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Inefficiency Motivates/Fuels All Criticism


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#733 Nov 30, 1990 – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. There is an unnoticed reason for the inefficiency of all institutions: the “opposite” (alternative) would be worse, would break the spirit of humanity, remove the octane from the fuel. Inefficiency motivates/fuels all criticism. The true 4-d opposite/alternative to inefficiency would be for the perceived flaw to be universally acknowledged and accepted. The 3-d opposite is the attempted rehabilitation of the inefficiency, which is the singular, universal responsibility of man.

The News


…and Kyroot said:
What a man sees
is what he needs to see…ordinarily.


..and Kyroot said
In the City
if you think about something hard enough your brain’ll point in the opposite direction.

.. 07/02/90-(2)

…and Kyroot said:
“In the correct execution of my duties as your ole man, I hereby tell you kid
that it’s to your advantage to lie and tell the truth…Job done.”


…and Kyroot said:
All local laws lead to death.


…and Kyroot said:
One entity used to sing to itself while it worked…but
since it never worked it never sang;
Another one used to work to itself when it sang, but
since it never sang
it put an ad in the paper.
Subliminal Message To Replace Moral: Don’t
count your sentences before.


and Kyroot said
Don’t EVER let the gods have the first word.


…and Kyroot said:
Over in the Third Ward
a neighborhood ole-sorehead,
in a fit of metaphorical melancholy stated quite plainly
that “Many people with indoor plumbing D-O-N-‘T D-E-S-E-R-V-E IT.”


and Kyroot said
Yeah – okay, I know, time’s short, we’re all in a hurry-o, so,
“Quick Words To The Wise”: If everybody else considers it important
don’t waste your time.


…and Kyroot said:
When you’re from out-of-town sometimes your opinions feel clammy.


.. and Kyroot said
Mundane thinking
is not “plain thinking”;
Direct, unadorned mentation
is not the norm in any location.. . (leastwise not around these parts).


…and Kyroot said:
One fellow hated the number twenty so bad he refused to say nineteen.
(That’ll teach ’em!)


..and Kyroot said
Some graffiti painted on the restroom walls of that new Philosopher’s Pub even before it was built,
“Some are born to anonymity – others have it thrust upon them.”


…and Kyroot said:
What’s tricky for some people
To remember
Regarding City affairs is that
Just because you see what’s going on
Doesn’t mean you KNOW what’s going on.


… and Kyroot said
Whenever this one “famous guy”
would be interviewed
his publicist would stand near by,
and no matter what questions the reporter would ask
the p.r. man would say, “Just what are you trying to infer?”

· 07/02/90-(8)

…and Kyroot said:
Pursuing a routine intellectual life is like trying to barter with the dead.


and Kyroot said
Dialogue In The Key Of B-Flat, Opus 17:
“More people sail away than ever return.”
“But if you lived on the opposite shore it would seem just the reverse”
(Editor’s comment to last player:
Getting TOO sharp
can get you dropped from
future performances;
Now blow out your spit-valve,
and sit back down.)


…and Kyroot said:
“Everyone over sleeps when they’re out of town.”, and the kid inquired,
“Do you by any chance actually refer to talk instead of sleep?”, and
the ole timer wrote out on a scrap of paper in his front pocket, “Even if you weren’t a child of mine
you’d still be a child of mine The future begets its own.”


…and Kyroot said:
A certain man charged with having
incestuous relations with his own intellect
agreed to plea bargain to a lesser offensive – Being A Human.

· 07/02/90-(11)

…and Kyroot said:

Inexplicable attractions are the ones what last.


… and Kyroot said
(I wanted to tell you this story I know,
but I’ve forgotten whether it’s really about
a man, his bloodline, and then other people, or
whether it all just refers to operations within his own mind,
so I guess I’ll leave it to you to sort out):
There was once this one guy whose lineage was SO classy
that the family motto read, “We Do Not Insult The Unworthy.”

I. 07/02/90-(12)

…and Kyroot said:
…and so, relentlessly,
with only minimal nourishment, for nigh on to three lifetimes he held himself hostage.


