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Life Speaks the Silent Tongue of Causes–Man Speaks of Explanations


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#800 Apr 8, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :11. When Life requires a more protracted energy transaction it turns more to ideological, fact-based conflicts between men. Act-based conflicts are more quantum, discreet and relatively short-lived. Fact-based conflicts are complex, overlapping and indeterminate in time. What if all warring participant’s wishes notwithstanding, Life desires the conflict to continue and actively fuels it for same?

There are two different languages going with acts and facts simultaneously and continuously; e.g., “body language” and oral speech offer differing but distinct messages. Life speaks the silent tongue of causes while man speaks explanations. Explanations only fly when they leave from the home airfield and on a virgin flight.

The News


In one way or the other
all “left overs” are bent over.

One guy’s kind-fall-back position was that if you have to talk about your relationship with your relationship-ee – at least you’ve got one.

Yesterday in one City it was officially announce, “No one is getting any worse,”
followed shortly by, “No one is getting any better, but no one is getting any worse.”
The Official Voice asked if there were any questions;
there were none.

As he grew in intellectual maturity and sophistication, he reached the place where he could not see a basketball without thinking of sports.
There was this one guy who was so thrifty that he saved even wrong information.
Okay, I’ll give you a hint – his name starts with every letter in the alphabet.

More of the “Legends and Myths That Some Subversive Kids Find Damn Near Unacceptable – I Mean Unbelievable”: Today’s tale, boys and girls, has to do with a far away kingdom whose ruler himself was satisfied to take orders from a foreign power.

Everyone’s identical to their twin brother,
except for those who don’t have one….
(they can apply on Tuesdays.)

The glowing success of Siamese twins tends to lend even greater credence to the theory.

For rebellious purposes the one thing worse than being helpless is feeling helpless.
(And, “Surprise, Surprise” – one of the two can be dealt with…..
[Yep, that’s right – the one that seems to require your participation.

One ole guy slapped his kid with a search warrant that read, “Diminishing returns will not hide form a man.”
(As it turned out, the lad was not guilty, but neither was the sentiment.)

There is a place where all of man’s “Serious, Important Statements” are kept;
other than relatives, few people seek access.

Door to door throughout the neighborhood the young man trod, saying he was trying to
collect up enough consternation to go into the ministry.

During a brief lull in the part proceedings, one would-be philosopher climbed up on a bench and remarked, “Do you really believe it’s mere coincidence that the letter ‘Q’ and Planet Earth are almost the same shape?”
Only an unnaturally ordered mind can properly discern
the apparent disorder “out there”.

His demand was plain enough, “I wanna know,” said he, “what’s the fun in being sick if you know you’ll get well again?”
(No one in that department on duty that day could answer him,
although the Pathology-Recycling Lab was just down the hall.)

After a typically hard day at the day, one chap sat down and mused to himself,
“Doesn’t the fact that the gods don’t say anything tell us something regarding the
power of silence?”

Many of the ambitious crouch in the bushes.

Many things, it should be admitted, in the singular world of civilized man are irrelevant;
this includes the exceptions of those which aren’t.

In a stroke of what he at first considered to be “perverse genius”, this one man began to
explain his sometimes erratic behavior by saying that he was actually,
“two different people.”
(To his great surprise no on questioned this, and in fact, many nodded knowingly.)

Vocational encouragement for the day:
Remember – if you’re king,
you’ve got everybody’s number.

One fellow ran a “Rhino Reserve Ranch” in his own head;
(Keep Windows Closed And Do Not feed The Thoughts.)

Inspirational Thought For The day:
Anyone who writes their own epitaph deserves to die.

On another little world around the way there, they have a myth that says all myths actually happened………..(Don’t feel left out – even they don’t like it.)

Part of the problem with local intelligence is that it properly believes that chapter two
precedes chapter five, whereas something resembling the opposite is more to the point.

Remember, kids, every word has two meanings,
and this isn’t one of them.

A flurry of activity can certainly hide the lack of same.

There was a man who, whenever returning home, just before he got there
would “shout out”, just to give himself fair warning.

For some reason the ole man was suddenly overcome with the desire to try and show the kid that life could be less exacting than he was being taught by the usual sources;
so he told the kid, “You can take the most complex of human endeavors and approach them from directions so simple, so direct that no one ever bothers to notice or use them, for instance, the matter of ‘fame’.
Just consider this: If you tell enough people you’re famous, and enough of them believe you – Voila, you’re famous!”
(Later in private this kid told me that sometimes his ole man’s ideas
scare the shit out of him.)

Over in another City the latest fad going all around is “low impact thinking”.
(They’ve actually been doing it a long time – just never had a name for it before.)

Just as they were ready for land, this one pilot – just as a joke – would oftimes announce, “We’re about ready to land.”

Third Theorem: The more complicated it is, the harder it is to make it work.
Theorem That Comes After That One: If things were still simple they wouldn’t still be
(The next theorem in this progression is the one you’re living in.)

After certain things had come to pass, this one god told his wife,
“I’m going to sleep; wake me when it’s over.

Supposedly one guy one said that the best thing about This is
that the more you understand it, the less you have to tell anybody.

After a while in that land, he decided to try a different approach: He would go ahead and pay the piper and then not dance…….(Anti Morale Of The Tale: Many things can’t
be exported, and proper timing may be one of them.)

An elevator operator told me that she has a patient whose thumb is so close to his index
finger that he can only make a fist while his hand is in someone else’s pocket………….
(Up please, going up.)

Laying blame at institutional feet lets everyone off the hook…
(except that from a revolutionist view, no one was on the hook to begin with.)

One other man says for us not to worry about him, that he’s pretty sure now that he’ll
die happy just a soon as he learns to live happy…(No, don’t look at me, you ask him.)

There are places where unicorns and dinosaurs still roam –
Hey, what you lookin’ at THERE for?

You can’t be a City thinker and get to the point;
they’re mutually exclusive.

In the flash of the moment, the ole man told the kid, “You could look on it like this:
First, everything was ‘real’ then that wasn’t enough, so everybody began pretending,
and soon pretending became real, they forget what it was, and it became real,
but then that wasn’t enough, and I think you can take it from here.

If you’ve got a way out, you’ll take it….
HELL, if you’ve got a way out, you’ve already taken it.