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Ordinary Self Analysis : Considering Other’s Thoughts About You


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#807 Apr 24, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :15. The “intellectual stadium”—at majority a person turns in their ticket to enter the stadium to thereafter merely watch others think (operate in a SL/Secondary Level fashion), cheering on the home team (booing the opposition) – i.e., approve “correct thinking” acceptable opinions, facts. TMTYHT (thinking more than you have to) is necessary to move into a neural area where thought can analyze itself—not other’s thoughts about your thinking (ordinary self-analysis).

Ordinary analysis, e.g., psychology, shifts attention toward the “mind”, which is a step forward for civilization, but not for a Real Revolutionist. It is increased control over acts, behavior—but talk-behavior: thought about talk. Yet something is always lacking. The experts must always admit inconclusiveness to their discipline (this is what makes them experts!). Ordinary thought never can analyze itself.

Revolutionary analysis requires a lack of allegiance to any standard or accepted code. A Real Revolutionist must be a “smooth-talking, silky-flying, hot-thinking Goodyear blimp cruising above everybody else’s stadium”.

The News

… and Kyroot said:
One guy says
his mind’s so delicate
he can only think while!
Several possibilities
Who hadn’t been invited
Showed up, but
He said it all balanced out, and Helped make up for some who’d Over slept.
… and Kyroot said:
In the nearby City I was told of a man who stabbed his clock; they said everyone knew he did; they said it couldn’t be proven. in a court of law, but
that everyone knew he did it.
On dank, dark days
When it would
Rain in the wrong direction, This one guy’s weakest thoughts Would swell up to where he Couldn’t even get his shoes on.
, and said:
AS a “come on”, and inducement for his version of Paradise, just outside the main gate this one god put up a sign, “Check Out Our Everyday Low Tire Prices.”
, ,
The intensity at which
Some will say that
“Civilization has become a burden” Only shows the degree to which THEY
May have become a burden to civilization,
… and Kyroot said:
One City said,
“So long as someone will continue to furnish me with lines I have no doubt that I can carry on.”
On the medical front: Last week doctors attempted
the first brain transplant
on a man in the city;
today they admitted failure,
and said his brain just wouldn’t
grow no matter WHERE they planted it.
… and Kyroot said:
A viewer writes and says
in regard to my comments that
“The world is big enough for everybody”,
and that “Alaska’s large enough to take all comers”,
he says we just ain’t seen him yet;
well sir, if it makes you feel any better,
when it gets around to you – if necessary – we’ll knock
the walls down.
It is the nature of robust life to seek revenge; ids’ resentment of chemistry’s intrusion, Sunlight’s for dew.
It is man who has given revenge its bad name By calling it revenge.
For uncounted days
He trod cross the gaseous desert, Til up ahead he saw a new sight;
He thought – It could be a mirage but That didn’t matter because it would be HIS mirage.
… and Kyroot said:
Over in the City
a guy not standing near anything said, “Anybody that’d read fiction’d live it.”
In another reality,
(Truth be known,
If a crow could fly straight across Dimensional boundaries,
Not that far from here) ,
There’s a new religious cult which says That if you can be sarcastic enough You’ll never die.
… and Kyroot said:
At a quite early age this one kid
had already begun a chase of matters philosophical,
and within a few years was experiencing a certain mental discomfort which he expressed to his ole man by the
phrase-cum-question, “Say Pop, the truth hurts,
ich his father replied, “Then don’t eat it,”
but several months later the lad returned with the same comment, “The truth hurts,” and this time his elder told him,
“Well don’t eat it,”
but in less than a year the kid returned to say again,
“The truth still hurts,” and the ole man pulled him close
and said, “Look, why don’t you take the efficient way out,
and just change your definition of The truth’
There was recently a man who
Spent a considerable amount of
Time and energy compiling a list of the “Greatest Men Who Ever Live Upon a close scrutiny of his
Completed masterwork that His name was not included.
(A memorial service will not
Be held this Thursday.)
… and Kyroot said:
Those who must be civilized,
can’t be.
A bunch of guys were talking,
“Remember” , said one,
“Whoever has the last word has to pick up the check.”,
of SO”, said a second guy,
“Whoever has the last word owns the restaurant.”,
“Not quite”, added another,
“In truth, whoever has the last word wasn’t hungry to begin with.”
