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After the First Act, “Birth,” It’s All Pretend


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#806 Apr 22, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :15. An individual’s personality is civilization writ small, a history of civilization writ small. It is Civilization’s struggle for facts to overtake/overcome acts. Explanations re: any particular act reach a point of saturation (where they are widely, generally accepted as true) where they actually do overtake acts; consume the originating act–i.e., become “causes” of the act. Facts however, must arise from/after acts, therefore creative imagination doesn’t exist.

Yet this cannot be borne in mind w/o it appearing to reverse position. Thus the “once pretend” becomes the “newly real”, then becoming collectively held, becomes virtually actual. This in turn creates/forces new “pretends”. After the first act—birth—it’s all pretend. Facts = invading army vs. occupying army (which has no effective resistance). But invading armies never experience success, never quiet the invaded territory completely, never become an occupying army. What would be an occupying force? Revolutionary Thinking.

The News

… and Kyroot said:
There was this one guy
who decided it would be a nice idea
to assign a numerical value to each of his thoughts;
it did not, however, work out – he couldn’t count that low.
A king with no foes
Is but king-for-a-day;
This may be a l l that’s needed In a land of a l l new kingdoms.
… and Kyroot said:
As the water reached the boiling point
and began to splash through the awaiting coffee one bean said to another, “No pain, no gain.
One guy said he was serious – But he wasn’t.
This was his form of seriousness.
… and Kyroot said:
One chap explained his failure to more fully
ent and enjoy the “instrument of his mind” as due to his inability to “get it tuned.”
note from out way: If you CAN actually
“report the news”
there isn’t actually
much news TO report.
… and Kyroot said:
At another time place This Kinda Stuff
was called, “The Threat Of Too Much Thought.”
In noting increase in his errors and mistakes,
this chap explains it by saying how he recently got an
unbelievably good deal on a large shipment of erasers and white-out.
… and Kyroot said:
There was this one guy
who would often talk to his brain,
and sometimes (I suppose just as a joke) it would pretend it didn’t hear him.
‘Whilst peacefully engaged in agreeable duo sauntering,
the ole man said, “Kid-son, one of the real prizes of
living in the city is that you can psychologically ‘Explain away’ anything you don’t like or can’t dominate
and by so doing cast your own dumb, feeble self
BETTER light than ore. “
Anything you can talk about
No longer exists as it did before – (But otherwise, also) .
… and Kyroot said:
In the Revolution
if costs ever become AN object they will become the WHOLE object.
A man who can’t take a joke
won’t live past Thursday.
… and Kyroot said:
It is well to remember that opinions,
just like socks,
come in all sizes lus you have the matter of the smell
One guy who’d been there said,
“If being king’s
‘No big deal,’
At least it’s no great hardship either.”
… and Kyroot said:
One elder creature told his younger version
that “every penny counts”;
he told the kid this many times over;
one day the lad spoke up and said,
”You keep telling me that ‘Every penny counts,’
but why don’t you go ahead and give me a ll of i t ,
and say, ‘Every penny counts but they don’t count for much’?”; the ole man replied,
“Well now, if I told you everything about everything today what would I have to tell you about tomorrow?”;
the sapling thought on this, and thought on it some more ’til he said,
“Ah come on, this is another one of your
‘Ole-man- okes – right?”
(‘Show biz one man says he now understands that EVERY hour is “Amateur Hour”.
… and Kyroot said:
Another viewer keeps writing to me
requesting that I meet with him so’s
he can apprise me of his particular notions
of the backstage workings of City life;
in his letters he refers to ideas as the, “Great Structure of ICM; Int
and Machinations”.
In his latest note he
expresses his surprise over how pressed I must be for time.)
Then as times got better place – in a new location
this one god got himself a little in his creatures’
nervous systems.
The difference between youth and age
is like the distinction between knowing what you want, and remembering what it was you wanted.
There is a mystery IN words. and a mystery OF words;
Being able to untangle the latter destroys the former.
Striking a metric pose in the sunlight by the window,
the poetry instructor declared,
“Some human sorrows are TOO humble to be noted in verse,” and in unison the class demanded, “Oh Yeah? name ONE!”
… and Kyroot said:
Another guy said the best thing HE liked about being himself was that he didn’t have to get all dressed up and go out to meet him.
Being king
Is being able to Look-out-the-window Where EVER you are.
… and Kyroot said:
In Life: Many things are similar that only sound so.
When the kid was two hours old
the ole man picked him up and said,
“Son, don’t ever go LOOKING for trouble.”, and
the gurgling one thought, “NOW you tell m