.. . and Kyroot said
Brain Bulletin Report: The market for used ideas
remains spotty.
…(Stay tuned for
further updates…unless
you have something better
to do…and if you don’t
then get something!)

,z 07/02/90-(13)

…and Kyroot said:
When in doubt
this one guy would STAY in doubt.


…and Kyroot said
Any religion is suspect whose bible TOO often makes reference to professional wrestling.


…and Kyroot said:
One fellow residing over in the Uncertain District kept changing his name until he found one he “truly liked” and could “live with”… …it turned out to be, “Rest In Peace”.


…and Kyroot said:
Some men awaken whistling, sketching, or scribbling; First thing generals must do is “Check Their Bullets”.
….(“And, Ahh”, noted one observer,
“What we might learn from our brothers in arms”.)


and Kyroot said
One gentleman,
SO secure in,
or SO concerned with
his”position in the City”
writes to say that
“Swift, sure legal action awaits anyone who
tries to use HIM in a Kyroot.”


…and Kyroot said:
On the very first day all tour guides say,
“Boy – we’re gonna have some fun now!”
(Which promise
may be as reliable as any other,
assuming your check


… and Kyroot said
One guy surprised me when he suddenly up and said, “You know, the best example of me I’ve ever seen is the City itself.”


…and Kyroot said:
In the course of a conversation
one man used the phrase, “a strange reason”,
and a listener was for the first time
singularly struck by the idea and
walked away thinking,
“What reason IS exempt from this description?”.


. and Kyroot said
This one fellow was somewhat disappointed to discover that it was his own family that had started the truism, “You can’t go home again.”


…and Kyroot said:
On that last Wednesday, the one when it rained,
a chap sitting next to me on a bench in the Park
wiped a drop from the side of his nose and
said to me from the corner of his eyes,
“So long as kings still want to be poets,
and generals, philosophers,
I suppose we’re in no worse danger
than any other ‘dime-a-dancer’ with arthritis.”
(Do many in your City
still attribute melancholy to inclement weather?”)


and Kyroot said
When things would get real heavy
this one guy’s systems would all shut down,
and once he realized this he announced,
“Ain’t no damn body shuts down onme’less I say they can.”


…and Kyroot said:
First voice says, “Whatever is can be appreciated for what it is.”, and its counterpart replied, “Si, and yet to an artist’s eye
a bad drawing is worse than no drawing at all.” (And the first
voice got all choked up.)


.. and Kyroot said
And the great cosmopolitan hero
of an otherwise crude and cowardly people
stood at the doorway and declared,
“I go forth armed but with my steely sword and justice.”,
and his mama said, “Well, you can go on with your ole steely self,
but you leave little Justice at home.”
… (A local expert later remarked that it gets “harder and harder to write decent history.”)


…and Kyroot said:
One guy
who for very long
had tried to “figure his life out”
finally just gave up,
and his life said,
“Uhh, just speaking for myself, of course…Uhh,
I for one am relieved.”

, 07/04/90-(1)

…and Kyroot said:
Knowing what you’re doing’s almost like being in love.


…and Kyroot said:
One somewhat elusive park philosopher,
oftimes glimpsed darting from tree to tree,
stopped long enough to whisper this note to me,
“Facing one’s eccentricities is not so easy as it sounds.”


and Kyroot said
Sacrifice is not possible for a man with a good memory.

e 07/04/90-(3)

…and Kyroot said:
In Greenland
oranges are an anomaly,
while in Orlando
the temperature is constant.


…and Kyroot said:
This one kid gathered up his wits and most formidable facial expression
and announced,
“Life is like a hockey game.”, and
his mother appeared and injected,
“Now I’ve told you before – Life is like a horse race.”,
and although the youngster walked away without protest
he was not actually impressed,
knowing that dear Ma Ma was still a bookie.


…and Kyroot said
There was once a race of people who could only be serious if they didn’t think about it.


