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Power to All Is Power to None


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#804 Apr 17, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :14. Neural revolution = the ultimate tyranny.

Power to all is power to none. To think in a new area of the brain, power must be centralized absolutely. Life disallows centralized power. New Thought cannot allow its authority to be shared. All ordinary power figures can only reign via shared power, power shared in the form of opponents. Foes allow a focus of power for the king. New Thought can only take place in an area of no preferences, of unpolarized alternatives. Therefore it can only take place in a place where power is “wall to wall”- all power. Power to One = power to all. Revolutionary power does not rely on the power automatically provided by ordinary thinking and Life’s genetic urgings.

The News


Thinking in a monotone can take off some of the rough edges.

The distinction between human invention and participations is that there’s not any.

A fellow in line at the City post office told me that even though he’s not overly concerned about financial affairs, he has saved considerable entertainment dollars by constructing a Disney-type-land in his own head.

Surprising little verbal by-play making certain canine rounds:
“What’s better than being Top Dog?”
(then the other guy answers), “Being Top Dig’s favorite.

Forget the old City rendition of this – here’s the subversive version:
Learning from oneself is the “best revenge”.

The metaphorical rise, fall and don’t waste-the-life-guard’s-time, evolution of man:
At first I looked upon my neighbor as my friend, then I saw him as my foe;
now he appears to me as one from whom to borrow a lawn mower.

As a show of his supreme sovereignty and power, this one king, Last Monday, declared
that from that day on, glaciers were forbidden.

A chap stopped me near the produce market and said he’d been watching these programs and has come to the conclusion that – whether I mean to or not – what I am encouraging is a way of “cool living, and hot thinking”……(would you please pass me that kumquat.)

One thing about around here is that they don’t charge any more.

One fine spring’s eve, whilst sitting on the edge of his brother, this one chap grew pensive and reflective, “Noise is but the ultimate improvisation – music stretched to its ultimate limits,” he paused and pensed a bit more, then wondered, “But what would that say about the nature and potential of chaotic thought?”

To promote its progressive policies, one kingdom advertised itself
as a place where “leniency is swift”.

Over in his inventor’s shed, Professor Pop-Up says he’s working on a “brain amplifier”, or, he adds, “it could turn out to be an instrument to convert human thought into a digital base”;
to what purpose he cannot say, but – hey, “When the potential’s there you gotta go with it.”
(He also says he’s tired of being called a “mad scientist” because he’s more
mad than scientist.)

Another neural fashion note: You can’t be king without wearing special clothes;
Royal thought requires distinctive dress.
Up in the misty mountains they still believe in such things, some say the only defense
against Wagner is to wear a comedian around your neck.

Poster on a pole just outside of the city:
“The Immaculate Conception Is Coming To Your Town…
(Well It Might If You Let It) – All Seats Reserved)”

One man offered to provide the king with moral interpretations of his military actions, and to spell out the spiritual ramifications of his domestic political policies; His Grace declined the kind offer.

Each morning, immediately preceding the serving of the collective oatmeal,
this one father would gather his thoughts – I mean his family – about the
communal table and as they each tried to both look at one another, and also
not do so, he would lead them in this anthem,
“The sweetest things I’ve ever said, remain the things in my head.”

A viewer writes to say he has only one question.

After being introduced, if he was asked, “What do you do?” this one upstart would reply, “off shore racing,” (and if he really liked his new acquaintance he would add, “without a boat”).

Over near one part of town is a man who says he now doubts that squirrels are actually rodents, and he further believes it was the squirrels themselves who, for their own reasons, originally put out this disinformation…
(No squirrels returned our calls or would comment on this allegation.)

One guy says he’s madder now than before.

Soon after he and his might hordes crossed their neighbor’s border, the king told the frightened people, “My quarrel is not with you, but with your weather.”

The speaker climaxed his remarks by declaring:
“Once you allow even one exception, then all exceptions are permissible,”
and a voice in the audience said, “Making exceptions just that much
more loveable.”

Power to all is power to none.

Once a long, long, real long, (not really) time ago there was a man who didn’t know what to think, so he didn’t.

That well know duo, the Talking Twins, contacted me again, and
Number one said, “All famous people are a disappointment in their private lives,”
and Number two added, “Yes, and that’s why they became famous in the first place.”
(Number one nodded his agreement.)

One middle chevroned ole man told his equally plaid kid this:
“If you ain’t got the smarts that tell you how periodically dumb you can be,
then your smarts are standing in the need of need.”

Health check you can do at home: If one thing comes after another – you’re still alive.

Just before each battle this one king would privately retire to his tent, press his forehead against a mirror and intone, “Oh ye most dreaded instrument of destruction…”

This one guy used to take people with him everywhere he went so he wouldn’t be alone.
(No, don’t look at me, he thought up all by himself.)

One man called to say he feels fully justified in his stupidity…
(Literary Post Script: When you write all your own material
it’s not necessary to always add a
smart ass post script.)

(Another portion of an Unknown Dialogue):
“Not knowing what time it is won’t keep you from being late.”
“Yes, it will.”
“Are you sure?”
“Have I lied to you lately?”
“I don’t know – is it two o’clock yet?”

Over in this one creation, back when things were just beginning to grow and go well, they named their central feeding station – they called it the…the…ah hell, it was something like the Bower of Table…no, the Bower of Bable – well, it was something like that.

One guys advice to himself was, “Well, being mistaken in your thinking
at least shows you are thinking.”

In the god’s Pan-Universal Metaphysical Play-Offs, one deity was
disqualified for his continued refusal to wear a face mask.

A man recently asked himself, “If a preponderance of fear can produce an abundance of caution, why can’t we expect more from our bumper crops of ignorance?”

“For some reason,” says one ole timer,
“fleas are never as enjoyable to the second owner.”

Nothing can deliver what it promises –
(why else do you think it’s gotta promise something
in the first place!).

In his attempt , I suppose, to reflect on thought’s place in the scheme of overall affairs, one fellow notes: “’Tis only after I take specific notice of ‘what I’m thinking’
that the real trouble begins.

Over in one universe all of their religions grew out of failed vaudeville acts.

The king called all the people together in the town square and announced, “I have decided I want to be the greatest king alive, and to accomplish this, as I’m sure you can understand, I will have to have most of you killed.”

One rebel insists that prior to this there was no this.

(Publisher’s note: We in the Editorial Department cannot decide whether the following either: Needs to sound more like a metaphor, is a metaphor, is not a metaphor, or even a fourth possibility that none of us feel brave enough to tackle; we thus simply pass it along with no comment at all – except, of course, the one we’ve just made, which you may either ignore, or take as a metaphor):
One guy said, “What I seek is someone with whom to dance who
will treat my mind like a precious musical instrument,”
and his inner partner inquired: “But are you looking for a violinist
or a guitar player?”

Anything carried to it’s final conclusion can’t be.