Kyroot said:
In most universes
there ARE certain roadway motels,
and over-night cottages
wherein you can pass a sunrise being just as angry as you like.
As things turned out,
Some of the late-comers
Couldn’t tell they’d come late.
( A fellow wrote the other day to say that if it weren’t for the word “some” we’d all be “many”,
and from there it’d be just a small step to us all being us all.)
Revolutionist pop quiz: Can mind become more bountiful Than that which it perceives? Can thought be greater beauty Than that which gives it breath?
( . . . and Kyroot added :
As a hint, and for future reference
you might care to note that the answer
to almost all revolutionist questions is either, “I know what you mean.”, or
“I couldn’t agree with you more.”)
… and Kyroot said:
One guy writes to suggest that the distance – if not difference – between, and “retail”
may not be as far as one might think. . .
(he admits he’s personally unsure
as to how far this might actually be – BUT. . . )
All right, settle down now;
our kiddy question of the day: Can you be the Prefix “non” Without being the Prefix “anti”?
… and Kyroot said:
Over at a City refreshment stop,
over a refreshing brew,
a fellow swigged a healthy swig and told me that his brain was so large
it once had its own zip code.
(How come I never get those kinda drinks?)
Even after the king was dead,
Many of the knights continued to mount imagination, (As old ideas are commonly wont to do).
… and Kyroot said:
One of the foremost City Institutions issued the following announcement: “A disproportionate number of people.”
In one peculiar kingdom
The two prevailing political factions
Were called the Abrupt, and Gradual parties; (Some years later
They will be known simply as
The Acts, and The Facts.)
“Son”, said the ole man,
“As you go through life you may certainly
keep your eye peeled for a sack of lost money,
but you might also keep the other eye out for a man
who might know something without offering personal
anecdotes in support sir, you could keep a lookout for such a guy.”
In the graduate schools of this one reality
al; exit exam for all would-be priests, psychiatrists . fans consists of but one question – “Heal thyself!’.
(Although the professional ranks there remain thin, all in all
everyone seems in
reasonably good condition.
and in a related item:
If god ever calls, and
he’s complaining, hang up quick.])
Okay, okay,
in a related, related item: If god calls and is whining and complaining – how ARE you gonna hang up?
. . . and said
Reflecting on the historic view now expressed as,
“The Peloponnesian War brought neither victory nor peace this one student-ole-man said,
“But it brought plenty of Peloponnesians .”
On a real humid afternoon
this one king announced that he’d
had it up to here with vacuous theory,
and that here on out no virtue counted that couldn’t be seen.
… and Kyroot said:
Speaking from an alley way
a guy told me with some pleasure in his voice, “I’ve filled my head with such agreeable crud that I’ve begun to find crud agreeable.”
Message from a subversive fortune cookie: “If you’re going to walk along the side of the road
with a man with a game leg, choose your position
with care,”
(This is not to be confused with an earlier version that said, “Skeet shooting for the blind
is NOT a team sport”.)
… and Kyroot said:
This man tried to deal in antiques,
but time kept speeding up on him.
Since local zoning laws wouldn’t allow giving one’s residence a serious sounding, anthropomorphic name,
this one man wants to have his own name legally (or otherwise) changed to, Dupe Of Dreams Or Slave Of Genes.
and said:
One guy had a different attitude
For every day of the week;
This didn’t give him much time
For anything else – but
He didn’t care – ’cause
That was his attitude already for Friday.
The minds of men
Are given to dreams of conspiracy For two quite solid reasons;
Because there ARE two conspiracies – A true conspiracy,
And a false one,
And each the other
To the benefit of all.
Whenever he wanted to see one of his particular creatures
this one god would send several days in advance,
but when he discovered that the creature involved then
spent every available minute thinking aver,, and
discussing the question, “What does god want to see ME
the guy stopped actually ever meeting with any of.,
and just settled for notifying them that he WANTED to.
(He says the original purpose is still being served.)
Then there was this other guy
Who says it’s so much fun
Being himself
That he can’t understand why he waited so long.
The speaker in the park declared,
“Forget all those tales of other worlds and future lives;
we have only now, and this is the place to either
find satisfaction, or not at all,” and a chap in the crowd asked, “Can you guarantee that?”, and the speaker replied,
course not!”
Quite clearly and loudly
Cracked the voice,
“If I could SEE where I was going I wouldn’t be GOING anywhere.”
The first advantage of
High-tech thinking over older forms
Is that it’s easier to service and repair If it ever breaks down;
And the second advantage is
That it never does.
Unlike muscles,
The words least used Remain the strongest.
One ruler gave everyone a choice – (except of course, himself).