…and Kyroot said:
After some white wine and congenial shmoozing at a recent party
one critic gave with half a gesture and smile and admitted
that the best part of his profession was in “always having the last word.”,
he took another full sip of chardonnay and added,
“Assuming artists and writers don’t begin to arm themselves.”


…and Kyroot said:
In that great fictitious rest room, over one illustrious neuronal-urinal, graffiti; “Sex is a one-way street running in all directions.”


… and Kyroot said
everything’ s just “setting the stage.”


…and Kyroot said:
The Welcoming Sign and
Civic Motto posted at the outskirts
of one world simply said,
“If You’re From Out Of Town You’re Out Of Luck.”


and Kyroot said
Believing that someone can “insult your intelligence” is the same as having a hero.

t 07/04/90-(8)

…and Kyroot said:
“When-something-is-over” is eventually a noun – a thing-specific; “When-something-is-over” is finally a part of what it was that got over…
(Memories must eat like
everything else, No?)

1 07/04/90-(9)

…and Kyroot said:
I perceive that progress in the Cynical Section of the City is now measured via going from a belief that one must choose between good and evil, to selecting from either evil, or son-of-evil.


… and Kyroot said
And yet it remains: The problem with definitions
continues to be the words.


… and Kyroot said:
Not everyone who’s relieved
admits it
(Nor is such
necessarily fruitful.)


…and Kyroot said
Men cannot give a complete account of themselves least they expire by so doing.


…and Kyroot said:
“Where’s The Justice I Ask You; Variation Unnumbered”: Those who live on
dairy farms seldom take Coleridge
all that seriously.


… and Kyroot said:
The end of his beginning
is the beginning of someone else.


…and Kyroot said:
Those with thoughtful, seriously bent brows
who say, “Well that about covers it.”, can put the cat to bed.



… and Kyroot said
Half of Life
wants to tell the other half – “GoCcha!”


…and Kyroot said:
“Being confident”, declared one ole burr-head (a close relative of the sore-head),
“Being confident is like
weather forecasts of the mind.”


… and Kyroot said
Don’t worry about lay-offs and recessions; so long as you can explain what you do you’ll always have something to do.

· 07/04/90-(14)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy told me that his
“first thoughts on a subject”
seemed to always be his best ones,
but while he was momentarily distracted
his partner whispered that those were usually his only ones.


… and Kyroot said
Cheerful Thought For The Day: There is a company of
crazed bagpipers awaiting us all.
…(And Praise-Be-To-Cicero that all disturbing thoughts
may be considered metaphorical. …[“Yes, but then again”, said one kid, “Is an allegorical bagpipe any less lethal than a literal one?”])


…and Kyroot said:
When you’re dead
EVERYbody reads your mail.


… and Kyroot said
Making conditional plans, (you’ll all be pleased to know)
is damn near like not making plans at all.


and Kyroot said
Always remember this
(unless you’ld like to forget it at no additional charge): Everyone who complains knows exactly what the problem is; (they just don’t want to take any action that might later subject them to legal responsibility.)


…and Kyroot said:

There’s a by-pass on the way to
damn near everywhere.


and Kyroot said
When this one king,(who, I might add,
took the “king thing” quite seriously)
heard the truism regarding the equality of man
that says, “Both peasants and kings
put on their pants one leg at a time.”,
gave the people exactly twenty-four hours to either
get rid of all their pants,
or abandon their legs.


…and Kyroot said:
“confidential moves”
can later prove embarrassing but then again – What can’t?


…and Kyroot said
From one group of fans over on Life’s side of the field
arose this cheer,
“Brilliance If Possible,
Beauty If Able,
But Above All – Continuity.”


…and Kyroot said:
About the most that can be said from a 3-D City view is that
“The past is temporarily out of town.”


…and Kyroot said:
While sitting and “thinking” (as he was so pleased to call it)
this one chap suddenly thought,
“Those who have nothing to write about
write about himself.”, and he was so
self-impressed over having this idea
that he was just on the verge of also thinking
that he might now go and complete his autobiography, but
decided that was too obvious an ending
even for a Kyroot.