM poetry?
…(Sir, I’ve gotta tell you –
I don’t know, and
I don’ t WANT to know.)
and Kyroot said:
Two useful comments:
The price of everything just went up; (Second one) :
This means you’re still alive.
“Amidst the unfeeling,
Blind furies of nature”,
says one ole timer,
“Remain a few relieving niceties such as, Power failures, and writer’s block.”
I believe it was this same man’s Half-brother who once said that, “Civilization can bear ANY
But scrutiny” he stated this,
if I remember correctly,
at some time BEFORE civilization began to
take a closer look at him.)
Several gods have contacted
Our office this week to say that They do not want to be used In any Kyroots –
They say it makes them “Look bad”.
For some,
The word went out too late;
For others
It was too soon to be meaningful, but As always,
The timing was for all involved.
One guy could
Only have fun while
No one was watching including,
(Don’ t chu know) – himself
As the shadows fell on this one land It collapsed under the weight of That which was not.
. . . (Such properties
Are now available in YOUR area.)
Gazing pensively
Out the east windows Over his morning coffee,
This one god said to his wife, Regarding his creatures, “Sometimes I think they take This life thing too seriously.”
One guy’s medicine for the day Was wrapped up in these words, “The difficulty of BEING alive
Is matched only by the irritation of Talking about it.”
(how is it that such little
Episodes continue to give me
A of optimism regarding man’s possibilities When I KNOW full well that
I just made them up.)