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If Thinking Is Not Original, It Is Not Thinking


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#732 Nov 28, 1990 – 1:09 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. “Mixed feelings” vs. PlainFeeling, It you can’t say directly, plainly what you feel, you’ll live to feel another day. The dance uncompleted must be continued the next day: episodic emotions. All thought is episodic—in sentences—coming to conclusion resulting in episodic speech which in-turn lead to episodic emotions. To experience emotions plainly is to commit suicide by severing dance connections continually; it would end all relationship. All SL/secondary level expectations of tomorrow are based on unspecified expectations today that will never be completed.

“Grow or die” for a Real Revolutionist is “Think or die”; if thinking is not original, it is not thinking. All ordinary thinking is revision; a pick-up on what others have already thought.

Consider the creation story: Adam instructed by God to eat only of one tree, while He furnishes Eden with a variety of sources. Man knows variety is required for his functioning, yet Life instructs otherwise, would have you believe otherwise.

The News


…and Kyroot said:
To be completely constructive, or totally disruptive
requires a machine with no second thoughts.


.. and Kyroot said
The neural Revolutionist is not interested in “solving problems.”
…(You might oughta think about this.)


…and Kyroot said:
Just as he died
one ruler proclaimed,
“History will exonerate me!”,
and history said,
“You better bring several changes of underwear.”


…and Kyroot said
If you have to apologize for the truth you either,
(A): Apologize too much, or
(B): Have a funny last name.


…and Kyroot said:
Once foes and fears are fully recognized
opposing forces can salute and smile as they pass ranks.
(The genetic collusion inherent in
Life’s expansion caters the
camaraderie in the locker rooms
of the National Wrestling Alliance.)


…and Kyroot said:
All thoughts are ultimately fungible.
…(But it is still good for the Revolutionist to make his own as
biodegradable as possible.)


…and Kyroot said
You can civilize – even housebreak,
almost anything…(except a man who can think.)


…and Kyroot said:
In noting the inclination
in himself and others
towards moderation and melancholy
with the advancement of age
this one chap told me that he thought
he could “still be having fun”
if he hadn’t already “worn out his liver.”


and Kyroot said
Polarized thought is,
by its own electrical nature, indecisive and unstable.
(It thus enjoys a comfortable fit
on all City feet.)

4 06/29/90-(6)

…and Kyroot said:
Let me be blunt about it; The rudimental yet ultimate problem with words is the definitions.


and Kyroot said
Ninety-seven per cent of all people on Earth
belong to a secret organization – Oops!, sorry,
guess I shouldn’t’ve said that – you’re one of the other
three per cent, right?
…and Kyroot couldn’t resist:
Okay, the “serious version” – right?;
Ninety-seven per cent of people on Earth
belong to a secret organization; Eight per cent know they do,
seventy-six per cent don’t know they do
and the other thirteen per cent
are either “Undecided”,
“Don’t Give A Shit”, or
“Otherwise Engaged or Hung-Over”,
(That leaves just you
and me, eh, Sweets!).


…and Kyroot said:
Even when he HAD
no intention of repeating himself this one guy would still say to himself, “I’m not going to tell you again.”


and Kyroot said

All peace is predictable, all peace peremptory.

3 06/29/9049)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy hung a sign out that said, “Only Superman Need Apply.”


…and Kyroot said:
One progenitor
who may have had some subversive cramps once,
directed his little progeny
with a ditty that went like this – Maestro, if you please: (he said):
“Kid, pick one thing and stick to it,..then don’t.”


…and Kyroot said:
I am informed by one fellow who followed me back a front alley that
after much personal effort to make himself “dot every ‘i’, and
cross every ‘t'”, he now
found himself less inclined to use words containing these two fine letters.


and Kyroot said
And there was this one guy
who couldn’t speel – I’m sorry, that should be, “spell” worth a shit.


…and Kyroot said:
Don’t ever pay good money just to see what
seriousness is pointing at.


… and Kyroot said:
I can tell you about yet this other chap
(that you and I made up…okay, that I made up),
who took up a habit of ofttimes saying to himself,
“We are not amused.”, until that fateful day when himself
up and said, “Where do you get all this ‘we’ stuff?”

. 06/29/90-(14)

…and Kyroot said:

One’s own track
is the right track.


…and Kyroot said
I overheard this one guy tell his partner, (or it could’ve been his kid, it was so bright I couldn’t distinguish),
“If you try to tell why you did something,
even if what you did was all right, it begins to smell funny.”


…and Kyroot said:
(Perhaps you can help me with this),
Am I correct in assuming that those people who say their life’s work is in the attempt to “know themselves” do see the humor.


and Kyroot said
On days when he felt okay
this one guy would put a sharp stone in his right shoe,
and then, by god, he didn’t feel so hot;
His left foot wanted to ask what the purpose of this was,
but decided he should probably leave well enough alone.

J 06/29/90-(16)

…and Kyroot said:
The cousin of a being I met on an interplanetary trip offered this (at no apparent additional charge), he says the “trick” on earth’s electrical playground is whilst “speaking analog, to think digital”.


…and Kyroot said:
One of the best laughs one god had
over in his part of his universe
was one of his “famous creatures”
having forty-seven thousand of his fellow creatures
showing up to see him and him believing
that they came to see him.


.. and Kyroot said

Polarized criticsm always puts the laugh in the wrong place.


…and Kyroot said:
One fellow,
Thoroughly convinced he’d – “done his best”
shouted to the unappreciative, “I’ve done my best.”,
and their masked manager climbed up on the ring apron and replied,
“You shouldn’t’ave told us that.”


… and Kyroot said:
If a thought’s not original it’s not a thought.

,, 06/29/90-(19)

…and Kyroot said:

“Most of the time” is ALL of the time.


…and Kyroot said
This one chap who sometimes visits the City
heard the proverb,
“He with nothing to lose lives soundly”,
and he wondered, “Could this be any way applied to thinking?”


…and Kyroot said:
Some Kyroots are
longer than other ones are short.

and Kyroot said
Those whose feelings
come to no end, Will surely live
to feel again.
If how you feel
you cannot say,
You’ll live to feel
another day.
(“Push ’em back,
Push ’em back, Rah-Rah-Rhoo;
We got a winner in Episodic U.”)