(The first two guys didn’t catch the drift of this, and in appreciation,
kicked the shit out. of the third one.)
… and Kyroot said:
Pigs will lay serenely amidst the squalor and immodesty of clean sheets with nar-ree a complaint
once they have accepted the dear price of today’s slop.
A gent wrote to say he thinks,
“If humanity KNEW what it was doing
It wouldn’t have to DO so much.”
…(He wrote again the following day to say That although he still had faith in his iar observation,
Something therein strikes him now as Potentially fatal,
And that we should all “Beware”,)
… and Kyroot said:
Just for use during those private times
conversing with the kid,
this one ole man gave himself the name of
“Have I Got To Do All The Thinking For Both Of Us?” and in return he allowed the lad to call himself – Maybe Not.”
At totally
Unexpected times
This one guy’d begin to speak coherently.
The hour being late, and all.
… and Kyroot said:
A Wide Lens Viewer’s Tip: If you’re looking for something you can’t see anything.
One king refused to
Have any children;
He said this would save him the trouble of Having to kill them.
… (-His said,
“Me too. )
… and Kyroot said:
One guy’s attitude seemed to more or less be.
Another of the
Grand Divisions into which Humans get grouped:
There are two types of people:
Those who define
By what they do, and
A reputed second type who once described
The were by Telling what they’d thought. …(There is also a third type, but
It won’t seem to fit into a
Two type discussion.)
… and Kyroot said:
Only the Revolutionized intellect can have an interest IN something without having a VESTED interest.
At, or about,
Seven fifteen a.m.,
One ole man told all his kids, “Everyone should keep a
Secret can’t tell you What should go in it however.”
… and Kyroot said:
Whenever he saw an egg
this one guy’ d wave.
The lecturer concluded his remarks thusly: “Man’s mythology and religious legends Arise from three primary sources:
From his fear of death,
From his belief intranscendental insight, And from too much food at bedtime.”
… and Kyroot said:
Them what’s in the majority are sane, them what’s not’s not.
After studying philosophy and advertising
This one fellow said,
“Given sufficient conditions and qualifiers – EVERY thing’s true.
( To which his other half added, “Thank
Standing by the tracks and
Gazing off into what to be The distance, he said,
“YOU wouldn’t believe
How many times they’ve
Run it out of sight,
Then turned it around and
Brought it back,
Telling us it was a brand new train.
. ..and Kyroot said:
One reason men enjoy the idea of death so much is that it seems to be at least one form of conclusiveness reachable.
One ole timer
Sitting on the bank of the canal said,
“It’s a good thing men HAVE
An exaggerated sense of their intelligence,
Or else they’d be left with just the real one.”
… and Kyroot said:
The head god of this one universe said that nobody was going ANY where
until he finished his m
Proposed motto for the city university that has yet to he adopted: “Habit Rules The Unreflecting Herd;
Graduate Habit Rules The Rest Of Us.”
… and Kyroot said:
There was this guy who knew the damndest things;
there was another guy who could THINK of the damndest things; who would you vote for?
As the uniformed men
Changed the tire on the bus
The ole man leaned close to the kid and said, “If you try to appeal
To the minds of everyone
You might become famous;
If you try and fail,
You can always believe that you’re
Simply ahead of your time, but
Either way,
You get free drinks if you play
At the hundred dollar table.”
… and Kyroot said:
Making rude noises is only
one of the jobs of the intellect.
Then from that near-distant reality spake the great voice;
“LO, it I,
The infinite origin of the universe;
I, the lord of all that is,
And of all that ever shall be;
I am the supreme core of all creation –
I am the beginning
And I am the end, the middle however, is somebody ELSE’S responsibility
The rebel’s authentic adopted home Is an abstract nation.
… and Kyroot said:
Over on this one planet
a guy has announced his new business,
he says it is a “barbershop for the
he refuses to give additional details,
but says he’ll be open by Friday.
“Yeah, I know”,
Said the low sodium old pirate,
“Fourteen men on a dead man’s chest
Sounds like mighty bad news, but
I had a cousin who was done in by
ions in a plain brown envelope.”
The unwritten law
And energy -ba
In this life can be thusly put:
Grab all you can
With your right hand,
Keep hold of all you have
In your left.
s if to underline his
faux over
Passing foes,
One king would return each night
To the battle field and
Slash again the Already dead.
Over in another zone
There’s an amazing cruise line, who, Whenever one of its ships
Reaches its destination – sinks it.

If you’re not starving to death,
The secret to life is entertainment.