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While Thinking More Than You Have to, Only You Can Make You Mad


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#803 Apr 15, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :13. Real affection = understanding.

The ordinary think they TMTTHT (think more than they have to) when they consider themselves to be pensive, introverted, but it is all just whining. There are two ways to tell if you’re TJAMAYHT (thinking just as much as you have to) :
1) If your thinking leaves you dissatisfied;
2) your thinking doesn’t leave you dissatisfied, but that others don’t think as you do, leaves you dissatisfied.

Connection to: if there were such a thing as “truth” and you saw it in a moment of enlightenment, you wouldn’t care that others saw it or not, or whether they believed or didn’t believe that you had seen it. Connection to: once you buy in to a system everything connected to it becomes inevitable. Once you know the number 1, all the other numbers follow naturally.

Man follows life; Secondary Level World follows the Primary Level World; invention/pretention follows nature; explanations follow causes. Connection to: when you TMTYHT (think more than you have to) , only you can make you mad, guilty or embarrassed…in a private way only, i.e., w/o object/reason. There is no operational alternative to non-conclusively being mad, guilty or embarrassed.

The News


The title of one guy’s brain was, “Hey, Who Do You Think You Are?”

The ordinary only get a one time view.

One guy used to stand at his back door and watch the squirrels….
that is, until he began to suspect that they were watching him.

The things most efficient
are the things to first be criticized and condemned.

Straightening up his back, this one fellow said, “If it weren’t for the number ‘three’, everything else in the world would run together.” And a chap next to him at the bar – I mean at the expensive, mahogany table of scientists – replied, “Nay, nay dear chap, if it weren’t for the number ‘three’, one of the first two possibilities would have long ago proven finally sufficient for the needs and pleasure of man.”
(There was actually a third guy standing there during all this, be he was afraid to say anything.)

One god admitted, “Having no alternative is in part the making of the real deities.”

There’s a rarefied spatial difference between having something in the corner
and pushing it there.

While the train was temporatily stuck in the tunnel a chap in the next seat asked me
why it was that they don’t require all forms of art to be listed as either fiction or

Often when skipping rope this one ole sorehead would sing,
“If you don’t think about it, it won’t think about you; if you don’t think about it…”
and so on.

Remember: No matter who you are, no matter even who you think you are – the inside of your mouth too, is symmetrical.

A certain City merchant tells me that every time he tries to “take stock of himself”,
he discovers an unacceptable amount of shrinkage.

One way to tell if you are “thinking only as much as you should”:
It leaves you satisfied – or, if not, it leaves you disturbed with all who are.

Anyone who would say, quote, “If there’s anything I’ve learned in life it is that…”
then followed with some cliché.

Fashion tip: If you’re serious, you can’t be embarrassed.

In this one kingdom the head of the state’s religion has been temporarily relieved of his duties for his insistence on following all of the king’s pronouncements by standing up, popping his fingers, and in a bouncy voice singing, “Get On The Right Tract, Ba-bee…”

In one City the hot seller for the summer is a book entitled,
“The Incomplete Book About Everything…….”
(I sure do hope you don’t laugh at this – no one in the City is.)

A man who can’t take a joke can’t take a hint.
Some produce souvenirs and markers:
a few, art;
such is the difference between the pack
and the lone wolf.

One ole timer over in the ole timer’s area of the park was overheard to say,
“Hey, life’s hairy enough without you being a bump on your own ass.”

Whenever history would “get up close and real impersonal”,
this one guy’s shivers would get shivers.

Within a species, if one creature can do something his neighbor can’t, one of them will fell guilty….(I would appreciate it if you waltz-time listeners didn’t now write me asking whether this has any possible application beyond the borders of zoology and small engine repair.)

To a sissy brain, normal liver noises can seem like the sound of gunfire in the distance.

Okay, another view from the same scenery: First let’s just say that there is such a thing as what ordinary men call “the truth”; if you actually “saw” it, two things would occur:
One is that you wouldn’t care whether anyone else saw it or not, and two, you wouldn’t care whether anyone believed you had or not.

In conversation this one chap insisted on comparing himself with Rembrandt,
when in practice his style was much closer to that of Beethoven.

To the arty eye of the revolutionist, it is only the outline of the thing sketched that is of importance……..(Or, as one reality’s uncle once said, “The left-overs are where it’s at.)

This one flashy guy admitted he had only five senses,
but added, “What a five they are!”

The real gods don’t ever say who they really love.

“Say Pop”, said the kid, “It sure is hard to get overheated about someone else’s hobby,”
and the ole man nodded and beamed to himself, “Well even if the little fucker doesn’t every become a tree surgeon, he can always be the spokesperson for the Obvious and Transparent Society.”

For the big game between the red and blue teams they gave the mid-field referee
a wireless mike that fed directly to the brain stem of the whole stadium.

Another guy admitted that his mental activities were mostly just a
“mom and pop operation.

Alert, alert – Proverb Update: The Wages of sin are tax deferrable.

Over in the midst of one City is a man who tells me that when he was younger he wanted to think and be taken to be a thinker, but he said that as he got older and his sex and vanity hormones slowed down, he settled down to just speaking in well know and respected clichés; he says shortly after that he began to be taken as a real thinker.

A most brief history of the religions, arts and sciences of man – (in one sentence to be precise): Once you know the number “one”, all the other naturally follow.

Stay up long enough and something will happen.

When other men began discussing what “the gods expect of man”, this one man finally thought, “If you don’t give a potter clay, no ceramics can he make, and if you do, that’s all he can do.”

A chap who resides in the City became so engrossed in himself
that he saw only two possible ways out.

You can’t call 5-D cows home on a 4-D farm.

Off a-musing to himself, this thought overtook one guy’s mind, “Once you become truly civilized, about the most fun you can have is paying somebody else to do something while you watch.”
(An ad-hoc coalition of three other realities say they have no intention whatsoever of considering how this could apply to the thinking process of their creatures.)

Okay, a way for the revolutionist – (who else could it be?) – to tell if he
is “thinking more than he has to” is that it’s then only him who can make
himself feel guilty, mad or embarrassed.

The arts are criticism in action; criticism is criticism in word.

From the near desk of one guy’s Information Input Center I heard him rhyming this rhyme, “Over here you can see,
short-and-sweet is sweet to me.”

In attempting to perceive upcoming events, this one chap would look to the future.
(He’s trying, he says, to simplify his life.)

A viewer writes, “For many years I have read and pondered the numerous explanations of the presence and purpose of human life, and now after discovering your program my mind seems to have take a new direction; I am now sorely driven to ask you the following: Why have the philosophers and poets so consistently insisted that, ‘Women have no morals, and no character’? What does this have to do with the fact that men have been the obvious catalyst and cannon fodder in the development of civilization? I deeply await your reply. Yours, etc…” (Yes I’ll bet you do.)

The ordinary all believe they die by foreign hands –
(it’s easier that way).

Everyone’s you, and then some;
You’re everyone else, and less so.

Over eight-three percent of all pieces of “ancient wisdom” started off as street directions.

One guy’s sentiments exactly:
“As long as we’ve got our memories –
who needs the electric chair!”