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The World of Acts Is the World of Causes, All Else Is Commentary


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#801 Apr 10, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :15. The world of acts is the world of causes; all else is “art”: commentary on acts. Art includes all sciences hard and soft. Explanations are not intended to explain anything on the basis of cause; their mere existence is evidence (if not proof) that things cannot ordinarily be explained. To understand art as commentary on acts removes all hostility towards another’s art.

All art is invented, Secondary Level World. History is a running factual reflection, continual commentary on acts. The world of explanations is like a cul de sac that is circular, not terminal, i.e., allowing escape but no linear progress. TJAMAYHT (thinking just as much as you have to)  produces explanations. TMTYHT(thinking more than you have to) approaches causes. If facts were not flexible, acts would be intolerable. A Real Revolutionist motto: facts: the ultimate human entertainment.

The News


After one fellow declared that the most fun he had ever had with sex was “in thinking about it”, his neighbor mused that as with everything else valid the reverse of this must be useful….
(the subsequent necessity of putting his brain in traction testified as to the inaccuracy of
his musing).

The art of certain improvement cannot be planned,
or else ‘tis no art and of little personal improvement.

The ole man said, “Son, if you progress along predictable City lines, the time will come when it will seem to you to be a question of whether to be ‘competitive or compatible’. He turned and walked away leaving the kid to ponder, “Did he just ell me something? Ask me something? Or give me plans for an air raid shelter?”

In the southern sector of one planet, magicians who can’t perform all night long are required to put their yellow pages listing under a small “m”.

Only ideas you thought of in your native language will be discounted in the semi-finals.

In some realities, only great wars are given to know the joys of freedom.

On the sunny side of the mountain they keep lowering the taxes,
and no one’s notified, or else no one notices.

One god’s attitude was:
“Slap ‘em around real good first, and if that doesn’t work,
then try talking to ‘em.

Inside their own car, everybody’s A.J. Foyt….
(No kid, “car” doesn’t begin with an “h”, and plus, it only has three letters.)

A thought from some guy’s brother in-law:
“Friends, don’t tell your children that they
can’t just read their thoughts while their heads are still on.

Methinks I caught a new, deft description of man’s evolution as I overheard a fellow say, “When men stopped having fleas is the day their troubles began.”

One guy could still hear other people’s dialog even when he went off into scenes by himself. He complained to the Screen Writers Guild; a lotta good that did.

For revolutionist purposes, one doting father (it turned out) doted too well.

One world plastered all about their promotional literature, “Send For Free Additional Information,” but the address given was for a neighboring planet. Some said this was a mistake; others claimed it was intentional; the combat commences Saturday.

Malicious Medical Up-Date: Talk is the morphine for stupidity.

If the “unbridled use” of something is not its proper use,
then what the hell kinda use would be?

Whilst swinging by his legs from a low limb, one of those park philosophers told a passing policeman, “If he’s lucky, a man who won’t deal with the small stuff in his life may eventually have none.”

One little family’s “in-house” theme song said, in part,
“Hormones can get you down, even make you wanna
run yourself out of town.”

A man whose ultimate intention is to be kind should never stand for elected office…
(all visiting rebels, check with your home-boy neurons on this.)

A viewer writes to claim that he’s now ready to freely admit that,
“Chatting with himself has been quite an experience.”

On this one planet if you say you’re feeling bad, you have to prove it,
and it’s being turned into a parking lot.

Unbeknownst to his reading public, every third novel from the pen of this one author was actually almost fiction.

(The motivating statement): “Only apocryphal tales survuive.”
(Then the reader responds): “And if indeed,” says he, “that be so – why is it so?”
“And that Dear Brutus, if indeed Brutus is your name, should be self-evident,
explanatory, and ob-vee-o-so.”

Our Quote Of The Day comes to us from Mr. So-And-So-, of Here-And-There, and it says: “Inasmuch as I have yet to commit suicide, I look upon all that I do for me as acts of mercy.”

One kid’s advice to an even “kiddier” kid: “No need to feel bad unless you’re gonna
feel real-leee bad.”…..(Quoting now from the bible of another world: “And thus the
time will come when the sightless shall lead the blind, and the children direct the kids,
until then the ole man on the bandstand will continue to play those ‘jazzed-up’ charts.”)

This one god found that whenever he tried to explain why he’s produced some particular creation over there, or this one over here, that they would being to collapse.
(Pretty soon even he quit doing interview.)

A certain judge in one City court concludes all sessions by proclaiming, “It’s better to have re-dress than a red dress.” (There are some sour-grape-solicitors who laugh behind his back at his insistence on carrying a brocade should bag with his black robe.)

Poets, critics and smart asses sneer at the human virtues for the same reason that ordinary men made them up.
(Presumptive leftover from another universe: Never tell a duck a pig tale and expect him to get the moral on his own.)

(Our little “revolutionist’s joke” for the day):
The real verbal subversive laughs at punctuation.