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The Aims of All Sane Men Are Never in Conflict, Only Their Methods


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#750 Jan 7, 1991 – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. The characterization of the 3-d world as aftershocks of unpredictable operations in a 6-d world would never be embraced by the City: it is not judgmental; it offers no handhold for the ordinary brain. This Thing is an attempt to push near if not into a 5-d view; certainly it is beyond 4-d (the view of accidental ‘enlightenment’ occasionally occurring to men, and celebrated in their traditions).

The aims of all sane men/institutions are never in conflict, only the methods are. All creatures pursue their own best interests at PL; at SL/Secondary Level all aims equate to self-advancement; there are no conflicts of aim, just competition in the same goal. The methods of achievement are all that can be in conflict. The means of achieving goals very quickly however become confused with the original goal: the means is always to oppose/vanquish those seen as foes (i.e., using alternative means, but who nevertheless pursue the identical goal).

Denial of existence of similar traits in the opposition is the given which automatically precludes any satisfying conclusion. It is impossible to bear in mind and dwell upon aims when they are the same as the opposition’s, therefore the methods are the focus, which necessarily conflict and are endlessly SL/Secondary Level fruitful with foment.

The News


One excitable fresh recruit was often heard to exclaim, “Hey, you gotta look-around to get-down.”

To emphasize certain words, and to indicate the special meaning he attached thereto, this one fellow, when speaking would silently capitalize such words.

A bridge over troubled waters is not gonna be all that worry free itself.

There was this one father who was always trying to tell the kid bad news about illnesses, deaths and accidents until finally the lad quit communicating with him at all. (Which actually was an aid to the old man even thought he didn’t know it, and it didn’t matter.)

There’s this planet, (over on your fight as you’re facing that way), which doesn’t allow parents to give any advice to children until they are fifty-two.

One fellow wrapped up something, when he went far beyond the field of technological connections, and said, “I don’t have a phone because I don’t need to TALK on a phone.” (On certain extra-circular horses on this merry-go-round his comment answers more questions than it raises.)

EVERYBODY is in their own way.

One ole guy yelled out real loud, “Hey, you know there’s an easy way to do everything, but hey, who cares!”

One king adopted as his official “Theme Song” three minutes of silence.

Even while the sergeant pleaded his case the Czar of Umpireo said, “Tis not even your own words that can do you any good for as the whole court knows – three stripes and your out!” It’s hard to be a City wit without being a smart ass!

One guy said, “Hey, just think, if only ninety percent of what I think is wrong, then I’m ten percent correct.” To which his partner replied, “Hey, if you think I’m dumb NOW!”

A woman who lived over near herself whilst trying to tell her life story
accidentally lived it.

Generally speaking, metaphors are no more flawed than literal information.

“I can advise you thusly,” said the ole man craftily disguising himself an a wise old man, “a hearty condemnation of contemporary times is always appreciated.”

What can you say about the silence of strength.

After hearing me mention of a place so dedicated to justice that the ugly get mirrors at a discount, the mayor of a near-by burg writes to ask if there is some way to apply this approach regarding the dumb.

Over if a house a guy declaimed, “I hate the new.”
And some of his old stuff said, “Good boy.”
Which was the cause of a pause after which the guy replied, “Haven’t you said that to me before?
But his old stuff could recognize a trick question as well as the next guy…..
(Hey, have I told you this story already?)

If ordinary men WERE able (as they put it) to “say what they mean”,
they wouldn’t mean much.

Short lesion in the study of “Spatial Arrangements Can Teach Much More Than Normally Noticed”: The minister of This and That gave the king his morning briefing in these words, “Sire, a man with a weasel in his nose is no threat to the throne.”

When asked if he “believed if fate” this one dude replied, “Yeah when it works.”

One little philosophically inflamed kid cried, “Really, really, really GOOD questions don’t have fucking answers.” And his brother replied, “Oh yeah, why?”

Message found on a hallway wall: “Those who don’t know the history of opera are doomed to repeat it.”

The unsung battle cry of the Intellectual Banquet: Be we win or lose, we will dine on the carcasses of all – including oneself.”

Over near a building a man told me that he had some of his “best thoughts” just after he’d get through thinking.

One of the more memorable lines I’ve heard in the City lately was last week when a fellow in a store remarked, “Well, it’s too late in the day to start all over.” And the beauty of the notion is that it can be fitfully used any time day or night.

Saying their good-byes as the son left for the City college, the less sophisticated father offered these words, “Remember, the man who begins to see some good in the other feller’s side didn’t have much of a side on his own to start with.”
(On the bus ride to school the lad had some day dreams that were more so than other.)

Right in the midst of the proceeding, this one figure stood and said, “I’m not sure what it all means but I’m going to say it anyway.”