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If You Can Listen in Right Way, All Sentences End in Whines


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#736 Dec 7, 1990 – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. Consider the inseparable “dance team of conversation and continuity”. The former contributes to the latter. Speech furnishes the energy for growth of the Secondary Level World. A cessation of conversation would signal the end of the Secondary Level World, a severe break in continuity. Note that when sickness strikes people, they fall silent; their ‘personality’ is interrupted. All Secondary Level World energy/interests are diminished.

The dance team of “what kind of guy I am’ and continuity. Self-definition perpetuates the continuity of that definition.

Whining and continuity. If you can listen the right way, all sentences end in whines, Whines furnish the perfect hook-end for the response sentence; whines are a perfect pick-up note for the next performer. Connection to the “plagiarism” of improvisation-revision of a previous theme (words, ideas of others). This is SL growth in the City. Whining is the true sound of City continuity.

The dance team of memory and continuity. Intellectual memory is the sine qua non of continuity. It can produce sensation of continuity where even there was none originally. E.g., death of a relative = interruption of ordinary flow: it is immediately treated by the summoning up of memory of the deceased and provides a ready activity of continuity: reminiscing and verbal consolation, for the otherwise shocked-into-inaction.


…and Kyroot said:
With the possible exception of this….

…and Kyroot said:
One guy says he can
always tell when his thoughts are beginning to
“heat up”
because it always coincides with a
reversal in the polarity of his underwear.

…and Kyroot said:
Everyone needs a disguise,
but PL-LEASEEE – not one that even you can see through.

and Kyroot said:
You might care to make note: Under the auditory conditions of the City,
the “final word” on one thing
is the first word on something else.

…and Kyroot said:
On one of those benches outside
the City library’s west entrance,
one chap looked up from his reading and mused,
“Whenever I read some poetic’s deathbed declaration
regarding, ‘Farewell and good riddance to a world
that was never my friend – I now go home.’
I always wonder just where they expect to be buried,
and on whose menu they think they’ll appear tomorrow?”

..and Kyroot said:
All self-referring systems may expect SOME good press.
(for whatever, forgive me for saying so – that’s worth.)

…and Kyroot said:
In a specious spasm of sophomoric cerebral splendor, one guy’s brain told him,
“Hey guy – There’re two sides to everything,” and he replied,
“If that were unreservedly so,
then I would ask you to step OUT side.”

…and Kyroot said:
In the streets of the City
a man rushed by me and muttered, “I am too busy to be civilized.”
In the streets of the City
the City rushed by me and said, “I am too busy to notice.”
(Sports Update, Sports Undate, I say:
With sufficient vigor on the field the impertinence of the game can be overlooked.)

…and Kyroot said:
If you find it hard to pretend at least play like you can.

.. and Kyroot said:
There was this chap who had a horse for a travel agent; if you think that’s something, his uncle had a bus:
..(and a kid writes to ask
why I don’t add the tag line,
“Think about it”
to all the Kyroots
where it would be appropriate:
Dear Kid:
But if I did so
then it wouldn’t be
so appropriate- would it?)

…and Kyroot said:
In some areas
fourteen men can damn near do what seven can.

…and Kyroot said:
The opposite of something is not its reflection;
the reflection IS the something.

…and Kyroot said:
Another letter from the ole mail bag:
A chap writes and says that when he first started listening to Kyroots
he thought I was his friend…

…and Kyroot said:
One little “new ager” says
that he is so estranged from his physical existence that he’s beginning to have
“out of the experience bodies.”

…and Kyroot said:
A man who describes his art ain’t got no art.

.. and Kyroot said:
In routine City affairs,
if you’re not “getting any where” is one way to know you’re
getting some where.
(“Yeah team,
Yeah team,
Sic them muthers,
Keep your druthers.”)

…and Kyroot said:
Just off Broadway
in the Revolutionist’s mind it’s always opening night.

