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Supreme Idea of Weakness Is a Creature/Idea Without Opposition


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#745 Dec 28, 1990 – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :03. The nervous system is uniquely attuned to the idea of the freedom of the individual, but as restricted in degree by disallowing any actions harmful to other individual freedom. Every individual action violates/hinders something or somebody else’s right to act freely, individually. The reality of freedom can have no such limiting exception, yet Life forces man to dream otherwise.

More: it is a recognized physical truth that two things cannot occupy the same space, but it is not seen that they are inherently not intended to as well; they are designed to compete for space. Thus competition is synonymous with the physics platitude that no two things can occupy the same space. If two things could occupy the same space there would be no competition; but Life uses competition to grow. Connection to SL ideas: they compete for space as well; two ideas cannot occupy the same space. Conflict = competition.

The supreme example of weakness and impotence would be a creature (idea, truth, etc.) with no opposition. The closer a power comes to being uncontested, the closer it comes to collapse. Consider again man’s idea of freedom-as-limited: the limitation, far from weakening the idea, makes it strong and viable. Not to see the paradox of the idea of “limited freedom” is the source of its driving strength in the minds of men. There is no such thing as an absolute truth; it would collapse of its own lack of opposition.

The News


One bright fellow (after exclaiming “Ye gads!”) confided that the “worst” of the headaches came whenever what the Revolution said, “Almost made sense.”

“You are who you are because of what you are”, declared the ole man.
And his kid said, “I thought it was the other way around?”
“It is”, he replied, “it is!”

One chap told me that he would consider moving ONLY if he could live closer to himself.

In one quite civilized City the lengthy name of the latest popular bar is, “Wars and How Men Miss The Movement of Mobs.”

Footnotes are part of the test,
excuses, of the performance.

On this one planet all of the people had guns, but only the king had bullets, while on a neighboring world all the people had bullets but only the king had a gun. One day the parliament of one of the worlds proposed there be unrestricted migration allowed between them. The populace of both orbs were so amazed they were rendered immobile.

The shape of the question affects the contours of the response.

Ordinary man’s perception of the “inequities of life” is not unlike the belief that one was born into a family of Teamsters, but is then forced to live their life under the rules of the U.A.W.
(Expositionary Collateral By-Laws: 1. Substitutions are permissible.
2. Substitutions are encouraged.
3. Substitutions are strictly forbidden.
Meeting adjourned.)

It’s hard to trick darkness.

In realities are multifarious and omni-related it is inevitable (maybe) that sometimes some things can drift over the edge and fall into another actuality. When this happens and it is seen, it is not seen – SEE?
It was just about then that one fellow stood up and made a suggestion.

One fine day (it actually wavered between “fine” and “semi-coarse #3”) in his later years, one ole man sat his kid down softly and said, “Son, I have come to realize that some of what I have told you is not correct or operational.” He paused, in pensive silence, as the younger methodically unfurled and hung the brightly painted banner that read, “Welcome To The Club.”

Although I suspect some of you have already kind of figured it our, I’ll go ahead and say it out loud – LIFE is the ultimate institution.

A fellow looked me up to say that if he had a “family motto” it might…” He interrupted himself to note that in truth he should say that, “If he had a family and then a motto it might…” I stopped him to say that it was this kind of palaver, and loose thinking that made some of these efforts “hard to get on with”, but he waved his hand in dismissal and continued to say that if he had a family and if the family had a family motto it might be this, “Those attempting to ‘Save-The-World’ are…” He halted again to say that it might, in its final form, sound better in a “Good Latin Translation”, but then I waved my hand as to signal “No matter – on with it please” and so on he went, “The motto might be, Those Attempting to ‘Save-The-World’ Are Wrecking Mine.” After several seconds of real bad silence I said that in regards to his entire episode that it was “hardly worth it”, to which he replied – “So what!”

Another “one-night-at-a time”, operation description of TKS: Painting oneself into a corner until the corner doesn’t exist.

In this one “never-never…”, (well – almost never-land), everyone’s final words are
both brilliant and incomprehensible.

Part of religion’s appeal lies in the intellect’s yearn for habit.

While quietly climbing a short tree over in the City park, I found this note laying on a lower limb; in its entirety it said, “The kind of person who won’t change their mind is the same sort who used to court my sister when she lived out behind my frontal lobes.

In regards to things he should hear about, this one kind – guy – janitor, would adamantly insist (except on leap year) that he, “Didn’t wanna hear about it.” (The balancing act of the most commonplace mind will put to shame the most dead of tightrope walkers.)
One guy gave himself a resounding slap-to-the-forehead and said he wished he’s thought of it before.

Okay, still one more fictitious, operational-definition of This:
To help a few fully take in the nature of their captive individuality
so as to move along.

Every state has two regents, though seldom do the people know and often the ignorance is shared by the powers.

One man used to continually attempt to translate everything he said
into a language.

If you’re late for tea you can’t overthrow the world.