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‘Not-I’ As Supreme Opponent–‘I’ Must Eat at Table of ‘Not-I’


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#748 Jan 4, 1991 – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Men absolutely deny they have anything in common with their competitor-enemies. Adam and Eve were the primordial competitors; two people = conflict/problems. The supreme expression of competition in the Secondary Level World: I + Not-I = Everything. Not-I is the supreme opponent. All I’s and Not-I’s are each other’s prime food/fuel. There is nowhere for any I to go to eat except at the Not-I table.

The News


Then there is this other guy who refers to his own mind as “day bed”.

Even if a Revolutionist DID need to be “analyzed” there is no one “out there” to do it!

LIFE’s authority extends as far as you think it does.

Every universe has its own facility
where “street-level seriousness” is produced.

And another view writes to say, “Won’t THAT be fun?!”
Many people “expect the worse”, but sad to say,
not everyone’s expectations can be fulfilled.

Over on another world the inhabitants have replaced their word “God” with the word “they”, small “t”, no parenthesis, just “they”.

In this one carnival the boss had to put his boot down and posted a Policy Statement establishing the official difference between a “Mind Reader” and a “Palm Reader” at thirty-six inches.

(Another neat thing, for those with a disorderly new concept of “neat”): There IS no excuse for the Revolution.

Over by the public typewriter, in the City Library, I overhead one guy say, “To me a blank piece of paper is no less than a “blank piece of paper”.

All the City eventually voice the cry that, “Love is the answer to it all”….
once they realize they don’t know what they are doing…
and have no where else to think.

In this one certain place (with its own little sense of justice) the ugly get discounts on mirrors.

While singing someone else’s song, many people pass for metaphorical…..and pressing on…in part this is nature’s way of modulating from that simple melody that goes, “Everyone seems more comprehensive when out of town.”

Frightening noises for girls and boys, as one chap put it, “Anything that ‘frightens me, as I now understand ‘frighten’ and ‘me’, no longer ‘frightens’ me.”
(At the 3-D level your main competition IS your prime food source.)

One week the vicar’s topic was, “Without Religion Man Is A Victim Of Circumstance.” The following week it was, “With Religion Man Is A Creature Of Circumstance.” His “flock” was sorely amazed at his rapid progress.

Over in another City is a man who was, all the time, giving himself shots, talking pills, looking for unfounded symptoms, and as he put it, “Just in case.” One day his partner (or some other passerby) asked, “In case of what?” And he replied, “I knew someday someone was going to ask me that.”

It’s just like those City neighborhoods to think that the daily paper
can be delivered only once per diem.

One ole timer told the new employee, “One more thing to remember kid, when they blow the whistle it means it’s whistle-blowin’ time.”

More Stuff To Look Forward To (If You Want To): Those who want to seriously tell you “how hard they’ve had it”ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.

One guy said that he reads a lot about dead men’s ideas just so’s he can be sure and “not quote them”.

Insider’s info: Almost every item makes sense to someone.

Writing in his little bed-side book, this one gent penned, “You know, looking back on it now it IS depressing.” (He assured us that these are indeed his “true and honest emotions”. When it was pointed out that the instant case was now on a plural nature and that he erred in saying, “emoTIONS” instead of the singular, he went back to bed.)

Oftimes the wind blows when it’s not really going anywhere.

One fellows latest lament, “It’s almost as hard to remember what you said as it is to say what you remember.”

During his instruction, one ole man directly told his kid, “Thespians make note, anger and stupidity are the two roles which will most easily play themselves.” (A little up stage and left, one ingénue said, “I don’t get it.” Another replied, “Ah, shut up.”)
[Semi-dramatic footnote: All drama is capable of bloodshed but it will always play well out-of-town.]

(Here’s what I heard one ole sore head jump up and cry): “Fun? Fun, did you say? How can I have any fun knowing there could be other having more fun than me!”

One guy sur-musing (a combination of surmising and musing) guessed at it this way, “Wow, I’ll bet when you know it all ANYTHING can be fun.”

At the very least a Revolutionist’s “problems” should manifest “symptoms”
unusually robust.

One guy who thought he knew it all came in for a “rude awakening” while another guy who never had such an awakening never realized he “didn’t-know- it-all” Yet another guy who thought he knew it all………..

“Ugh”, screamed the king, “Don’t annoy me with your cries for justice. Poverty, and death are privileges available to all.” And a helpful voice from the crowd cried, “Don’t forget dumbness.”

Over in a brothel, I mean other, yes, that’s what I meant. Now over in another place was a guy who went around to several places talking to some groups of people about some stuff, and he would sometimes take out slips of paper and say that someone had written him a question about this or that, and he would then read from the letter and comment thereon. One day at one of the locations he told the crowd that there was nothing on the slips and that he’d made it all up, that no one has ever written him. The next day someone wrote him and said “it didn’t matter”.

Metaphor to all who think “metaphor” (or something else for a few others): This first guy up and announced that as far as he was concerned, his own memory was his “best friend”. A second voice said, “But you’ve got a terrible memory.” And judging from the pleased look on his face the number one guy rested his case.

Throughout the evening one man continues to insist that the band had now begun to play, in spite of the fact that he danced – “oh” how he danced.