. 07/09/90-(9.5)
… and Kyroot said:
A fellow who’s been staying out in those woods
just east of the City says, (quote),
“Not having any particular
‘human emotions’
is almost as good as
not having emotions at all.”…(wait, this must be a misprint;
he surely [har-har] means
it would be as BAD
as not having emotions
at all surely, [har-har] –

…and Kyroot said:
Remember troops, there’s a big difference
in dying broke, and dying in debt.

… and Kyroot said:
And humanity related this episode:
“As in a terrifying nightmare,
I stood in the middle of a dark field,
incessantly washed by waves of unknown chemicals
while lightning continually flashed about me;
and then I awoke to discovered I was not asleep.”

…and Kyroot said:
Most men are liberals while virgins.

…and Kyroot said:
When the lawn party seems under siege
from guests demanding frustration and cynicism just have the band play that new song – you know the one “Three Dimensional Change Is Just An Aftershock Anyway.”

t 07/09/90-(12)
..and Kyroot said:
All progress is some progress.

…and Kyroot said:
A City philosopher,
on leave and over a crisis,
gives his view that mans’ deity
provided the term, ” god damn”
as his contribution to the

…and Kyroot said:
A short Kyroot
is the same as a long one – except shorter.

.. and Kyroot said
If it weren’ t for talk
modern men wouldn’t have much.

…and Kyroot said:
In this one big City
a spokesman stood at their boundary and declared,
“We as a people are smarter than we know.” And
just over the line in an adjoining state a figure
came forward and proclaimed,
“We are dumber than we know.” And
a chap passing overhead in a cool air balloon mused,
“We may expect an attack shortly.”

and Kyroot said
The City’s unstated attitude toward secondary plagiarism is
that if the thief improves on what he stole
no robbery took place (and who can think and
thrive in that atmosphere and
believe otherwise?)

…and Kyroot said:
After the ole man’s death,
at the reading of his will
one of his somewhat hazy kids who said
he’d “Lead a life of symbolism,” discovered
he’d been left a bunch of symbols.

… and Kyroot said:
This one other guy,
(and he says not to call him a “sore head,” that he’s simply an “objective realist”) claims that most City fun
seems to amount to;
getting drunk,
falling down and hurting yourself, then getting better.

…and Kyroot said:
Thanks to the freedom of the market place, and the inescapable demands of the individual consumer it is now commercially safe to say that,
“No ONE size bullet is right for everyone.”

…and Kyroot said:
One ole timer mused,
“It is surprising how easily
one can come to terms with hormones, a little further on.”

…and Kyroot said:
A metaphor stretched far enough
becomes like cotton candy…. then you can eat it and it
becomes a metaphor again.

…and Kyroot said:
Very often when his brain would ring this one guy wouldn’t answer it.
(he said he figured most
of them were just “unsolicited calls” trying to
sell him something.)

…and Kyroot said:
One little ruffian announced,
“Singing, ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame” won’t make you a ball player,”
and a second scalawag said,
“It won’t make you a singer either.” And
a third member added,
“And it’s not gonna make Kyroot any happier
wasting his time like this.”

..and Kyroot said:
Those who get on the “inside”
tend to react in two distinct fashions: One group doesn’t mention it,
while the other shouts, “Hey, I’m on the ‘inside’.”
…(Only one of these divisions plans to be there long.)

…and Kyroot said:
From the earliest possible age
one ole man told his kid,
“If you ever need help – come to me,”
but whenever he would do so
his elder would say, “Hey, it’s every kid for himself,”
and after fourteen, or twelve years of this
the younger said,
“If all you were ever going to do was tell me
that it’s ‘every kid for himself’
why did you even bother to say that if I
needed help I should come to you?”
And the ole man touched his shoulder and replied,
“Awww, I thought you understood – the City MADE me do it.”

…and Kyroot said:
Okay, let’s put a wrap on this one: Everybody affects everybody else
in some way.
..(Did I leave anyone out?)