Jan Cox Talk 0802

City Life: Thinking Just as Much as You Have To


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#802 Apr 12, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :13. A new division of humanity: men who want to: act; think/talk ; to understand. The last group is a nanofraction of 1% of humankind. These are quite functional divisions in life although the last group is considered by the ordinary to be part of the second group. They are not so however, for if it were, the second group would never be satisfied with reflection w/o understanding; they could never admit the lack of understanding. The second group is the land of explanations; where explanations are taken to be causes, as substitutes for understanding.

The third group has no viable supporters or opponents let alone a paucity of members. Any outspoken promoter/supporter of the third group is ipso facto not a member thereof. No activity is totally successful until it is believed to harbor a conspiracy. Such beliefs find voice in accusations of secret agendas, ulterior motives, which in effect is just saying “that’s life” (or else there would be no questions of causes etc.).

If there is a way out you’ll take it; if there is a way out you’ve already taken it. Connection to: true affection has no alternative. If an affection (definition: fondness) can in any way tolerate alternatives (“it I didn’t love my wife so much I’d have to kill her”) it is really affection (definition: pretence; affectation). If energy has any avenue of escape, it will take it. As long as you believe explanations may or may not explain things, you’re stuck with them (i.e., stuck in the first two groups). Explanations = “escape” from the circular cul de sac. Alternatives make thought possible. Only the Real Revolutionist will brook no alternatives. The only alternative to TMTYHT (thinking more than you have to) is TJAMAYHT (thinking just as much as you have to) , and a return to ordinary life.