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Your Past Did Not Get You to Where You Are Now


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#739 Dec 14, 1990 – 1:11 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :12. All departures begin with the known; all outgrowth must originate in the City, where it was born. There exists an “Invisible Tower” for the Real Revolutionist however, with its foundation at street level in the City but which furnishes a view from a new, higher dimension. Ultimately the Real Revolutionist view cannot be absolutely divorced from the City of its birth, it is not in conflict with the view at street level.

It is impossible to change the past of a seeker to effect an opportunity now; to change the past necessarily removes the seeker from his position of present opportunity, since his past is what got him there in the first place. The Invisible Tower facilitates PlainThink and PlainView; a Real Revolutionist can in effect see the past and future from his position (within in-specific tolerances).

Note that direct, plain view = more complex, manifold view. Connection to an enthused response vs. a more muted expression of interest. E.g. “The new symphony is amazing” vs. “I liked the new symphony”. Which is more complex? Which more direct? Is either one more correct or true? More just, more equitable?

The Tower of Babel is the antithesis of the Invisible Tower; it is the City-attempt to build the Invisible Tower.